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Where to Try Ceramic and Pottery Painting in Vancouver

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As someone who enjoys pottery painting, I can say that there’s something truly magical about taking a simple piece of clay and turning it into a work of art with a paintbrush.

And living in Vancouver has its perks as it hosts a couple of pottery painting places, each with its own distinctive character. 

The fundamental concept is pretty consistent – you choose a pottery piece from some pre-made designs, and then you can focus on expressing yourself in art. If this is right up your alley, here are the five finest places in Vancouver to check out!

U Paint I Fire

Address: 3632 4th Ave W, Vancouver, BC
Hours: Monday to Friday 11:00 AM to 7 PM; Saturday 11 AM to 6 PM
Phone: +1 (604) 732-3312

One of the key highlights of this place is the owner’s incredible passion. Everyone enjoys the warm hospitality, even when all the tables are taken, and many more are lining up eager to create their own painted pottery.

As the name suggests, you can select ceramic pieces from their collection, and they’ll take care of the firing for you. 

You can choose to paint on the spot or take it home, and the best part is that all firing, guidance, and the first two hours of studio time are included at no extra cost.

You’re also welcome to bring your friends or even your entire office to the shop. If you’re bringing someone along who’s not painting, there’s a small fee of CAD 10 per hour.

Pro tip: U Paint I Fire can also provide their ceramic services at your location, be it for a birthday party, fundraising event, or any other special occasion.

Bella Ceramica

Address: 1475 Marine Drive West Vancouver, BC V7T 1B8
Hours: Monday to Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM
Phone: +1 (604) 925-3115

Bella Ceramica is another fantastic Paint-Your-Own-Pottery shop where you can receive expert guidance to bring your creative visions to life. 

They have an impressive collection of a hundred different items, allowing you to choose the perfect piece to personalize. After painting, you’ll need to patiently wait for five days before you can proudly take your fired pottery home.

Note that the paint kit is not included with the pottery. Be sure to purchase a kit, which contains four colors of your choice and two brushes.

If you prefer the convenience of online shopping, you can explore their collection and have your selections shipped directly to your home. Alternatively, you can opt for store pickup if you’re in the vicinity.

Pro tip: Bella Ceramica goes beyond just the Paint-Your-Own-Pottery experience. 

They offer a diverse range of creative activities, including candle making, glass fusing, canvas painting, and various workshops like sip and paint and clay and pottery wheel classes.

Chu Chu Vancouver

Address: 1630 Pandora Street Vancouver, BC V5L 1L6

In a list containing pottery painting shops, Chu Chu stands out for advocating a positive space. And well, it truly makes sense! 

When there’s diversity, freedom to express, and a supportive environment overall, it’s much easier to find your creative flow and produce something wonderful.

Rest assured that a friendly and smiling atmosphere throughout your painting session isn’t just about having fun. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn valuable techniques from an experienced artist with 20 years of expertise.

If you’re interested, you can join a group class (with at least four participants), book a private lesson (either individually or with a group of friends), or arrange an off-site class (which means you can bring the art lesson to your camp or fundraising event).

Pro tip: When you check Chu Chu’s calendar, note that many classes may not be available next month due to rotation. For private classes, you can also request to have the lesson at their East Van location.


Address: 3573 Main Street Vancouver, BC V5V 3N4
Hours: Monday to Friday 12 to 7 PM; Saturday to Sunday 9 AM to 7 PM
Phone: +1 (604) 568-0403

4Cats is a haven filled with pottery painting specials designed for children. For the month of November, they’re offering a “Make the Gift” session, where kids can craft gifts for the upcoming winter holidays over the course of three weeks.

If the entire family enjoys getting creative with figurine and ornament making during the holiday season, there’s the “25 Days of December” art kit. You can purchase it online and guide children aged 4 to 12 in creating these festive projects.

Pro tip: When you check Chu Chu’s calendar, note that many classes may not be available next month due to rotation. For private classes, you can also request to have the lesson at their East Van location.

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