Best Volunteer Programs in Vancouver

The 14 Best Volunteer Programs in Vancouver

Volunteering is very fulfilling. There’s just something beautiful about helping others, from humans to animals, to have better lives.

So, if you want to use your free time helping out with worthwhile causes, we listed down the best organizations and places where you can volunteer in Vancouver.

These places are included here due to the impact that each of their causes made, their mission, and the opportunities for new members to join.

The Best Organizations to Volunteer at in Vancouver

Here is our list of the best organizations you can volunteer at. And remember, if you want to learn more about being a volunteer in Vancouver, you can also check out the guide and FAQs at the end of this article.

Rainbow Refugee

Rainbow Refugee's Homepage
MISSIONTo provide individuals who are oppressed due to their sexual orientation and gender identity a way to migrate to Canada
ADDRESS1170 Bute Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 1Z6
CONTACT INFO[email protected]

Rainbow Refugee’s mission is to create a safe world for LGBTQ2I+ people by helping individuals who are persecuted due to their gender and sexual identity find refuge in Canada.

They don’t just help people who are already inside Canada’s border but also provide help and information to those outside Canada.

One of their programs, Sponsor a Refugee, has even been made with the help of the federal government.

From their program alone, the refugees will be given funding by a combination of government and private sponsorship for about 12 months.

Of course, as they need private sponsorship, they require volunteers who can help in fundraising, writing grants, and event planning. So, there’s always a need for volunteers to help in their programs.

Volunteering Opportunities

If you want to be a volunteer at Rainbow Refugee, here are some opportunities available:

  • Interpreter
  • System Navigation Support
  • Fundraiser
  • Grant writer
  • Event planner

Affiliated Organizations and Donors
Rainbow Refugee has gathered many donors who sympathize with the plight of LGBTQ2I+ people. Here are some of them:
●     St. Andrew’s Wesley United Church
●     Kenneth David Tomilson Estate
●     Rainbow Foundation of Hope
You can visit this website to see the complete list of their major donors.
Programs and Events

Rainbow Refugee Assistance Partnership – This is the main program of Rainbow Refugee. In this program, the refugee is given financial support for about a year.
Circle of Hope – This program aims to teach potential sponsors about the process of sponsorship and how to help resettle refugees.
Organization’s Impact

Here is some of the available data about the results of their project:
●     Sponsored 75 refugees
●     About $20,000 given by the Circle of Hope per refugee

The Writer’s Exchange

The Writer’s Exchange's Homepage
MISSIONTo help the youth be more interested in writing and reading and build their potential.
ADDRESS207 – 877 East Hastings St., Vancouver, BC V6A 3Y1
CONTACT INFO(604) 329-2662

The Writer’s Exchange offers literacy programs to children around Vancouver. So, if you’re someone with a passion for teaching and have a love for reading, then this volunteer program is for you.

In one of their programs, kids create their own chapbooks and publish them. This includes conceptualizing and writing about the publication.

Meanwhile, as a volunteer, you’ll be assisting children in creating a chapbook.

Not only that, but there are also times that you might need to help them with their homework and some more creative projects for The Writer’s Exchange.

But don’t think that volunteer work here is going to be boring. Aside from helping students, there will also be times where you get to play with them.

Since they have joke books and board games in their classroom, you can choose to play or read jokes to each other.  No need to be serious all the time when you volunteer at The Writer’s Exchange.

Volunteering Opportunities

Here are just some of the things you might do if you volunteer at The Writer’s Exchange:

  • Mentors

Affiliated Organizations and Donors

The Writer’s Exchange usually gets grants and revenue through the following:
●     Social Venture Partners
●     Donations

Programs and Events

After-school Program – The after-school program lasts for the whole term. During the entirety of the program, students will be given a creative project while volunteers mentor students to help them achieve their goals for their homework.
In-school Program – The in-school program is a 4-6 week long program where volunteers and staff from The Writer’s Exchange work with teachers and each student to help create books.

Organization’s Impact

Due to the nature of the organization, the results of this organization can mostly be seen through the chapbooks produced by the students. If you want to see them, here are some samples.

Greater Vancouver Food Bank

Greater Vancouver Food Bank's Homepage
MISSIONTo provide healthy and filling food to those who are in need
ADDRESS 295 Terminal Ave, Vancouver BC.
CONTACT INFO[email protected]
(604) 876.3601

Greater Vancouver Food Bank was set-up in 1983 to help with the food crisis, but due to the need for healthy food by many people even after the crisis, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank still operates.

