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The Best Places to Take Lovely Walks in Vancouver

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Sometimes, all you need is to take a walk to clear your mind. Luckily, we’re in a city filled with safe and scenic spaces to enjoy a leisurely stroll. Even if you’re not a big walker like us, we think you’d enjoy exploring this as much as we did. 

We’re sure you know or have been to some of these places, but hey, it never hurts to discover new spots, right? Herewith, our list of the best places to take lovely walks in Vancouver.

Wind Your Way along Grandview-Woodlands

Address: Grandview-Woodland, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Distance: 3.45 km
Steps: 4,527
Points of Interest: Britannia Community Centre, Mosaic Creek, Aboriginal Friendship Centre

Grandview-Woodlands is famous for its main street, Commercial Drive, where you’ll find an eclectic charm of early-century homes, tree-lined streets, and Vancouver’s Little Italy, where you’ll find some of the best Italian restaurants in the city.

Take a moment to appreciate the abundant murals and artistic mosaics adorning the lush sidewalks. Then, venture east onto Commercial Drive, where an array of worldwide dining options, cozy pubs, and charming local shops awaits.

Pro tip:

Down by 3rd Avenue and Victoria Drive, keep an eye out for a vibrant ceramic mural depicting various childhood games enjoyed by students from Queen Victoria school and their families.

Take a Stroll along the Everett Crowley Trail

Take a Stroll along the Everett Crowley Trail

Address: 8200 Kerr St, Vancouver, BC V5S 4G5, Canada
Distance: 2.37 km
Steps: 3,110
Points of Interest: Everett Crowley Park, Fraser River

This recently developed green oasis is right within the Champlain Heights area, and it’s the fifth largest park in the city. The Everett Crowley Trail is distinguished by their ravine, a creek bustling with salmon, and a cascading waterfall.

Walking through this trail is quite relaxing as it features scenic views of the southern side, looking down over the valley below. A charming duck pond graces the center of the park, surrounded by an abundance of benches thoughtfully placed along the trail.

Pro tip:

There are several Aboriginal artworks in this trail, such as the Bright Futures by Brent Sparrow, Journey and Protector by Stephen Peltonen, and The Eyes of the People by Dionne Paul, all at the Killarney Community Centre.

Wander along the Coal Harbour Waterfront

Wander along the Coal Harbour Waterfront

Address: 1199 W Cordova St, Vancouver, BC V6E 4T1, Canada
Distance: 5.77 km
Steps: 7,572
Points of Interest: Seawall, Robson Street, LightShed

Coal Harbour is the kind of place where business and nature coexist harmoniously. Look up, and you’ll see high-rise condominiums. Look down and you’ll find a serene waterfront promenade, surrounded by lush greens.

Start at Canada Place and follow the path along the waterfront that will take you to many green spaces, memorials and public art as well as breathtaking vistas of Stanley Park and the majestic North Shore mountains.

Pro tip:

Near the Coal Harbour Community Centre, be sure to keep an eye out for the LightShed, which is an elevated white house facing Stanley Park. This art installation emits a gentle glow after nightfall, thanks to its luminescent coating.

Go on an Architectural Walking Tour of Chinatown

Address: Chinatown, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Distance: 1.64 km
Steps: 2,152
Points of Interest: Dr Sun Yat-Sen Garden, Chinatown Millennium Gate

Stroll one of Vancouver’s culturally-rich neighborhoods. Chinatown, known for its bustling Asian culinary scene, boasts many fascinating sights, maintaining the architectural charm and ambiance of the 20th century.

Begin your journey at the Architectural Institute of BC (AIBC). Along the way, you’ll encounter a blend of historic and contemporary buildings, the lively Shanghai Valley, and ultimately conclude your walk at the enchanting Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Gardens.

Pro tip:

While you’re in Chinatown, seize the opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant Asian culinary scene. Consider savoring some delectable dim sum or stepping into a Chinese restaurant.

Explore Gastown’s Historical Streets

Address: 440 Cambie St Suite #100, Vancouver, BC V6B 2N5, Canada
Distance: 1.75 km
Steps: 2,296
Points of Interest: Waterfront Station, Woodwards Building

This trendy and historic part of Vancouver is one of the best places to take sight-filled walks. The Steam Clock, art galleries, and hip restaurants are only a few of the attractions you’ll encounter while strolling through this vibrant neighborhood.

