Our Review Guidelines

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At Best in Vancouver, we only want the best of what Vancouver can offer.

And to do this, we take the reviewing process for each product and service very seriously. In fact, we have a set
of guidelines that we strictly follow whenever we write our reviews.

Step 1: Do the Research

Since there are thousands of options out there for each product and service, we simply won’t have enough time to
review them all.

So how do we pick out which ones are worth looking at? Simple.

We conduct extensive market research and pick out all the top products and services most suited to the target
consumer base. After that, we conduct more in-depth research on these products and draft our final list for

Step 2: Get the Product or Service

The only way you can accurately assess the quality of a product or service is to try it for yourself.

And since we pride ourselves with being unbiased, we buy the products or services out of our own pockets.

Even if we have to spend on subscription fees or any other fees, you can trust that we’ll first try and test the
products and services ourselves before we write our reviews.

Step 3: Establish the Product’s or Service’s Purposes

Naturally, a product or service exists to solve an existing problem or provide a beneficial purpose for the
consumer. Otherwise, no one would buy them, right?

And so, to check whether a product or service lives up to its purpose, we first take notice of how it’s
advertised to its target consumer base.

Is it really an “all-in-one home cleaning tool”? Do they really offer “the cheapest aircon repair services in

We take note of those things and more and focus on these points during the testing process.

Step 4: Test the Product or Service

This is where we spend the most time during our review process.

We look at three important factors during the testing portion:

  1. PriceThis is the first thing that customers consider when deciding on a purchase.

    What is the price point of the product or service? In terms of market average, is it considered cheap, expensive,
    or so-so?

    If a product or service is considered expensive, you should expect to get premium features or services.
    Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a wise purchase.

    And so, we also take into account the value that you get from the product or service concerning its price point.

  2. Features & ServicesHere, we take a look at the features or services being offered and compare each product or service to one

    How diverse is the list of offerings? What features or services does A have that B, C, D, etc. don’t? In which
    features/services does A excel in compared to the rest?

    We also test out the quality of each feature and service and check how well it performs its advertised function.

    If needed, we’ll perform product teardowns and analyze its components to truly see how it works.

  3. Usage ExperienceProducts and services are made to make our lives easier. Therefore, it’s important to also emphasize the usage

    Based on the results of our testing, how well would we rate the ease of use of the product or service? Which
    features or services do we think needs more improvement?

    Also, since the usage experience can vary greatly depending on the user, we turn to real customer reviews to
    check whether they had the same praises or complaints as we did.

    By combining others’ experience and ours, we can get a more complete and objective idea of how well the product
    or service performs.

Step 5: To buy or not to buy?

After all that, we round up our thoughts and list down the main advantages and disadvantages of a product or

Do the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages? Or is it the other way around?

Finally, we ask ourselves, “Would we buy the product/service?”

If the answer is yes, we’ll include it in our list of recommendations.

If not, we drop everything about the product or service and simply look for another contender that we can truly
call “the best in Vancouver”.