To help make their operation smoother, they have divided the volunteers into 4 teams.

The first team is their warehouse team. As a warehouse volunteer, you’ll be helping in stocking, transporting, and sorting donated food.

The second one is food distribution. In this role, you’ll be working in one of their food distribution centers and directly interacting with clients in need of food by helping them register or by providing translation.

The third role is community events volunteer. This one is more seasonal and most of your tasks will be setting up booths, talking to the public about the organization, and accepting donations.

Lastly, you can be part of the administration. You’ll be required to speak with donors, enter data, and provide admin support.

With this variety, you can choose which role you want and which best fits your skills.

Volunteering Opportunities

You can easily choose a team to join. Here are some of the tasks for each team:

  • Helping in logistics by stocking the warehouse, sorting food, or helping load and unload food from the car
  • Support the food bank by helping people register, taking care of the line, or translating for the clients
  • Set-up booths during events and spreading information about Great Vancouver Food Bank
  • Completing data entry and speaking to donors

Affiliated Organizations and Donors
Aside from their private donors, the company has partnered with different group volunteer partners and donors such as these:
●     Rogers
●     Hudson Pacific Properties
●     BCLC
●     Panago
●     PNE WinterLights
Programs and Events

Virtual Food Drive – People who are not affiliated with the organization can host their own virtual food drive.

Organization’s Impact
It is estimated that GVFB has helped:
●     8,500 people in the Greater Vancouver area weekly
●     90 community agencies

Shelter Movers Vancouver

Shelter Movers Vancouver's Homepage
MISSIONTo help those who have suffered from gender-based violence leave safely and help them settle in their new home
ADDRESSAvailable upon contacting them

Shelter Movers’ goal is to help women and children leaving abusive households. They provide a free moving service so they won’t have to worry about finding and paying for a moving service when trying to rebuild a new life.

The organizations started after the founder, Marc Hull-Jacquin, found out about the high percentage of gender-based violence. He was inspired to create a service that doesn’t just help women move furniture but that also acts as a service to help them leave a bad household without any fee.

Since then, Shelter Movers have been helping women and children escape abusive households through the help of volunteers.

For the most part, though, their volunteers don’t just help with the logistics of moving. Some of them are part of the team that reaches out to women while some help with doing fundraising for the organization.

Currently, they have more than 200 volunteers in the Vancouver area. When you join in, you’ll already have an existing team that will be able to teach you the ins and outs of your role.

Volunteering Opportunities

Shelter Movers currently have two volunteer admin positions and a variety of staff positions open:

  • Board member
  • Treasurer
  • Operations support
  • Logistics planning
  • Web development
  • Marketing volunteers
  • Policy Development
  • Fundraising and Event Planning
  • Finance and Bookkeeping

Affiliated Organizations and Donors

Here are some of the national partners of Shelter Movers:
●     Women and Gender Equality Canada
●     StorageMart
●     Emilson
●     Odette Foundation
Programs and Events

Pass It On – Aside from helping women in abusive households move, one of the programs Shelter Movers have is Pass It On. This program aims to raise awareness about the organization through social media.
Organization’s Impact

Since its foundation, the organization has made:
●     1,200 moves for families in need
●     An average of 60 moves per month

BabyGoRound Helping Families Society

BabyGoRound Helping Families Society's Homepage
MISSIONTo provide families with baby items such as diapers, cribs, and strolls
ADDRESS2939 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5R 5J2  
CONTACT INFO(604) 558-4840

Ever since its founding in 2012, BabyGoRound has helped many families by giving them essential items for their babies. These items aren’t just diapers and the like, but also include costly items such as cribs and strollers.

Using donations, they help make the lives of parents comfortable by providing materials that many parents can’t afford.

If you want, they have two different volunteer roles available.

First, you can be a facility volunteer and second, you can be a community champion.

Facility volunteers need to work in their Kingsway facility and be part of organizing and stocking their “storefront” and other duties.

On the other hand, if you want to be a community champion, you can work in your home and just turn your garage into a collection point before their driver arrives to collect donations. You will also work as an advocate and have charity drives.

Just be aware that if you want to volunteer here, you’ll be required to at least volunteer for a minimum of 2 hours a month.

