Best Kitchen Cabinets in Vancouver

The 5 Vendors for the Best Kitchen Cabinets in Vancouver

A kitchen just doesn’t look complete without cabinets. Luckily, Vancouver has many places where you can get both pre-made and custom kitchen cabinets.

We made a trip to different showrooms to find out where we can get the best kitchen cabinets in Vancouver and who sells them. Today, we’ll talk about the result of that trip.

How Much Does a Kitchen Cabinet Cost in Vancouver?

Before we get to the vendors, let’s talk about cost quickly. Note that to understand cost, you do need to know which type of cabinet you want first.

There are different types of kitchen cabinets available. There are stock, semi-custom, and custom.

The stock cabinets or ready-to-assemble (RTA) ones are cabinets that you buy off the shelf and have the standard size and design.

Meanwhile, semi-custom cabinets allow some custom modifications for cabinet doors and drawers, unlike stock cabinets. Although still limited in personalization, this type allows the cabinet to fit your kitchen better.

Lastly, custom cabinets are the most expensive ones. You can design your cabinet to look any way you want… at a price.

Anyway, the price for each type of cabinet is usually based on the linear foot occupied by your cabinets. So, the bigger the kitchen, the higher the price.

Type of CabinetPrice
Stock Cabinets$75 and up per linear foot
Semi-Custom Cabinets$125 and up per linear foot
Custom Cabinets$250 and up per linear foot

The prices listed here are just the current prices for kitchen cabinets in Vancouver. Pricing can change depending on the materials and the finishing of the cabinet.

The Places for Best Kitchen Cabinets in Vancouver

Now that you know what you can expect to shell out for cabinets nowadays, let’s talk about the vendors we like most!

1.   Camridge Cabinet Ltd

Camridge Cabinet Ltd's Homepage
SERVICES●    Custom Cabinets
ADDRESS8385 St George St Unit 1, Vancouver, BC V5X 4P3, Canada
CONTACT NUMBER604-325-1559
OPERATING HOURSMonday-Saturday: 10am–5:30pm

High-end and custom kitchen cabinets are the bread and butter of this local Vancouver company. They use high-quality wood from their own mill shop, so the quality is pretty consistent.

They can also do any design you want as their team is composed of staff members with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. From a modern European style cabinet to a more minimalist one, this company can do it.

If you’re planning to visit the showroom though, you’re out of luck if you’re busy from Monday to Saturday. Camridge Cabinet Ltd is closed on Sundays.

Another issue we have here is that they don’t offer a warranty. This seems to be the standard in the industry now, so any company that doesn’t provide guarantees tends to be among the outliers for us.

Despite those issues, this company is now one of our go-to’s if we want to have one of Vancouver’s best kitchen cabinets in our home. The customization options available and the quality of their cabinets are top-notch.


  • Custom designs
  • They use their own wood for the cabinets


  • Closed every Sunday
  • They don’t offer a warranty for their cabinets

Customer Reviews

Here’s what previous customers can say about their experience with this company:

“Excellent job Camridge cabinet! This is my first time doing cabinet and I’m really glad that I have chosen Camridge cabinet! Not only their cabinet is high quality, but also they have high standards team. Elizabeth helped design my cabinet and ran everything smoothly. Delivery was on time! Installation team was awesome as they care a lot of detail and I don’t need to worry about it at all. Evan’s customer service is amazing. He has high standard on details and they do their job precisely. My cabinets are gorgeous! I highly recommend Camridge cabinet.” Kenta Yuan

“Camridge Cabinet Ltd have long been my go to cabinet company. I have been building homes in Vancouver for 20 years and worked with various cabinet fabricators. There is a wide range of quality out there and not only the product itself but the reliability! Elizabeth runs everything smoothly and is highly knowledgeable. Timing and delivery is excellent and on point. I highly recommend this business and refer all my customers needing custom cabinets and countertops to them. They also have an excellent installation team who care a lot about their work and I don’t need to worry about accuracy and fine details. They are a well rounded team from start to finish… 5 stars!” – Simon “Si” Wilson

2.   Anthill Studio

Anthill Studio's Homepage
SERVICES●     Custom Millwork
●     Interior Design
●     Furniture Design
●     Renovations
ADDRESS41 W 7th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1L4, Canada
CONTACT NUMBER604-210-2236
OPERATING HOURSMonday-Friday: 9am–5:30pm

Anthill Studio specializes in creating custom furniture for smaller spaces. Their work is perfect for those who live in studio-sized condominiums and want to optimize their space.

