Best Tree Service in Vancouver
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The 7 Best Tree Services in Vancouver

Trees are unarguably important to the environment. However, when a tree shows signs of decay, it can be pretty dangerous and cause harm to others.

Once that happens, it’s time to start checking to see if those trees should be removed or if they can be maintained with just pruning. And an arborist can actually help you know what to do!

We asked our readers for ideas on the best tree services in Vancouver and reviewed each one. Here are the results of our research.

How Much Does a Tree Service in Vancouver Cost?

The best arborists in Vancouver can be quite costly depending on the trees and the service you need. For example, if you want to have a huge tree removed from your backyard, you might pay more than a thousand dollars for just a tree.

That’s because unlike other services, arborists don’t charge by the hour. The price of their service is based on the agreed contract and different factors (i.e., tree size, location, and history).

So you won’t be surprised by their cost, we gathered the different prices of each tree service to show you the possible lowest price of each service in Canada.

Tree Removal30 feet and less in height: $160 and up
60 feet and less in height: $200 and up
80 feet and less in height: $500 and up
More than 80 feet in height: $1200 and more
Pruning and Tree Maintenance$200 and up
Stump Grinding$75 and up per stump
Arborist Report$345 and up

These are just the current lowest prices for each service. It can go higher or lower depending on the company and the difficulty of the job.

The Best Tree Services in Vancouver

Now that you know the cost of getting a tree service, let’s find out how the best tree services in Vancouver stack up!

1.   Arbutus Tree Service

Arbutus Tree Service's Homepage
SERVICES●     Tree Removal
●     Tree Pruning
●     Stump Grinding
●     Cabling/Bracing
●     Seasonal Maintenance
●     Insect and Tree Disease Management
●     Arborist Reports
ADDRESS7520 Balaclava St, Vancouver, BC V6N 0A3, Canada
CONTACT NUMBER604-737-2643
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Saturday: 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Arbutus Tree Service is one of the oldest tree services in Vancouver. With more than 20 years in the business, you can be sure that this company has a lot of experience.

More than that, their staff are all certified arborists in Vancouver and they have clients like the Van Dusen Gardens and UBC Botanical Garden.

So, if you’re looking for one of the best tree service companies in Vancouver with a solid professional record, Arbutus Tree Service is a good choice.

What’s more, according to our survey, many people also believe that they’re one of the best companies for tree removal in Vancouver.  They can also provide arborists reports, which you need for a permit to do tree removals for massive trees.

Other than tree removals, this company can also do a lot more, such as pruning and bracing trees. In fact, they offer one of the most comprehensive tree services around the Vancouver area.

As for their downsides, they are closed on Sundays and have short operating hours.

Another thing is you can’t contact them through online forms. You will need to call them just to ask for an arborist to visit you.


  • 20 years as an arborist in Vancouver
  • Trusted by public gardens
  • Wide range of services including providing arborist reports


  • Closed on Sunday
  • Short operating hours
  • Can’t contact them through online forms

Customer Reviews

Their previous customers also love how Arbutus Tree Service’s staff are skilled:

“Excellent service!  My ten tall pines are in great shape after the heavy pruning they needed. Thanks to Norm for a reasonable quote, sharing his knowledge and adding on work that my neighbors wanted.  The aerial team, Dylan and Samuel, and  Maxim and Cooper were so skilled that a neighbor pulled up a chair to watch from the road in front!” – Alison Marshall Rath

“We have used Arbutus before and will again. They did a great job of lifting the canopy of a big maple by our house. They cleaned up beautifully  and the guys were super courteous and pleasant.” – Jay Pelton

2.   All Round Tree Service Ltd

All Round Tree Service Ltd's Homepage
SERVICES●     Tree Pruning
●     Tree Removal
●     Stump Grinding
●     Hedge Trimming
●     Planting
ADDRESS2416 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3E2, Canada
CONTACT NUMBER604-273-4025
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Previously known as All Seasons Tree Service, this company has been serving loyal customers since 1973. They have been helping homeowners, strata, and commercial properties.