Volunteering Opportunities

Here are some volunteer opportunities at BabyGoRound that are open right now:

  • Client service
  • Sorters/replenisher
  • Gear collection campaigner

Affiliated Organizations and Donors

Due to its advocacy, BabyGoRound has supporters and donors who partnered with them to give monetary and material aid. Here are some of their partners:
●     Love Child Organics
●     Banan Creative
●     The Juice Truck
Programs and Events

Mother’s Day Drive – They collect new and unopened toiletry items and diapers for about a week to be given to mothers in need.

Organization’s Impact

Here’s some data about BabyGoRound’s impact in 2020:
●     950 families helped
●     5,450 items distributed

Covenant House Vancouver

Covenant House Vancouver's Homepage
MISSIONProviding shelter and care to people between the ages of 16-24 who left abusive households, have been forced out of their homes, and those out of foster care
ADDRESS1302 Seymour Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 3P3 326 West Pender, Vancouver, BC V6B 1T1
CONTACT INFO(604) 685-5437
[email protected]

The Covenant House Vancouver aims to help homeless youth not just by giving them shelter but also by giving them a meal, clothes, and medical assistance. 

Their assistance also doesn’t just extend to providing those things: they also help those who live there to restart their life. By having workers assist them in finding affordable apartments, teenagers will have an easier time transitioning to living independently.

Now, Covenant House is a privately-funded organization with many of its funding coming from donations. While volunteers aren’t that needed for their day-to-day activities, they still have events that require many volunteers.

One of those annual events is the “Thank-A-Thon”, where the volunteers will call donors to say “thank you”.

Since volunteering at Covenant House doesn’t require commitment, this opportunity is great for those who only have a few days of free time a year.

Volunteering Opportunities

Right now, Covenant House’s mentorship program is still not open but you can still apply to be a volunteer for some of their events:

  • “Thank-A-Thon” event – Volunteers will phone donors to personally say thank you.

Affiliated Organizations and Donors

As an international organization, Covenant House has partnership with corporations around the world. Here are some of them:
●     Cisco
●     Delta
●     Comcast
●     Goldman-Sachs

Programs and Events
Sleep Out Movement – Covenant House holds this annual event to raise funds and bring awareness to the organization. Those who participate in this event are encouraged to sleep outside so more people will be aware of youth homelessness.
School Fundraising – Covenant House allows different schools to host their own fundraising event for students.

Organization’s Impact

Since it was founded, Covenant House has helped many youth to live independently. Here are some data about how they helped many in 2020 alone:
●     219 youths sheltered
●     93 youths were given and maintained employment

Canadian Mental Health Association

Canadian Mental Health Association's Homepage
MISSIONTo give the community access to mental health and addiction support and recovery
ADDRESS110-2425 Quebec Street, Vancouver, BC V5T 4L6
CONTACT INFOPhone: (604) 872-4902
Fax: (604) 872-5934
Email: [email protected]

Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) is a charity founded in 1918.

With centuries of experience, they have started wellness programs, scholarships, programs for those who have abused substances, and many more.

Not only that, but they have also helped people with mental illness to gain employment so that mental illness won’t be a barrier to their growth.

Since this is a non-profit volunteer-driven organization, CMHA gladly welcomes anyone who wants to volunteer.

Your duties as a volunteer will vary but depending on your skills, you might be tasked to write in their Visions journal, participate in committee meetings, be part of their community event planning, and join fundraisers.

In return, you’ll learn more about mental health and build connections with many people.

Available Volunteering Opportunities

Currently, there’s not much opportunity available but according to their website, they are still looking for volunteer cashiers:

  • Thrift Store Volunteer

Affiliated Organizations and Donors
Some of the funding bodies for Canadian Mental Health Association Vancouver-Fraser branch are the following:
●     BC Housing
●     Fraser Health

Programs and Events

CMHA has different helpful programs for many:
●     Community Living Support and Support Independent Living
●     Transitional Housing
●     Youth Support Independent Living
●     UROK
●     Here4Peers
●     Bounce Back®: reclaim your health
●     ECHO Clubhouse
●     Get Set & Connect
●     Peer Navigator
●     Individual Placement & Support
●     Treasure Chest Thrift Store
●     Chinese Mental Health Promotion
●     Counselling and Adult Support Groups
●     South Fraser Resource and Support Centre – Ladner, Delta

Organization’s Impact
The organization is focused on campaigning for policies to benefit many. Here is some of the published information about their impact:
●     2,407 people benefited from their Bounce Back program
●     26 people with mental health issue were also given jobs
If you want to know more about the impact of CMHA on beneficiaries, you can check their page here.