They also don’t use particle boards for their furniture, which is another plus for us. Instead, they use European plywood, which is stronger.

You also have a choice of finish here. You can choose to have ultra-matte laminates that are heat, fingerprint, and scratch-resistant, or you can have veneers for a more natural wooden style.

However, they rarely make custom cabinet designs for the average homeowner. Based on their portfolio, they mostly work with interior designers and architects.

Their showroom is also closed during the weekends so you won’t have a chance to inspect the quality of their work if you’re busy for the whole week.

Still, though, this is one of our top choices for kitchen cabinets in Vancouver because of their design and their ability to make it compact for smaller housing. The quality of their materials is nothing to scoff at either!


  • Can make kitchen cabinets even for smaller places
  • Uses high-quality plywood from Europe
  • Availability of topnotch and unique finishes


  • Showroom is closed during the weekend
  • Can’t ask for a fully customized kitchen cabinet

Customer Reviews

These are the reviews from previous clients:

“exceptional work quality and attention to details. they have been helping us 2-3 times for home renovation projects. total worth every single penny they charged.

highly recommend dane & the group of guys.” – Darren Chuang

“Recently hired this company, they were very easy to coordinate and communicate with, reducing the stress that comes with renovations. In the end they delivered excellent custom millwork on budget. I highly recommend working with Anthill, they were friendly, professional and had many great ideas to improve our design.” – Aaron DeCiantis

3.   Paradigm Kitchen Design

Paradigm Kitchen Design's Homepage
SERVICES●     Cabinet Designing
●     Cabinet Installation
ADDRESS720 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1E3, Canada
CONTACT NUMBER604-326-3000
OPERATING HOURSMonday-Friday: 8am–4pm

Paradigm Kitchen Design has been in the industry since 1995 and can help you in designing your dream kitchen cabinet as they have a team of designers. Or, if you want, you can visit their showroom to check out their existing designs.

You also won’t need to find another company to install your new cabinets if you choose to get your cabinets from them. They offer installation services as well.

Aside from that, what elevates this place to being one of Vancouver’s top places for kitchen cabinets is its warranty. They have a five-year warranty that beats most of the guarantees offered by their competitors.

Unfortunately, like most of the other entries in this list, they’re also not open during the weekends.

They also don’t have a special form for price quotes, which is frankly a bit odd in this day and age. It’s something we expect, especially now that almost everything can be done online.

Although you can see from this that we have a few nitpicks, they’re pretty minor. Paradigm Kitchen Design still remains one of the best options for the overall convenience and quality of its services, as well as that killer guarantee.


  • Has a long history working in the industry
  • Has their own in-house designer
  • Can install cabinets
  • Offers a five-year warranty


  • Closed during the weekend
  • Doesn’t offer a form for quotations

Customer Reviews

Here’s what people are saying about them:

“I’ve been using Paradigm for a few years now. The communication in the planning stage is always inviting and productive. The finished product always comes out flawless. I would highly recommend Paradigm for all high-end jobs.” – Wyder Horizons Construction Ltd.

“We have worked with Justin at Paradigm Kitchen a couple of times.  Both times we found him to be creative and open to the designers and clients ideas.  The final product was exactly the look that had been envisioned for the kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.  Questions were patiently answered and a beautiful kitchen was delivered and installed on schedule.  Paradigm is great to work with!” – LOTOS Construction

4.   Century Cabinets and Countertops

Century Cabinets and Countertops' Homepage
SERVICES●     Designing
●     Installation
●     Cut to Size and Machining
ADDRESS2003 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M7
CONTACT NUMBER(604) 428-4838
OPERATING HOURSMonday-Friday: 11am-5pm
Saturday: 10am-4pm

For those who prefer made-to-order cabinets, then Century Cabinets and Countertops is a great choice.

