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A Guide to Granite Falls Approved by Adventurers 

What is Granite Falls
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As we stood by the thunderous cascade of water at Granite Falls, we couldn’t help but marvel at the sheer power and beauty of nature unfolding before us.

It really is stunning and worth the 4-hour paddling (although, we must admit, it was tiring as heck). Nevertheless, the feeling of accomplishment and awe we experienced when we finally reached the falls made it all worth it.

Which brings us to today’s article. Let’s get straight to the point and dive into our guide to Granite Falls, detailing the best places to stay, dine, and things to do.

Time Zone

Pacific Standard Time (PST) (UTC-8)

Best Time to Go

The best time to go to Granite Falls is during the summer months (June to August). This time of year is when Vancouver really shines, thanks to the nice weather.

When summer rolls around, it’s perfect for getting out and about, whether you’re into hiking, biking, kayaking, or swimming.

What is Granite Falls?

What is Granite Falls

Granite Falls in Deep Cove, North Vancouver, is a stunning natural feature known for its cascading water and rugged beauty. The big waterfall cascades down over the rocks, about 150 feet, and it’s just an awesome spot to rest your head.

Important for its scenic allure and outdoor recreation, it offers locals and tourists a picturesque destination for hiking, picnicking, and enjoying the serenity of nature’s splendor.

Granite Falls is located in Deep Cove in North Vancouver, near the end of the Indian Arm. The 18-kilometer glacial Fjord journey to Granite Falls extends north from the Burrard Inlet.

Things to Know

Granite Falls Zodiac Boat Tour

The Granite Falls tour is one of the best Indian Arm boat tours around here. It takes you through Vancouver Harbour, Deep Cove, and up Indian Arm to see the stunning natural fjord leading to Granite Falls.

All these boat tours depart from Granville Island, and lasts around 3 hours, and you have a few options:

  • Breakaway Experiences ($129 per pax): 3-hour Granite Falls zodiac boat tour daily from June to September. Book a tour here.
  • Vancouver Water Adventures ($129 per pax): group and private 3-hour tours. Book a tour online. Also accepts walk-in participants at their Granville Island office.
  • Project Expedition ($110.16 per pax): daily 2.5 to 3 hours long boat tours. Also offers pick-up services for guests staying within Vancouver. Book a tour here.

During these Granite Falls boat tours, you’ll get to catch sight of Stanley Park, English Bay Beach, Lions Gate Bridge, Coal Harbour, Deep Cove, Twin Islands, Racoon Island, Buntzen Powerhouse, and a bunch more cool spots along the way.

Apart from the views, you’ll also get to learn about interesting tales, local history, and geological facts about Granite Falls and the Indian Arm.

Granite Falls Hike

The Upper Granite Falls Trail spans about 4.5 kilometers and typically takes around 1 hour and 24 minutes to finish up. You can get to this trail from the Granite Falls campground.

It’s mostly a steady climb all the way, and although the trail is narrow, it’s pretty clear. To get the full view of the falls and access the pools for swimming, you’ll need to scramble up and over some big rocks.

Granite Falls Campground

The Granite Falls Campground can only be reached if you kayak, paddleboard, or take a boat along the Indian Arm. The site sits beneath a 50-metre waterfall, and it’s a great place to camp.

Now, in terms of amenities, there are pit toilets available, but campfires are a no-go here. Also, it’s important to practice “Leave No Trace” to keep this place pristine.

How to Get to Granite Falls

The only way to get to Granite Falls in Deep Cove, North Vancouver, is by water. You can either kayak, paddleboard, or take a boat tour to get to the falls.

By kayak and paddleboard: head towards the western shoreline leading to Croker Island. Navigate through the western passage between Croker and the mainland. Once you reach the northern tip of Croker, Granite Falls will come into view along the eastern shore.

By boat tour: all Granite Fall boat tours depart from Granville Island. These boat tours require you to arrive at least an hour before your trip as the journey takes around three hours.

