Best Handyman in Vancouver

The 5 Best Handyman in Vancouver

House furniture and fittings aren’t perfect—they sometimes get damaged, screws fall off, and so on. When that happens, why not have the best handyman in Vancouver fix them?

In this article, we’ll review all the services that we deemed to have Vancouver’s top handymen and give you the pros and cons of each one. You should find the right handyman for each job here, by the time you’re done.

How much does hiring a handyman in Vancouver cost?

Let’s talk about the cost of getting a handyman service first.

Usually, many handyman services won’t publish their rate due to job difficulties being variable. Of course, a tougher job is more costly.

You can refer to the table below to see the average price for each service.

We’ve added some examples for each type of project so you can know what to expect when receiving a quote. This is based on the national average of $100 per hour cost of hiring a handyman.

ServiceAverage Price Per Project
●     Replacing outlets
●     Replacing faucets
$200 and up
●     Handyman work $150 and up
●     Drywall repair
●     Painting a room
$450 and up
●     Appliance installation
●     Window replacement
●     Any tasks that might take more than 2 hours and require some skills
$200 and up
●     Electrical work for a room
●     Remodelling rooms
●     Cabinet refacing
●     Tasks that might take more than 4 hours and require an additional contractor
$1200 and up

The prices listed on the table are just the national average. It can still go up depending on the complexity of the task.

The Best Handyman in Vancouver

1.   HAUS Handyman

HAUS Handyman's Homepage
SERVICESPlumbing ElectricalPaintingCleaningRenovations
CONTACT NUMBER(604) 861-4287
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Haus Handyman has been in the industry since 2016. They’re a one-stop handyman service in Vancouver, offering a range of services from window cleaning to smart home installation.

You also won’t be disappointed with their service as they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That means, if you don’t like any of their work, you can just email them and they’ll fix it!

They also do their job quickly, in our experience. And others who’ve used them repeatedly say that this is actually the standard for this company!

Aside from that, they also service the Greater Vancouver area, so we’re pretty sure they can reach you even if you’re in the outskirts of the city.

Now, an issue we have here is that they’re only open until 5:00 PM. If you suddenly have an emergency plumbing issue late at night, they would only be able to serve you the following day.

They’re also closed during the weekends so they won’t really be able to attend to your needs during Saturdays and Sundays.


  • Offer a lot of different services to customers
  • Guarantees a 100% satisfaction rate to their customers
  • Works within the Greater Vancouver area


  • Only open until 5:00 PM
  • Only open during the weekdays

Customer Reviews

Customers love the quick and clean work that HAUS Handyman does:

“Haus Handyman was very professional and responsive every step of the way. We discussed the work and agreed on clear expectations which they were able to deliver promptly. Pleased with the end results and service.” – Michael Lemm

“They were prompt in returning my messages and they made two visits and both times were prompt, and their service was fast and reliable. One was fixing an electrical issue and the other was a general repair in the bathroom. Thanks.” – Yoosik Ethan Oum

2.   Quick SideKick

Quick SideKick's Homepage
SERVICES● Gutter Cleaning
● Power washing
● Window Cleaning
● Roof cleaning
● Drywall Repair
● Minor Electrical
● Minor plumbing like installing a faucet we can do
● Painting
● Drainage Services
● Christmas Light Hanging
● Furniture Assembly
● Snow Removal
ADDRESS711 E 6th Ave unit 330, Vancouver
CONTACT NUMBER(604) 343-5763

Quick SideKick offers a wide range of services and some more specialized ones such as Christmas light hanging.

Due to their experienced handymen, along with the equipment they can provide, Quick Sidekick really stands by their name. They typically fix things quickly and efficiently, which is why many consider them Vancouver’s top handyman.

More than that, they also work around the clock. No need to wait until the next day just to get something fixed as Quick SideKick is open 24 hours and can even fix a broken door in your house pronto.