They’re considered by many as one of Vancouver’s top tree services and have been one of the go-to’s for many generations of Vancouverites.

Their staff is insured, so there’s no pressure on you when an employee gets injured in your house as they’re under the company’s insurance.

Other than that, this company can give you a free estimate and assessment by a certified arborist. They can also help provide you an arborist report that can help you get Vancouver’s tree removal permit.

However, we have some issues with them. One of them is that they don’t accept debit cards.

Another issue is that they don’t have any service guarantee. Although not usually needed due to them doing a great job, it’s still nice to have that policy to ensure that the customer will be satisfied.


  • Insured staff
  • Free estimate and assessment by an arborist


  • Don’t accept debit cards
  • No service guarantees

Customer Reviews

Here are some of the reviews showing what customers love about All Round Tree Service: 

“Excellent work, cleanup and price.  Also because our job was fairly small they came the next day after quoting between one of their other jobs.  Would highly recommend Colin and his company.  You won’t be disappointed.” – Joanne Lashley

“Colin and his team do a fantastic job.  They are professional in every way from listening to customer wishes, to doing a top notch, thorough pruning job to complete and careful clean up.  We are long time customers and find they go above and beyond in their work.” – Patricia Green

3.   Grizzly Tree Experts

Grizzly Tree Experts' Homepage
SERVICES●     Pruning
●     Tree Removal
●     Arborist Reports
●     Wood Milling
●     Tree Top Cat Rescue
●     Tree Planting
●     Fruit Tree Pruning
●     Wildlife Habitat Creation
●     Rigging Trees for Filmwork
ADDRESS303-2115 Cypress St, Vancouver, BC V6J 3M3, Canada
CONTACT NUMBER604-362-3604
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Sunday: 8:00 AM – 6:30 PM

The owner of Grizzly Tree Experts has an arboriculture diploma and has been recognized as ‘Treeworker of the year” by the Pacific Northwest chapter of ISA. To say that he’s one of the best arborists in Vancouver is probably an understatement.

His ownership of this company already gives you an idea of why this company is said to have excellent service standards, based on our survey and reviews.

They do most arborist services too. For instance, if you also need to get a permit for your tree removal, this company helps with that.

Aside from the standard services that other arborists offer, this company also does wildlife habitat creation. Instead of getting the whole tree, the staff can make a bird box out of the trunk.

That alone is already a big plus if you’re concerned about local wildlife. And really, shouldn’t everyone be?

Another thing we love about this company is that they’re open from Monday to Sunday and with pretty long hours. Although not 24/7, their operating schedule is better than other arborists in Vancouver.

As for the downsides, we have some nitpicks here and there.

We’re really sad that this company doesn’t do a guaranteed satisfaction deal with customers. We know that they’re one of the best, but it’s nice at least to have that guarantee in services such as pruning.

Another thing is that they don’t have any online payment portal. As much as possible, we prefer paying online due to the situation nowadays.


  • The owner has been given awards
  • Helps with obtaining tree removal permit
  • Can reuse cut parts of the tree to help the local wildlife
  • Open throughout the week


  • Don’t offer a service guarantee
  • No online payment portal

Customer Reviews

These reviews show how professional and skilled Grizzly Tree Experts’ employees are:

“Dan and the team are excellent. The quote was very reasonable for the scope of work and executed perfectly. They were all extremely professional, quick and hassle free. You will not be disappointed with this company (but be sure to book well in advance because they are very busy – and rightly so!).” – Shelby Turner

“I’ve worked with Grizzly on a couple of projects, always impressed by excellent service, price and professionalism.  I’ll use them again for sure.  Well recommended.” – Ben F

4.   Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services

Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services' Homepage
SERVICES●     Tree Removal
●     Tree Cutting
●     Stump Grinding
●     Hedge Trimming
●     Arborist Report
ADDRESS273 Renfrew St, Vancouver, BC V5K 4A7, Canada
CONTACT NUMBER604-721-7370
OPERATING HOURSMonday –  Sunday: Open for 24 hours

Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services has been doing business in the Lower Mainland for 16 years. They can handle everything from small trees to larger tree removals in Vancouver.