Where to Stay near Granite Falls

Granville Island Hotel

Address: 1253 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9, Canada

Phone: +1 604-683-7373

Pricing: $$

Book Now

This waterfront hotel is the only one right in Granville Island, placing you near all the Granite Falls boat tour companies. It offers great views and an eclectic architectural character.

Inside, there’s a high-end restaurant, fitness center, hot tub, sauna, and pretty awesome rooms with balconies.

The Parker Hotel

Address: 1379 Howe St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2R5, Canada

Phone: +1 604-688-7678

Pricing: $$

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Perched 120 ft above Vancouver, the Parker Hotel is situated in one of downtown Vancouver’s best neighbourhoods – just minutes from Granville. The rooms are wine-inspired, which gives them a classy look.

Amenities include a French restaurant, fitness center, and an outdoor jacuzzi. You also get free downtown shuttles and a ride to cruise ship terminals.

Quality Inn & Suites

Address: 1221 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1B6, Canada

Phone: +1 778-907-2918

Pricing: $

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Located on Vancouver’s entertainment district, Granville Street, Quality Inn & Suites and it’s near the beach. A big plus is that you’re near all the must-visit neighborhoods like Granville, Gastown, Yaletown, and West End.

While the rooms are not that spacious, they’re all equipped with what you need—TV, WiFi, coffeemakers. But if you upgrade to a suite, you get to have a kitchenette and living area in your room.

Residence Inn by Marriott

Address: 1234 Hornby St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1W2, Canada

Phone: +1 604-688-1234

Pricing: $$

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The Residence Inn by Marriott is at a convenient location near numerous restaurants and dry cleaning services. Additionally, it’s pet-friendly, which is a great bonus for those traveling with furry friends. 

The studio-style rooms offer a cozy atmosphere akin to home. You get to enjoy amenities such as an indoor swimming pool, a hot tub, and a fitness center. The hotel’s proximity to Granville Island also makes it a prime spot for exploration.

Best Western Premier

Address: 1100 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2B6, Canada

Phone: +1 604-669-7070

Pricing: $

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Situated conveniently for quick access to Granville Street and just a 7-minute drive from Granville Island, this hotel offers stunning views of downtown Vancouver from the balconies of each room.

Amenities here include a bar and a relaxed restaurant featuring an outdoor patio. Additionally, there’s a gym and a business center available, as well as five meeting rooms for those with professional needs.

Where to Eat near Granite Falls

Dockside Restaurant

Address: 1253 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9, Canada

Phone: +1 604-685-7070

Pricing: $$


This waterfront restaurant serves Pacific Northwest dishes with panoramic views across False Creek. Inside, there’s floor to ceiling windows that give you a wide view of the water.

It was hard to pick a favorite. But, we recommend the prime rib and mac and cheese. The prime rib is cooked to perfection, tender, and juicy, served at a perfect medium rare. As for the mac and cheese, it’s creamy and packed with cheesy goodness.

The Keg Steakhouse + Bar

Address: 1499 Anderson St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R5, Canada

Phone: +1 604-685-4735

Pricing: $$


The Keg Steakhouse + Bar offers a vibrant atmosphere where you can enjoy music, great food, drinks, and even karaoke, all in one place. Although it may come with a slightly higher price tag, the quality you receive is well worth it.

The food is beautifully-presented and delicious, with a wide variety of steak and seafood options to choose from. The prime rib steak and lobster were particularly outstanding. We cannot recommend them enough.

The Vancouver Fish Company

Address: 1517 Anderson St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R5, Canada

Phone: +1 604-559-3474

Pricing: $$


Located right on Granville Island, this seafood restaurant has established itself as a go-to spot for seafood enthusiasts and lovers of West Coast cuisine alike. The food is known for its delicious flavors and fresh ingredients.