Quick Sidekick is also pretty transparent about its price. For their handyman service, they only charge $75 per hour—no need to go through a lot of messages just to get a quote from them.

As for their downsides, this company isn’t accredited by the Better Business Bureau. While accreditation isn’t a requirement, the BBB’s certification shows the company’s guarantee to resolve its complaints.

You also won’t find that much plumbing help here as they don’t offer it. If you’re looking for someone who can fix your sink, then this handyman service isn’t for you.


  • 24-hour service
  • Handymen are provided top-of-the-line equipment
  • Website already indicates the base per hour price of their handymen


  • Not BBB accredited
  • Can’t help with plumbing issues

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews showing how Quick Sidekick helped them:

“Quick Sidekick was fast to respond. They offer quality service at a reasonable price and they were able to schedule my gutter cleaning service within a week.

Would recommend it to my friends and family.” – Anton Chua

“These guys did a fantastic job. They were on time and professional. Tried to save us some money every step of the way too.’ – Yao Yu Hsieh

3.   The Handyman Usagi

The Handyman Usagi's Homepage
SERVICES●     Installation and Repair
●     Small-scale Renovation
●     Cabinet and Box
ADDRESS2622 Clark Dr, Vancouver
CONTACT NUMBER(604) 704-0290
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

The Handyman Usagi is a one-person handyman company led by Kuni Takahashi. Despite the small size of the outfit, he still gives excellent customer service to his clients and has even won a Best of Houzz award.

He studied joinery at BCIT and previously worked in a company specializing in residential and commercial renovations.

Although he started out working mainly with Japanese customers, he became known to others due to his excellent service. Even now, many of his customers attest to this, actually.

However, just take note—he’s a real one-man team, which means he is often fully booked.

He also doesn’t have the proper equipment to go on roofs so if you’re looking for roof repairs, he won’t be able to do that.


  • Won an award for having the best customer service
  • Has a previous professional experience
  • Can talk to elderly Japanese people


  • A one-man team
  • Can’t do roof repairs
  • Only open during the weekdays

Customer Reviews

Reviewers appreciate how helpful and friendly the Handyman Usagi is:

“Handyman Usagi did excellent work on cleaning, fixing and staining my patio deck. I was impressed by the work Kuni performed. The quality is great. I can’t wait to show off my patio deck. Thank you Kuni for your reliability and capability in getting the job done and on time. I can confidently recommend his services.” – Theresa Belton

“Kuni did some closet work for my very elderly mother, and he was fantastic. She felt very comfortable with him, he was a great communicator, and his work was excellent.” – Annemarie Nordman

4.   Zaphandy Construction and Handyman Services Inc.

Zaphandy Construction and Handyman Services Inc.'s Homepage
SERVICES●     Carpentry
●     Painting
●     Plumbing
●     Electrical
●     Maintenance
ADDRESS1131 W 58th Ave, Vancouver
CONTACT NUMBER(778) 384-7628

With more than a decade working in the Vancouver area, this handyman service offers multi-trade capabilities to help their customers better.

More than that, they also have up-to-date knowledge of their industry to ensure that they can offer the best service to customers.

Zaphandy offers a huge range of services that even include home renovation. They can also do emergency repairs as they’re open for 24 hours and even during the weekends.

Along with that, this handyman service is the most trusted handyman in Vancouver for some businesses. We found several business owners saying the company is their preferred handyman service.

On the other hand, they don’t really advertise their prices on their website and you’ll need to describe your house problems first for a quote. We get that rates are variable but we still prefer companies to be more upfront on their standard charges, to help consumers shopping around.

If you’re also hoping to book your handyman online, you won’t be able to do that with them. You need to call to book their service, which is a bit old-fashioned now, given most services today allow online booking.


