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Why the Vancouver to Grand Canyon Road Trip Should Be on Your Bucket List

Guide from Vancouver to Grand Canyon
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The scale of the Grand Canyon is ridiculously crazy. The canyon is 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide, and over a mile deep. It’s mind-boggling to imagine the forces of nature that created such a massive and awe-inspiring natural wonder!

Speaking of wonders, we can’t help but wonder about the thoughts of those first intrepid souls who stepped foot here. Was it awe? Panic? Well, it was definitely both for us.

Join us as we unravel the mysteries of this breathtaking journey. Don’t miss out on the adventure of a lifetime – let this article be your guide from Vancouver to the Grand Canyon!

Best Time to Go

The Grand Canyon is an amazing year-round destination, but note that the North Rim closes in winter. 

If you’re visiting during the colder months, the South Rim is your go-to spot. Summer temperatures can soar, ranging from 80 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so plan accordingly for the heat.

How far is the Grand Canyon from Vancouver, and how long will the road trip take?

How far is the Grand Canyon from Vancouver, and how long will the road trip take

The Grand Canyon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is renowned for its immense size and stunning geological formations. 

Its vast, colorful landscapes offer unparalleled hiking, rafting, and sightseeing opportunities, making it a vital destination for tourists and a treasured natural wonder for locals and the world.

Traveling from Vancouver to the Grand Canyon via the Las Vegas Route takes around 27 hours and covers 2,640 km without any detours. 

Alternatively, the Salt Lake City Route is slightly longer at 2,680 km and takes approximately 26 hours to complete. Both routes offer unique experiences on your way to the Grand Canyon.

How many days do you need to tour the Grand Canyon?

You can explore a good portion of the South Rim in two days, but an extra day makes a huge difference. With three full days on the South Rim, you’ll have the time to see some of the most spectacular parts of the park that many visitors miss.

How to Get to Grand Canyon from Vancouver

There are two routes that you can take from Vancouver to the Grand Canyon. The first one is the Las Vegas Route, with the other being Salt Lake City.

Las Vegas Route: From Vancouver, take I-5 South to Seattle, then continue to Portland. Head to Highway 97 through Klamath Falls, then take Highway 395 to Reno and Lake Tahoe. 

Follow Highway 95 to Walker River State Recreation Area, then visit Death Valley National Park. Finally, go to Las Vegas, then take I-40 to Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon.

Salt Lake City Route: From Vancouver, take I-5 South to Seattle, then switch to I-90 through Washington. At Deer Lodge, take I-15 South to Salt Lake City. 

Detour options: Yellowstone and Teton National Parks or Craters of the Moon National Monument. After Salt Lake City, continue on I-15 through Utah. Consider a final detour to Monument Valley before reaching the Grand Canyon.

Where to Stay When You Reach Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Lodge – North Rim

Address: AZ-67, North Rim, AZ 86052, United States

Phone: +1 928-638-2611

Pricing: $$$

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The Grand Canyon Lodge is the sole accommodation within the National Park on the North Rim. They have charming cabins, with some rooms offering views of the rim. 

On the property, there’s a deli, a saloon, and a coffee shop. 

They also offer a free shuttle to the Kaibab trailhead, mule rides for an extra fee, and laundry facilities.

Phantom Ranch

Media credit: gilvansoares

Address: N Kaibab Trail, North Rim, AZ 86052, United States

Phone: +1 888-297-2757

Pricing: $$

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Phantom Ranch is a lodge located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Built in 1922, it’s the only place to stay below the canyon rim. The rustic cabins and dorms are heated in winter and cooled in summer. 

Most notably, with no cell phone reception and complete seclusion from the outside world, staying at Phantom Ranch offers a unique opportunity to reconnect with yourself.

High Country Motor Lodge

Address: 1000 W Rte 66, Flagstaff, AZ 86001, United States

Phone: +1 866-928-4265

Pricing: $$$

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High Country Motor Lodge is a contemporary mountain retreat situated in the Arizona wilderness. The chic rooms, featuring mid century furnishings, are accessed via exterior corridors. 

The hotel has a great vibe, with a lobby/bar that boasts a very cool ambience. Outside, there are fire pits to relax by, and a large pool with a nearby jacuzzi.