CodingPals' Homepage
MISSIONTo make computer science more accessible to many students
ADDRESSVancouver, British Columbia
CONTACT INFO[email protected]

We can’t deny that computer programming is an important skill nowadays and it can open up many opportunities to people.

That’s why CodingPals is on a mission to help students with little to no financial capabilities learn about coding.

Because many schools don’t have enough resources to teach programming to students, and many students also don’t have enough money to get extracurricular lessons, having an early start at computer programming is often only available for well-off families.

To bridge that gap and make it more accessible to many students, CodingPals was started.

They offer free classes that don’t just help improve students’ programming skills but also help them in subjects such as mathematics.

Right now, they are offering a beginner’s class, an intro to Java class, and a mathematics class.

If you see yourself as a future programmer or perhaps know someone knowledgeable in computer programming, check out their website and sign up as a volunteer.

Available Volunteering Opportunities

They are currently looking for high schools students to teach others:

  • Instructor

Affiliated Organizations and Donors

Some of their sponsors are:
●     Vancouver Independent School for Science and Technology
●     Maplesoft
Programs and Events

CodingPals’ program aims to teach and improve the coding skills of students. Here are some of them:
●     Excel and Google Sheets Class
●     Beginner and Intermediate Scratch Class
●     Competitive Mathematics Course
●     Intro to Java Programming
●     Intro to Python Programming
●     Intermediate Java Class

Organization’s Impact

From their published report, the foundation has reached:
●     1400 students joining their classes
●     20+ volunteers

Vancouver Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy

Vancouver Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy's Homepage
MISSIONTo care and shelter abandoned rabbits along with giving new rabbit owners information on how to care for them
ADDRESSDunbar RPO, Vancouver, B.C. V6S 2M8
CONTACT INFOEmail: [email protected]
Phone: (604) 612-7699

Does thinking about rabbits being abandoned make you cry? Well, you might be a great fit for this organization.

Vancouver Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy (VRRA) solely focuses on rabbits as they believe that there are already many animal shelters for cats and dogs. Also, most of the time, rabbits are very neglected due to the ignorance of their caretakers.

That’s where Vancouver Rabbits Rescue and Advocacy’s volunteers come in. To avoid rabbits being abandoned in the wild, the organization encourages people to bring their rabbit to the organization so it can be rehomed.

They not only save rabbits from abandonment but also give out pre-adoption care information so the rabbit’s caretakers won’t forget about its need.

Since this is a volunteer-run organization, they sometimes get overrun by the number of rabbits in their care. So, if you love rabbits and want to see them a lot, volunteer here.

They have a set shift for each position though, so better check out your free time first before you apply as a volunteer.

Volunteering Opportunities

Vancouver Rabbits Rescue and Advocacy are currently looking for volunteers to help take care of rabbits in their shelter. Here are the positions available right now:

  • Cage cleaner
  • Pen cleaner
  • Greens feeder

Programs and Events

Rabbit fostering – As a smaller organization, VRRA allows people to rehome the rabbits in their shelter to give them better care.
Store – Aside from donation, VRRA gets most of their funding from the store that they run.

Organization’s Impact

VRRA is home to many rabbits but has also helped many rabbits to be rehomed:

●     The organization currently has 150 rabbits in their shelter
●     As for adopted rabbits, you can check out their page here

Red Cross

Red Cross' Homepage
MISSIONTo support people during times of crisis through humanitarian aid
ADDRESS209 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver BC V5Y 1K7  
CONTACT NUMBER(604) 301-2566

Red Cross is one of the top organizations to volunteer at in Vancouver. As it has many years in the industry, Red Cross continuously provides great service to those who need it.

As a volunteer, your time won’t be wasted here as you’ll help many people throughout the day.

Your role won’t just be for disaster relief as they are also looking for people to sit in committees and be part of their projects, provide customer service, and be office support.

Still, no matter what skill you have right now, Red Cross will likely have an available opportunity for you as they are always in need of volunteers to help them in their operation.

What’s also great about being a volunteer at Red Cross is that you’ll learn new skills and get training that can potentially save lives.

Volunteering Opportunities

The Vancouver branch of Red Cross is looking for people who can be part of their disaster response team. Here are some of the available positions in the team:

  • Emergency Response Team Responder
  • Emergency Response Team  Supervisor
  • Safety & Wellbeing Responder
  • Personal Disaster Assistance Responder
  • Personal Disaster Assistance Supervisor

Affiliated Organizations and Donors

Red Cross is an international organization and with that comes many corporate partnerships. Here are some of the corporations they are partnered with:
●     Telus
●     Sun Life
●     Bell

Programs and Events
Emergency Response – Red Cross always goes to places in crisis to provide much-needed help to the people living in those locations.
Community Health Services – For those who need help but cannot leave their home, Red Cross provides equipment and home care.
Restoring Family Links – With many people displaced after some disasters, Red Cross helps find and reunite family members.