  • Huge range of handyman services
  • Open 24/7
  • Trusted by many businesses


  • Their rates aren’t available on their website
  • No options for online booking for their service

Customer Reviews

People love this handyman service because of their skilled handymen:

“I hired Zaphandy Construction to do my deck. They were very quick to respond, organized, and experienced. Their knowledge was above all.Their friendly customer service skills were very outstanding. Would definitely recommend them” – Sean Wood

“We hired a Zaphandy Handyman to fix our electrical issues. We always thought that handyman is not a reliable or knowledgeable service. But this company proved us wrong.  Very good and reliable company.’ – Glenn Davidson

5.   The Small Job Specialists

The Small Job Specialists' Homepage
SERVICES●     Home Repairs and Maintenance
●     Office Alterations
●     Custom Lighting, Furniture, and Cabinets
ADDRESS321 Railway St Suite 408, Vancouver
CONTACT NUMBER(604) 418-2766
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

With a focus on residential and commercial places, The Small Job Specialists have found a niche within the competitive handyman trade.

While they help homeowners with repairs and renovations, they also have a lot of experience with office spaces. Other than that, they also work with different real estate agents to improve houses even before clients move in.

They are also capable of multiple trades and aren’t just limited to small jobs as their name suggests. For example, they can do some custom furniture and bathroom renovations too.

Another thing we like about this handyman service is that their handyman rates are available online. You don’t need to email them just for their rates and quotes for simple handyman projects.

However, as good as those things are, we still have some minor nitpicks about them.

One, they close pretty early and aren’t open during the weekends. If you’re in a rush to fix something during the weekend, then this company isn’t for you.

Second, site visits and consultations can cost more than hiring their handyman. While their handyman is actively fixing your furniture, making the price justified, a site visit is pretty simple and we think it shouldn’t have the same price as their handyman service.


  • Works with office spaces
  • Offers a huge range of services to clients
  • Can create custom furniture when needed
  • Rates are available on their website


  • Closed on weekends
  • Site visits and consultations have the same price or higher than their actual service

Customer Reviews

Many people trust The Small Job Specialists for their professionalism and quality of work:

“Our clinic needed some small repairs and paint touch ups done. We previously contacted 2 handymen who came by and gave us a quote, then went MIA. Thankfully Small Job Specialists and their team came to our rescue. They were professional, on time and on budget. We’re so happy with the end result. We’ll definitely be using them for all of our future repairs. .” – Shalena

“Scott and his team did our $100k office renovation in Coal Harbour and installed sliding closet doors for a condo in Yaletown. He’s very knowledgeable and professional, even offered cost saving solutions that look very nice. I highly recommend his services for anyone looking for projects of any size!” –  Rachel K

A Guide on Hiring a Handyman

Whether you’re looking to improve your home or just want to fix something, a handyman can help you. Handymen make sure that their tasks are done well so there’s no risk of failing something or destroying more items while trying to fix it.

But with so many handyman services around in Vancouver, it can be pretty difficult to pick just one. To help you choose, this guide will tell you what you need to do before booking a handyman service.

List everything in your home that needs fixing

Handymen usually work by the hour. If you want to maximize your payment, you can also ask them to fix some minor things in your home.

So, even before completely hiring one, it’s best to list all the things in your house that need to be repaired. Then, check websites of different handymen to see if they can help with the things in your list.

Compare prices

Message handyman services and ask them about the price of their service. Show them your lists so they can give you a more accurate quote.

Once you receive their quote, compare each one of them. Pick one that fits your budget and can do all the tasks you’ve listed.

Discuss with them first

Before you go ahead and work with a handyman service, ask them for pictures of their previous work.

Check the pictures thoroughly and see if the job was done well or not.

If you can, you should also ask for references or people they have worked for before. Talking with previous customers can show you some problems that other people might have encountered with that handyman service.

FAQs About the Best Handyman Services in Vancouver

If you can’t find the time to fix the broken furniture in your home, then get the best handyman in Vancouver to help you!

Do you know a handyman that should be included in this list? Message us and we will review them.

Now, if you also want your own hand-made quality and durable furniture, then why not get one of the best woodworkers in Vancouver. You can read that other list to see which one to hire!