Grand Canyon Inn

Address: 257 AZ-64, Williams, AZ 86046, United States

Phone: +1 800-635-9203

Pricing: $$

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This hotel in Grand Canyon, Arizona, is a 15-minute drive from Grand Canyon National Park and features an indoor swimming pool. The outside was cute with a Western theme.

Amenities include a seasonal heated outdoor pool, a casual restaurant, and a cozy, western-style cocktail lounge.

El Tovar Hotel

Address: 1 El Tovar Rd, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023, United States

Phone: +1 928-638-2631

Pricing: $$

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This renowned historic hotel, situated right on the rim of the Grand Canyon, first opened in 1905. The El Tovar Lodge offers three styles of accommodation: standard, deluxe, and suites, each with various bed arrangements. 

Inside, you’ll find a restaurant, an art-filled lounge, and a gift shop. And the best part? Parking is free!

Where to Eat When You Reach Grand Canyon

El Tovar Dining Room

Media credit: hana_usalife

Address: 1 El Tovar Rd, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023, United States

Phone: +1 928-638-2631

Pricing: $$


Located in the historic El Tovar Hotel, this dining room is built from native stone and Oregon pine. The ambiance is rustic yet classic and traditional, with vintage lodge vibes and stunning views. 

The house-made lobster and shrimp soup was delicious, and we loved the flavors of the shrimp cocktail.

Harvey House Cafe

Media credit: gcrailway

Address: 9 Village Loop Drive, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023, United States

Phone: +1 928-638-2631

Pricing: $$


Harvey House Café, located in the Grand Canyon Lodge, is a charming eatery with exposed wood beams and classic diner fare. 

It feels like a place to gather and enjoy a casual, old-fashioned setting, almost like your grandmother’s kitchen. The Harvey burger was tasty with a nicely toasted bun, and the fish and chips were awesome.

Arizona Steakhouse

Media credit: gclodges

Address: 10 Albright Ave, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023, United States

Phone: +1 928-638-2631

Pricing: $$$


Arizona Steakhouse is a modern restaurant that offers stunning canyon views. It’s a great spot to relax and enjoy a meal while taking in the rim’s scenery. 

Although we initially thought they specialized only in steak, we were pleasantly surprised by their diverse menu, which includes plant-based options and a delicious salmon dish.

Maswik Food Court

Media credit: uuuuu_na_

Address: 202 Village Loop Drive, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023, United States

Phone: +1 928-638-2631

Pricing: $$


The Maswik Food Court is a spacious dining area offering a variety of options like pizza, sandwiches, burritos, tacos, taco salad, and burgers for lunch and dinner. 

They have a decent selection of draft beers, wine, and soft drinks. The stone oven method for the pizza is rustic, tasty, and actually a healthier option. The ingredients were fresh and flavorful, and the beer was pretty good. too

Bright Angel Bicycles and Cafe

Address: 10 S Entrance Rd, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023, United States

Phone: +1 928-638-3055

Pricing: $$


Located in the South Rim Visitor Center Plaza, Bright Angel Bicycles and Cafe has a full espresso bar alongside sandwiches, baked goods, and burritos.

Their extensive Grab n’ Go selection is perfect for a quick meal before exploring the Grand Canyon. Go for either the breakfast burrito or roast beef and cheddar.

Where to Stop between Vancouver and Grand Canyon

Appreciate the Wildlife at Portland Forest Park 

Address: Forest Park, Portland, OR, USA

Phone: 503-223-5449


Portland’s Forest Park stands as one of the largest urban forests in the United States, boasting over 80 miles of trails, fire lanes, and forest roads. 

Stretching for more than seven miles along the eastern slope of the Tualatin Mountains, it offers breathtaking views of Northwest Portland and the convergence of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers.

Activities abound in Forest Park, with options including hiking and biking trails that cater to outdoor enthusiasts of all levels. 

Break a Leg at Fremont National Forest

Media credit: 395jnky

Address: 1301 South G Street Lakeview, OR 97630

Phone: 541-947-2151


Spanning over 113,800 acres of old-growth lodgepole pine forests, the Fremont National Forest boasts a diverse ecosystem that encompasses towering snow-capped peaks and wide-open sage basins.

The Mt. Fremont Lookout Trail offers an absolutely splendid hiking experience. While there are some long gradual ups and downs along the way, the breathtaking views of Mt. Rainier makes every step worthwhile.

