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The Hipster Area in Vancouver

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The Hipster Area in Vancouver

Mount Pleasant is one of Vancouver’s more hipster-friendly neighborhoods.

It has a lot of personality, friendly people, and a quirky atmosphere. It also has a good selection of coffee shops and vegetarian restaurants, is close to many of the city’s best parks, and has a wide choice of vintage shops.

Although it’s one of Vancouver’s newer, hotter areas, The Mount Pleasant Area has settled into its own niche. It may not have the history of other more affluent parts of town, but it does have character and charm.

Keep reading on why Mount Pleasant is the hipster area of Vancouver.

Hipster Hangouts in Mount Pleasant

Grab a Cup of Joe

Caffe Mira serves a wide variety of organic coffee and beverages, pastries, and comfort food. 

If you want to stay energized, we recommend their latte, which comes with two espresso shots. This drink costs CAD 4.80 and is a perfect way to cap off a meal if you’ve had some burgers in the area.

Coffee Roastery Modus is another place we recommend. This coffee shop is unique in that they roast their coffee beans and offer customers brew guides and some brewing recipes. Their coffee beans cost around CAD 18.50 to CAD 156.

There are numerous coffee shops in Mount Pleasant, so we recommend you walk around and discover the many cafes in the area.

Visit the Vegetarian Restaurants

Vegetarians need not worry when visiting Mount Pleasant because there are numerous restaurants in the area.

The first stop is The Acorn Restaurant. This stylish eatery offers vegetarian and vegan dishes at 3995 Main St. It’s notable for its customized multi-course dishes that highlight local and seasonal ingredients.

We recommend their Rhubarb Tart, which has a sour and savory flavor. This restaurant is a perfect place to have breakfast because they also have a large selection of bread and pastries.

Now, if you’re into fine dining, MILA is a must-visit as this restaurant offers a unique plant-based dining experience. One of the main dishes they offer is their artichoke Mafalda pasta, which costs CAD 20. 

Explore the Parks

If you’re visiting Mount Pleasant to unwind, there are numerous parks in the area where you can lounge, walk around, and participate in a variety of outdoor activities.

Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park is known as this area’s crown jewel, and it has plenty of space for picnics. The park also has kids’ activities as they have a nautical-themed playground and soft-serve ice cream at the River Watch Cafe.

This park is also an excellent location as a wedding venue due to the scenic harbor views. If you do so, we highly recommend that you hire a wedding photographer to get the best shots.

Now, Pickett Park is a great place to exercise if you’re looking for a park with plenty of jogging and biking trails. It’s also a great place to relax and take photos, with views of the harbor and the sunset.

Kayakers can also paddle across to Sullivan’s Island or back around Shem Creek, with numerous fishing spots.

Check Out the Vintage Shops

Stoxx Vintage is a must-visit for vintage clothing enthusiasts. This store features some of the most unique and classic clothing and accessories, making it ideal for the trendy dresser.

Visitors will be pleased to know Stoxx has a wide selection of vintage t-shirts such as graphic tees, band shirts, Harley Davidson tops, and many more. 

Their vintage shirts range in price from CAD 45 to CAD 529. While most shirts are in stock, we noticed that they sold out quickly, so if you come across a good deal, you should buy it right away.

The next stop is Gather The Shop, located at 109 East Broadway. Aside from vintage clothing, this store also sells vintage objects such as home décor, pots, and candles. These items range cost around CAD 30 to CAD 185. 

Furthermore, this vintage shop offers custom t-shirts, where you can hand them your personal designs and they will assist you in putting together outfits for a special occasion or a casual look.

There’s no hard evidence that Mount Pleasant is superior to Vancouver’s other hipster neighborhoods. However, there are some theories as to why this area attracts hipsters than others.

One theory is that it’s close to the downtown core and other interesting areas. Furthermore, there are many things to do and see in the area, many of which are independently owned businesses.

Regardless, if you’re looking for a mild summer night with good music, delicious drinks, and some tasty dishes, then Mount Pleasant is likely a good place for you to be.

If you’re looking to visit more places while you’re in the city, check out our list of the best things to do in Vancouver.

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