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Low Battery? Here’s Where You Can Charge Your Phone in Vancouver

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A few months back, I was very lucky to witness a stunning award winning fireworks display. I literally ran from a meeting to the Burrard Bridge just in time for the show.

I really wish I could share amazing photos and videos from that night, but it just so happened that my phone ran out of battery. You know how it goes, right? There’s nothing more frustrating than a dead phone during a magical moment.

To make sure you’re never stuck with a lifeless phone during such times, I’ve rounded up a list of the top spots in Vancouver where you can charge your device. Time to power up! 

Vancouver International Airport

Vancouver International Airport
Image by Cavan Images- Offset on Shutterstock

If you’re waiting to board your flight and you realize your phone’s almost dead, you can head to the waiting area near the gates of International and Domestic terminals. 

Charging stations, equipped with USB and AC outlets, should be available near the seating areas. 

If you’re staying at the Plaza Premium Lounge or one of the other airport lounges, you can expect the power sockets there to be more reliable. 

Pro tip: Some charging stations near the gates might not be functional, so using the lounge’s facilities can be a more dependable option.

Pacific Centre 

Pacific Centre
Image by jovannig on Adobe Stock

Near the customer service desk on the first floor of Pacific Centre, you’ll discover a free ChargeItSpot charging station.

This station offers eight lockers where you can securely charge your phone. To use it, you only need to provide your mobile number and select a security image, so you can have a worry-free charging experience.

Pro tip: While the charging time isn’t exceptionally fast, it serves as a reliable option, particularly for emergency situations.

Apple Stores

Apple Stores
Image by Aditya Chinchure on Unsplash

If you’re an iPhone user, the Apple Store is a reliable option when you need to charge your phone. You can easily connect your compatible charger to one of the available power outlets within the store. 

Some Apple Stores may provide charging stations equipped with Lightning cables and power adapters for customer use.

Pro tip:  If you need assistance in finding these stations, don’t hesitate to ask an Apple Specialist or store staff for help.

SkyTrain Stations 

SkyTrain Stations
Image by Lauren Kan on Unsplash

SkyTrain Stations throughout the city offer Electric Go portable charging kiosks, providing commuters with a convenient hack for charging their devices. To use this service, you simply scan a QR code, and you can rent a portable power bank.

Each ElectricGo powerbank is like a charging Swiss Army knife, with three cables: Lightning, micro USB, and USB-C. 

So, you can use it with a wide range of devices, including Android and Apple smartphones, as well as various other gadgets such as laptops and gamepads.

Pro tip:  You have to pay an initial authorization fee of CAD 10, which is refunded when you return the power bank. After that, it’s only 75 cents for every half hour you use it, with a daily max of CAD 6. 

Rogers Arena

Rogers Arena
Image by Jeff Whyte on Adobe Stock

The popular Rogers Arena also has those trusty Electric Go charging stations. 

If you’re catching a Canucks’ game or a concert by your favorite band and a dead phone is preventing you from sharing the moment in real time, just look for the familiar container of power banks in the arena and give your phone the boost it needs.

You can share those stories, snap those pics, and enjoy the moment without any anxiety.

Pro tip: Aside from information about the charging stations, it’s important to get more details about the house rules at Rogers Arena. Their FAQ page contains most of what you need to know before you head out.

University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia
Image by Amy Tran on Unsplash

At the UBC Vancouver campus, students and faculty have a nifty trick up their sleeves. If you’re one of them, then you know that you can simply head over to the Chapman Learning Commons to borrow Android and Lightning cables.

But since the student body is well aware of this hack, there’s no surefire way to know how many stations are available at any given moment or if all the cables are still in good shape.

The Woodward Library and the Education Library also offer charging stations. The Education Library, in particular, has a wider variety of available options to suit your needs. 

Pro tip: If those are all taken, the David Lam Research Library at UBC Sauder offers iPhone chargers (30-in and Lightning) for 4 hours. The fine rate is CAD 1 per hour. 

Vancouver Public Library

Vancouver Public Library
Image by Yuta Koike on Unsplash

When you’re at the Central Library or one of the other branches of the Vancouver Public Library, the odds are in your favor for finding a charging station.

These venues have study rooms and spaces designed for individual or group use, and they come equipped with handy power sockets.

Here’s the added bonus: in some libraries, you can even borrow charging cables and chargers. 

So, if you’re swinging by the library or in the vicinity and your phone needs a quick recharge, one of Vancouver’s public libraries might have the perfect solution for you.

Pro tip: While you’re at the Vancouver Public Library charging up your phone, why not make the most of your visit? These libraries offer a wealth of amazing events, from writing workshops to tech-related sessions and ESL conversation practice.

Parties and Corporate Events

Parties and Corporate Events
Image by Sushil Nash on Unsplash

When you’re attending an event in Vancouver, chances are you won’t have to worry about a dead phone. 

Take Vancouver Partyworks, for example. They’re known for setting up these handy charging stations alongside interactive games at various festivals.

These charging stations are usually wall-mounted unless they happen to be the kind that offers secure lockers for individual phones, like ChargeItSpot, or the on-the-go type, similar to Electric Go. 

The catch is, with these wall-mounted stations, you’ll need to be close by while your device gets its juice.

Pro tip: It’s also important to be considerate, as public events often mean lines for everything, from ordering food to charging your phones. And when it’s your turn to wait, be patient and soak in the event even without your phone.

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