While the presentation of the halibut cake may be modest, its taste is nothing short of fabulous. Accompanied by just the right amount of tartar sauce—perfectly balanced, not too sweet—the savory cake truly shines. 

Bridges Restaurant

Address: 1696 Duranleau St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3S4, Canada


Pricing: $$


Established in 1980, Bridges Restaurant is a two-story seafood eatery boasting waterfront patios. Renowned for its seafood offerings and extensive selection of alcoholic beverages, it features an lineup of 24 beer taps and 14 BC wine taps.

We highly recommend trying the mussels, particularly noteworthy for their plumpness and delightful cream sauce. To complement your meal, consider sharing a jug of sangria, perfect for refreshing your palate.

The Sandbar Seafood Restaurant

Address: 1535 Johnston St #35, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9, Canada

Phone: +1 604-669-9030

Pricing: $$$


Famous for their delectable seafood hotpot, the Sandbar Seafood Restaurant offers a delightful array of fresh seafood options. With nightly live music, happy hour specials, and an in-house sushi bar, it’s a destination for both food and entertainment enthusiasts.

You can’t miss out on the fried oysters, which are impeccably creamy and fried to perfection. Additionally, we highly recommend indulging in the seared scallops bathed in a luscious truffle butter sauce for an unforgettable dining experience.

What to Do in Granite Falls

Hike the Upper Granite Falls Trail

Media credit: eefreer

Address: Greater Vancouver A, BC, Canada


The Upper Granite Falls Trail offers a pleasant 4.5-kilometer hike, making it an excellent choice for those seeking an easy trek from the end of Indian Arm to Upper Granite Falls. 

The trail follows an old logging road, featuring a gentle incline that’s suitable for hikers of various skill levels. You may encounter some scratchy branches, but a short distance ahead lies the breathtaking falls. 

You’ll need to navigate over some large rocks. Despite this, the picturesque scenery makes the journey well worth it.

Go Paddleboarding

Media credit: weatherproofpodcast

Address: Greater Vancouver A, BC, Canada


Embarking on a paddleboarding journey to Granite Falls is undoubtedly an adventurous choice, spanning a challenging 18-kilometer paddle all the way to the end of Indian Arm.

It’s highly advisable to pack some power bars and snacks to replenish your energy during the pit stops along the inlet. Given that the inlet is predominantly lined with rocky cliff faces, these resting points are invaluable.

Upon rounding Croker Island, you’ll be greeted by the sight of Granite Falls. The only remaining challenge lies in crossing the channel, especially with strong crosswinds. Push through and give it your all for the final 1-kilometer stretch to reach the falls.

Embark on a Kayaking Adventure 

Media credit: meandertheworld

Address: Greater Vancouver A, BC, Canada


Kayaking along the Indian Arm to Granite Falls is a thrilling experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the area. There are multiple kayak rentals on Granville Island:

  • Vancouver Water Adventures: single and double-ride traditional and “sit-on-top” kayaks. Also offers guided tours for those who want a more organized kayaking experience.
  • False Creek Community Center: offers kayak rentals for individuals and groups, with guided tours available for those looking for a more structured experience.

The journey offers a unique perspective of the rugged coastline and pristine waters, making it a must-do activity for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Take a Dip

Media credit: corbett.jim

Address: Greater Vancouver A, BC, Canada


To fully appreciate the falls and access the inviting swimming pools, you’ll need to ascend over large rocks. Once you reach the top, you’ll find a serene and refreshing spot perfect for swimming. It’s a delightful place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding you.

Apps to Download for a Trip to Granite Falls

PayByPhone: pay for parking spots in the city.

iOs | Android

Transit: real-time information and updates about bus times, bus capacity predictions, and real time vehicle locations. 

iOs | Android

AllTrails: custom route planning app with fitness activity tracker and reviews from fellow hikers to help you plan your outdoor adventures.

iOs | Android

Gaia GPS: paid hiking navigation app, road trip planner, and backcountry navigator

iOs | Android

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