Organization’s Impact

Here is some information about Red Cross’ work here in Canada in 2018-2019:
●     Helped in 12 large-scale disasters
●     Assisted more than 57,000 individuals
●     Provided disaster recovery assistance to 2,000+ small businesses

Cityreach Care Society

MISSIONHelping people prosper.
ADDRESSThe Warehouse 2650 Slocan St. Vancouver, BC, V5M 4E9
CONTACT NUMBER(604) 254-2489

The Cityreach Care Society is a non-profit organization that serves the vulnerable sector of all ages and families in the Vancouver area. In particular, they provide them with their nutritional needs through food security initiatives and programs, and community events.

Offering faith-based and community-based programs, they aim to create an environment where each member feels welcomed with their tangible needs appropriately given and met. They offer a wide variety of events and programs that can be easily be volunteered no matter the age or ability an individual has – the Society welcomes them all equally.

Specializing in food security, the organization also offers several volunteer options in which individuals may choose to volunteer at their main location, mobile locations or at tri-cities as well. Their hard work and dedication to their mission have been recognized by various news outlets such as the BC Global News and the CTV Morning Live where it is viewable on their website as well.

Furthermore, the organization is run by passionate and driven individuals who have had experience in the field which will surely help make any individual’s first time volunteering be motivated to volunteer again.

Volunteering Opportunities

Here are just some of the things you might do if you volunteer at The Cityreach Care Society:

  • Program Participants

Affiliated Organizations and Donors

The Cityreach Care Society usually gets grants and revenue through the following:
Broadway Church

The Salvation Army

Cobs Bread

Gordon Food Service

Bikers Against Bullying

Food Stash

Food Banks BC

Windset Farms

Programs and Events

Food for Families – The Food for Families program is a food bank for low-income households in chosen communities in the Greater Vancouver Area. They make sure to serve only nutritious food such as fruits, vegetables, dairy, proteins and grain.

Club Freedom – The Club Freedom program is a weekly worship service centered in Christ which is accompanies by a nutritious and warm meal afterwards to community guests. The organization makes sure to provide a safe and accepting environment where guests are able to get opportunities such as mentorships, prayer and referrals.

Prayer Walk – The Prayer Walk program happens twice a month where the organization visits the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver to find people in need. They then proceed to feed them by giving food, prayers and an invite to Club Freedom on Sundays.

Adopt-A-School – The Adopt-A-School Program is a multi-functional program that has already supported over 35 schools in the Greater Vancouver Area. The organization offers priority referrals, food for family pop-ups reading clubs, clean-up initiatives, and special projects such hygiene and sensory kits as per the school’s request.

CityReach Bees – The CityReach Bees is an initiative to take care of bees in the organization’s honeybee apiary due to their importance in the ecosystem. The organization reaches out to any individual who is able to keep bees to do their expertise.

Out of School Care – The Out of School Care program is geared toward the needs of children by providing age-appropriate activities that strives toward their holistic development and well-being. They offer summer day camps and before and after school care initiatives.

Organization’s Impact

The impact of the said organization is seen through their annual statistical report as seen in their official website such as being able to support over 1000 families weekly and having a growth rate of 1000%. For a more detailed and comprehensive view of these statistics, it can be seen at

Stanley Park Ecology Society

MISSIONStanley Park Ecology Society promotes awareness of and respect for the natural world through collaborative leadership in environmental education, research, and conservation in Stanley Park.
ADDRESS610 Pipeline Road
2nd Floor, Stanley Park Dining Pavilion
Vancouver, BC
CONTACT NUMBEROffice: 604-257-6908
Nature House: 604-257-8544

As the primary provider of land-based education interpretive services in Stanley Park, SPES’s role in the stewardship of Stanley Park is undertaken through a combination of:

• Education
• Research
• Conservation

They have a Joint Operating Agreement with Vancouver Park Board which sees SPES collaborating and advising the Park Board on conservation issues within Stanley Park with an emphasis on wildlife, habitat and species at risk.

This is a great organization to volunteer with because they focus on conserving the diverse habitats of Stanley Park and provide opportunities to learn about many ecological topics and how we can care for Stanley Park in the future.