Start your walk at the AIBC, and head north. As you traverse the dynamic avenues of Cambie, Hastings, Cordova, Water, and Carrall, you’ll be treated to a fusion of historic structures and cobblestone streets that give Gastown its unique charm.

Pro tip:

For the most part, this route offers a flat and leisurely stroll, but it’s still about a 1.5 km walk so wear comfortable shoes and a water bottle.

Enjoy the Sights at the Granville Island to Kitsilano Pool Walk

Enjoy the Sights at the Granville Island to Kitsilano Pool Walk

Address: Public Market, 1689 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9, Canada
Distance: 3.63 km
Steps: 4,763
Points of Interest: Granville Island, Vanier Park, Kitsilano Beach

The walk from Granville Island to Kitsilano Pool begins at the Public Market. Follow the path to the Seawall and you’ll get unobstructed views of boats and the Burrard Street Bridge.

The seawall will then lead you to numerous parks, including Vanier Park, Hadden Park, and the famous Kitsilano Beach park where you can reward yourself with a refreshing dip in the water after your leisurely walk.

Pro tip:

Make sure to visit the H.R. MacMillan Space Center, where you can immerse yourself in a captivating laser-light display!

Breathe in the Fresh Air at the Stanley Park Seawall

Breathe in the Fresh Air at the Stanley Park Seawall

Address: Vancouver, BC V6G 1Z4, Canada
Distance: 10.05 km
Steps: 13,123
Points of Interest: Siwash Rock, Totem Poles, Prospect Point, Nine O’ Clock Gun, Second and Third Beach

Walking this route will give you a new appreciation for the city’s natural beauty. The Stanley Park Seawall is a stunning way to get those walks in while reflecting on the rich history of the land. 

This area was once home to the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh peoples, making it an excellent way to reestablish a connection with the indigenous culture and heritage of Vancouver.

Pro tip:

This place is a bit crowded, especially during the weekends, so make sure to watch out for bikes or other pedestrians while walking.

Venture into Vancouver’s Oldest Residential Neighborhood

Venture into Vancouver’s Oldest Residential Neighborhood

Address: 784 Thurlow St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1V9, Canada
Distance: 2.43 km
Steps: 3,188
Points of Interest: Manhattan Apartments, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Barclay Manor

The West End, graced by mansions dating back to the 1800s and early 1900s, boasts some truly enchanting tree-lined streets that exude the ambiance of a serene residential spot in the heart of the bustling city.

Stroll along these avenues adorned with historic mansions, homes, and heritage apartments, and take in the magnificent architecture that vividly reflects Vancouver’s storied past.

Pro tip:

Drop by Nelson Park during your walk here on the West End. It’s a peaceful, pet-friendly park with plenty of green spaces and plenty of benches to sit on.

Take in Some Public Art While Cruising through Yaletown

Address: 181 Roundhouse Mews, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2W3, Canada
Distance: 3.03 km
Steps: 3,976
Points of Interest: Perennials – Barbara Steinman, Marking High Tide and Waiting for Low Tide – Don Vaughan, Khenko – Doug Taylor

This 3-kilometer walk goes through parks and community amenities that make up the vibrant neighborhood of Yaletown. As you follow the streets and walking paths, take in the public art, sprinkled along the waterfront.

Start at the Roundhouse Community Centre, walk along the streets and stop to admire the lush green spaces offered by George Wainborn and David Lam Park.

Pro tip:

South of David Lam Park, “Red Horizontal” by Gisele Amantea showcases captivating photographs of apartment, condo, loft, and senior housing, offering a distinctive view of urban living.

Hit the Trout Lake Trails

Hit the Trout Lake Trails

Address: 3300 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N 4M4, Canada
Distance: 1.2 km
Steps: 1,574
Points of Interest: Trout Lake Community Centre

Strolling along the Trout Lake Trails immerses you in nature and wildlife, serving as a nesting habitat for various bird species, fish, and occasional coyotes. There’s also great views of the lake and it’s perfect for watching the sun set.

It’s a solid 10-minute walk through the trails, and there’s a loop that passes through a pond, community center, and several picnic areas.

Pro tip:

During the spring and summer seasons, there’s a farmers market with plenty of fresh organic and farm-picked fruit on Saturdays. It’s located in the north parking lot of the park.

Now that you have many places to go for walks, check out some of the articles below that will further your exploration of this lovely city.

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