We consider them one of Vancouver’s top tree removal services due to their way of handling bigger trees even in tight spaces and thorough work.

More than that, they also have an entire team of ISA-certified arborists who can educate you about your tree and report if it needs to be removed or pruned.

Another thing that makes this company one of the best tree services in Vancouver is that they are open 24/7. That makes them qualified emergency arborists.

So if you’re afraid that your tree will just fall at night, don’t worry any longer. You can call them for their service even in the wee hours.

As for their downsides, though, we think they’re a bit old-school, often just preferring customers to call instead of email for inquiries.

While they do have a form on their website, they don’t exactly publish their email address. Their contact form is also harder to find compared to other tree services.  

They also do not have their own payment portal. A minor thing, but it may matter more now, what with the push for better digital services from businesses.


  • 16 years in the business
  • An entire team of certified arborists
  • Open 24/7


  • Email address isn’t available on their site
  • No payment portal

Customer Reviews

Reviews show that many people think that Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services did a great job on their tree and hedges:

“We received excellent service and advice about our trees from Yaniv.  He was responsive and reliable. Showed up on time and did a wonderful job pruning some pretty huge trees in our backyard, lifting the canopy to give the yard more light and keeping the branches away from the house while keeping all the trees looking nature and beautiful.  We really appreciated his services and will be calling upon him again in the future when our trees get too big again.’ – D Lou

“Yaniv & his partner did an excellent job topping, trimming & taking off low  branches on a large tree overhanging 3 properties. Cutting out old dead branches from the center of the tree was an added bonus.  Yaniv has a kind & gentle manner. He really aims to please & his company is very aptly named. I have already recommended him to a friend.” – Joy Carey

5.   Monkey Tree Services

Monkey Tree Services' Homepage
SERVICES●     Tree Removal
●     Arborist Reporting
●     Arborist Consulting
●     Stump Removal
●     Fertilization & Spraying
●     Cabling & Bracing
ADDRESS6485 Prince Albert St, Vancouver, BC V5W 3E7
CONTACT NUMBER604-833-2479
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Sunday: Open 24 hours

Monkey Tree Services is one of the best arborists in the Vancouver area.

They have been working in the business since 2001. Surveys indicate that they’ve also established themselves as one of the most outstanding tree services in the area.

Their staff not only includes arborists but also design specialists and surveyors. This means your house’s landscape is in good hands.

Their people are also certified in tree climbing and they have an amazing rigging system for more challenging trees.

Another plus for this company is that they’re open 24/7. Again, that can come in handy in emergencies.

However, unlike other companies that offer to help you file for tree removal permits, this one doesn’t. It’s an odd omission, considering most services we found offer that.

Another nitpick is that they also don’t have live chat services. Since this is a standard for many companies doing tree service in Vancouver nowadays, you kinda expect most of them to have this convenience already.


  • Have a team of arborists, design specialists, and surveyors
  • High-quality materials used for their rigging system
  • Their staff were Certified for Tree Climbing
  • Open 24/7


Customer Reviews

Many other clients attest that Monkey Tree Service is fast and can do the job well:

“After a severe windstorm damaged two tall cedar trees in my backyard Monkey Tree Services came to my rescue during a very stressful time.  Since there was no street or lane access the fallers had to climb the trees so it was not an easy job.  Everything went smoothly and professionally from beginning to end and my property was left very tidy.  I really appreciated that they took care of the city permits.  I didn’t have to do a thing.  I highly recommend this company and am having them back to do my regular pruning.” – Pauline Hastings

“Monkey Tree Services were extremely helpful and professional! They came for a quote right away and the invoice matched it perfectly. Had our trees down in a matter of weeks and got rid of all the stumps! Highly recommend” – Ryan Spicknell

6.   Arbor Solutions

ADDRESS18400 64 Ave, Surrey, BC V3S 1E9, Canada
CONTACT NUMBER604-774-5855

Arbor Solutions is a arborist company that is headed by a certified arborist with over 10 years of experience in the said field. The company was then founded on his profound love for trees and in order to develop his passion for urban trees and civilization as well.