Embrace the Outdoors at Klamath Falls

Address: Klamath Falls, OR

Phone: 541-883-4950


Klamath Falls beckons outdoor enthusiasts with a plethora of recreational activities, including cross-country skiing, golfing, fishing, hunting, and canoeing. 

Renowned for its splendid bird watching opportunities, it boasts the highest concentrations of bald eagles in the Pacific Northwest.

If you head north, you’ll discover the opportunity to canoe Upper Klamath Lake. You can paddle along the calm waters and marvel at the sight of eagles, herons, and raccoons along the way.

Enjoy the Landscapes at Modoc National Forest

Media credit: misemrose

Address: 225 West 8th Street Alturas, California 96101

Phone: 530-233-5811


Tucked away in the far northeastern corner of California, the Modoc National Forest boasts a diverse landscape of mountains, pine forests, meadows, lakes, streams, rugged canyons, wetlands, and many more.

Despite its natural beauty, the Modoc National Forest remains largely underutilized, making it a hidden gem for outdoor enthusiasts.

Explore Emerald Bay State Park

Media credit: ngphanhys

Address: California 96150, United States

Phone: +1 530-541-3030


Emerald Bay State Park beckons visitors with its breathtaking beauty. Situated along Lake Tahoe’s west shore, the park boasts stunning views of the blue-green waters and offers a myriad of activities including camping, hiking, boating, and swimming.

For a memorable sunset experience, consider parking off the road just before reaching the waterfalls beyond Vista Point. 

From this vantage point, you can witness the sun’s dazzling descent over the horizon, creating a picturesque scene against the backdrop of Emerald Bay.

Look around Mount Spokane State Park

Address: 26107 N Mt Spokane Park Dr, Mead, WA 99021, United States

Phone: +1 509-238-4258


Covering over 12,444 acres, Mount Spokane State Park offers panoramic vistas of the Spokane Valley and stretches of North Idaho, revealing several lakes and prominent peaks from the Selkirk Range.

From the summit, the views of the surrounding lakes are truly stunning, complemented by educational plaques detailing the geological history of how these lakes were formed and deposited around the valley.

Head Out for a Swim at Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest

Media credit: usdagov

Address: 420 Barrett St, Dillon, MT 59725, United States

Phone: +1 406-683-3900


Encompassing a vast 3.36 million acres, Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest stands as Montana’s largest National Forest, divided into nine distinct sections.

Teeming with wildlife, the forest’s campgrounds are often frequented by moose, elk, and deer. 

Amidst its serene ambiance, visitors can unwind amidst nature’s embrace, though it’s wise to come prepared with ample bug spray and a walking stick adorned with bells to alert animals of your presence.

Experience the Hot Springs at Yellowstone and Teton National Parks

Address: Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190-0168

Phone: 82-190-0168


You can take a detour to Yellowstone National Park to experience the hot springs and geysers. A short drive along John D. Rockefeller Memorial Parkway then leads you to the rocky mountain ranges of Grand Teton National Park. Both are definitely worth the detour.

Check Out Craters of the Moon

Address: Idaho, United States

Phone: +1 208-527-1335


Craters of the Moon is a vast expanse of lava flows dotted with cinder cones and sagebrush. The unique landscape, with its volcanic formations and stark terrain, makes you feel like you’re exploring another world. 

The impressive views across the park offer great opportunities for photography or simply enjoying the scenery.

Appreciate Kaibab National Forest

Media credit: perinblanchard

Address: Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023, United States

Phone: +1 928-635-8200


The north and south rims of the Grand Canyon are bordered by Kaibab National Forest, a scenic mix of prairies, plateaus, and canyonlands. 

There are numerous back roads and trails for walking, plus plenty of hiking and camping spots. You’ll find more places to park a camper or RV than you can imagine.

Apps to Download for a Trip to the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park: comprehensive app of everything you need to know about Grand Canyon National Park, from interactive maps, services, tours, lodging, camping, hiking and shuttle bus.

iOs | Android

Grand Canyon NP Audio Guide:  self-guided, narrated, and fully offline driving tour of the Grand Canyon National Park.

iOs | Android

GasBuddy: locates gas stations near you and shows you prices, sends you price hike alerts and the app notifies you about deals.

iOs | Android detailed, offline maps with turn-by-turn navigation for driving, hiking, or biking to a selected location.

iOs | Android

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