The materials they use for the kitchen cabinets are all locally sourced, to start with. They also seem to use the most durable materials available for their work – even the bottoms of their cabinet drawers are made of ½-inch-thick wood.

Their cabinets’ hardware also has a lifetime warranty, which is another amazing guarantee making it onto this list. Even if you break a hinge, they will be able to replace it without any hitch.

This company can also install the cabinets for you, which is another point that we appreciate.

However, we did notice some minor issues.

For example, Century Cabinets are more focused on modern-style cabinets, unlike other companies with a lot of experience with old-world European style. This may or may not be an issue depending on your tastes.

Another thing is that their showroom is only open for a short amount of time. Six hours doesn’t offer a lot of leeway for visiting them if you have a tight schedule.

Despite that, we still consider Century Cabinets and Countertops one of Vancouver’s best kitchen cabinet makers due to the amazing designs and the fantastic quality of materials used.


  • Materials are locally-sourced
  • They use durable materials for their kitchen cabinets
  • They have a lifetime warranty
  • Can install cabinets


  • Their showroom is only open for 6 hours
  • Don’t do older style cabinets

Customer Reviews

Reviewers talk about what they like about this company:

“Excellent quality, fast service and very professional.  I hired  them 5 times to build cabinets for 3 bathrooms and 2 kitchens and was happy with the results. I highly recommended them.” – Maria H

“Over the years I have purchased many things from Century Cabinets, most recently a 5′ bathroom vanity. This is the first time I have left a review. They had it ready as promised and it was made so much better than I could have purchased anywhere else.  Thank You Century Cabinets!” – Mitch Brennan

5.   Troico

Troico's Homepage
SERVICES●     Interior Design
●     Custom Cabinets
●     General Contracting
ADDRESS1168 Hamilton Street, 5th Floor, Vancouver, BC V6B 2S2, Canada
CONTACT NUMBER 604 -545-0123
OPERATING HOURSMonday-Friday: 10am-5pm
Saturday: 10am-2pm

Troico’s staff have won awards. Their president and co-founder was named Business In Vancouver’s 2016 Top 40 Under 40 and their COO and co-founder was a 2014 recipient of the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s Top 30 Under 30 award, for example.

This tells you that if you’re really looking to get one of the best custom kitchen cabinets in Vancouver, you can get it here. They have a lot of experience and are pretty well-known in the industry.

They can also handle different cabinet styles and aren’t just limited to modern minimalist designs. More than that, their unique framework will also help elevate the design of your cabinet.

Troico also makes their own cabinet doors in their Coquitlam shop. This is to ensure that they won’t run out of materials for their cabinets, thus stopping manufacturing completely.

We do have a few minor concerns with Troico, though.

First, Troico doesn’t offer warranties. If some issues pop up within a year, for example, they won’t be liable for that.

Second, they also don’t accept debit cards. Although this is a bit of a nitpick, we were hoping that all types of payment would be allowed here by now.

Overall though, this multi-awarded company still offers solid service. From what we’ve seen, they make beautiful cabinets that will make any kitchen look fantastic, and durability is pretty good too, so you likely won’t have to worry about the lack of a warranty.


  • Won awards before
  • Availability of different cabinet styles
  • They make their own cabinet parts


  • No warranties for their cabinets
  • Can’t use debit cards for this company

Customer Reviews

These previous clients recount their experience working with this company:

“I really had an enjoyable time spent with them. I have taken their cabinets to be installed in my kitchen and they have done it amazingly well. Their employees are all well experienced at their work and they are all super skilled to do a job without making any mistakes. I have been very happy with their work.” – Methew Clay

“I am so happy that I took upon my cousin’s recommendation and got my cabinets from them. I can tell you one thing that they are the best company to go for such services and they have the best pricing as well. They have a wide range of collection to choose from and no matter what is the ongoing theme for your house, you could be sure to find something which will get matched with the vibe of the place.” – Veronica T. Court

FAQs About Kitchen Cabinets

Renovating a kitchen is hard work. Don’t let that hard work go to waste by buying bad-quality kitchen cabinets or ones that bring down the look of the room.

If you also want a quality dining table to fit your amazing kitchen cabinet, you can check out our list of the best woodworkers in Vancouver. You will find amazing woodworkers there who can make a custom dining table set too.