The company offers a wide array of arboriculture and is also ISA Certified in the field. They are also committed to safety and have highly skilled and credible staff that they employ in order to do arboriculture practices and jobs for clients.

 The company also prides itself for utilizing the latest scientific processes and practices to integrate in their daily arboriculture practices to produces optimal results. Possessing a growth mindset, they also offer a free estimate on the said jobs should clients have any negotiations regarding the price and consultations for the best services that should be done.

We recommend this company for arboriculture services and solutions since not only do they offer a free estimate but also utilize reliable and scientific data and processes in the jobs and practices that they do in order to deliver excellent and outstanding results.


  • Highly experienced staff
  • Reliable and scientifically proven processes
  • Excellent workmanship


  • Unclear operating hours

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from their clients:

“They trimmed a fir tree to contain overgrowth, trimmed the tops and sides of cedar hedges and removed an overgrown tree all with no damage and clean up after was outstanding. Im very impressed and pleased with them and their work.”

“I was so impressed that I didn’t want to miss one moment of it. Only the trees were fell; everything else was left intact. And the team cleaned up the ground as they went along. That also is impressive. I held my breath for the tree climbers. Unbelievable !”

7.   Vancouver Island Tree Service Ltd.

SERVICESTree Removal
Tree Trimming & Pruning
Stump Grinding & Removal
Tree Planting
Emergency Tree Service
Tree Risk Assessment
Plant Health Care
Lot Clearing
ADDRESS1495 Wilson Road. Nanaimo, BC. V9R 6R3
CONTACT NUMBERPhone numbers: Vancouver: (604) 330-2769
Vancouver Island: (250) 999-3922
Toll Free: 1 (844) 564-7230
OPERATING HOURSMon-Fri: 8:30am to 4:30pm

Vancouver Island Tree Service Ltd is a company that provides arborist services using only environmental-friendly methodologies and techniques. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, they have since then effectively employed safety programs and wildlife protection programs to ensure nothing is harmed throughout the whole project.

They are composed of a multi-disciplinary team that oversees various stages of a project which ensures that each stage is given adequate attention. Even though they have a rather large number of people, clients reviewed that they have no problems when it comes to communication and coordination.

Furthermore, reviews have stated that they are pleasant to work with and present an exemplary work ethic along with professionalism and reliable advice in all aspects of the operation. Their work is described to be clean and on schedule from start to finish.

The company has prior experience with communities along their area of service as well which is greatly helpful for clients new to the area and have minimal knowledge regarding the situation and details needed.


  • Free estimates
  • Highly experienced
  • Has good connections with nearby communities
  • Offers 24hr storm and emergency response services


  • Closed on weekends

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from their clients:

“Probably one of the best businesses I have dealt with in my entire life of living on this island (which BTW is a long time). They received my web request and called promptly the very next morning. The person came to give a quote with in a day or two and showed up EARLY (how awesome is that). The work was scheduled a few days after that. Again, the workers showed up EARLY. They did an outstanding job taking the trees down and cleaning up. I was really impressed by this business. Other businesses on Vancouver Island could use a few etiquette lessons from this one.” – Aaron Banks

“I had an unusual tree circumstance that ended up with me speaking to 15 arborists gathering information. Jon from VI tree was exceptional! Tremendously knowledgeable and advised me appropriately with the risk management of the tree and how to navigate bylaw requirements. Super helpful, professional, highly experienced, honest and trustworthy. Cannot say enough good things about my experience.” – Eric Chaba

FAQs About Tree Services

Those are our top picks for tree service in Vancouver! If you think we forgot an amazing company, send us a message and we’ll review them.

While waiting for your local tree service to remove a dead tree, why not go out and relax? If you don’t know where to go, we have a list of the best cafes in Vancouver where you can just drink a coffee and catch up with your to-do list.