Volunteering Opportunities

Here are just some of the ways you can volunteer with the Stanley Park Ecology Society:


  • Wildlife Monitoring & Surveying
  • Dedicated Invasive Removal Team (DIRT)
  • EcoStewards

Public Outreach & Education

  • Nature House Hosts
  • EcoRangers
  • Day Camp Assistants

Affiliated Organizations and Donors

The Stanley Park Ecology Society is grateful to all of their sponsors, donors, local businesses and foundations who make their important work possible, in addition to their dedicated volunteers, committed staff and board members.  

Programs and Events

The Stanley Park Ecology Society has a variety of programs for volunteers to get involved with – it all depends on your interests!

Check out the Volunteering pages on their website to see which volunteering roles they are actively recruiting for.

They also hold multiple events throughout the month for the public to learn about Stanley Park, its species and ecology. Take a look at their online events calendar.

Organization’s Impact

You can find out all about the Stanley Park Ecology Society’s impacts in their Annual Reports. In 2020, they:

  • Planted 1,739 native plants in habitat restoration sites
  • Restored 2.84 hectares of Stanley Park habitat
  • Recorded 9,290 volunteer hours donated by 574 volunteers
  • Installed 12 new bat boxes around Beaver Lake and South Creek trail

One to One

MISSIONTo help children develop literacy skills to last a lifetime
ADDRESS500 – 610 Main street Vancouver BC 2V3
CONTACT NUMBER(604) 255 5559

One to one offers a unique children’s literacy program. We love them because they provide one-to-one tutoring in elementary school-aged children who could definitely benefit from extra support with reading.

With them, each student spends approximately 30 minutes once or twice a week with a trained volunteer tutor in the school during school hours. Aside from this, they also offer tutoring after-school!

Even though Canada is a developed country with a highly educated population, there are still children who have low literacy. Volunteering with them can greatly help those who lack this skill and give them an opportunity to succeed.

With simple 4 steps, you will be able to tutor students in need for two to three hours per week.

Volunteering Opportunities

Here are just some of the things you might do if you volunteer at One to One

  • Become a tutor

Affiliated Organizations and Donors

Here are some of their affiliated organizations and donors:

  • Francis Family Foundation
  • The Collings Stevens Family Foundation
  • British Columbia
  • Vancity
  • The Ready Commitment
  • CIBC
  • KalTire
  • Telus
  • RCF

    Programs and Events
  • In-person School tutoring Programs
  • Virtual School tutoring Programs
  • Virtual After-School Tutoring Programs

    Organization’s Impact

    Their 2019 to 2020 report shows that there were 1287 volunteeers who enaged, 2682 students were supported, partnered with 197 schools, and provided 26,487 hours of literacy tutoring. If you want to check out their other annual reports , they are are available here.

Frontier College

MISSIONTo give people the skills and confidence they need to reach their potential and contribute to society.
ADDRESS35 Jackes Avenue, Toronto Ontario Canada M4T 1E2
CONTACT NUMBERTel: 416-923-3591 / 1-800-555-6523
Fax: 416-323-3522
Email: [email protected]

Frontier College is a literacy organization based in Canada that dates back to 1899 which they spearheaded operations in which involved sending Labourer-Teachers to logging camps. Currently, they are committed to promoting the right of literacy as they work with community volunteers in their partner communities in order to help individuals attain confidence and skills to contribute to society.

They believe that there is a direct link between low literacy skills and various poor conditions a society faces such as poverty, poor health, and unemployment. Thus, the organization strives to deliver effective programs in order to improve literacy in communities in Canada.

Their programs and services are then readily open to individuals who are in need of the said services and is warmly welcomed by the organization no matter who individual it may be. Furthermore, they also follow the Student-Centered Individualized Learning philosophy which focuses on the valuable relationship of the student, tutors, and the topics that they are to learn as well.

We recommend individuals who share the same advocacy regarding literacy to volunteer in the said organization due to their strong ethics and various programs that they spearhead in each community across Canada.

Volunteering Opportunities

If you want to be a volunteer at Frontier College, here are some opportunities available:

  • Instructor Coordinator
  • Community Literacy Worker
  • Math and Literacy Tutor

Affiliated Organizations and Donors

Over the course of their advocacy the Frontier College currently has the following affiliations and donors:
●     RBC Foundation
●     The Winnipec Foundation
●     Cenovus
You can visit  to see the complete list of their major funders.
Programs and Events

Boyle Street Community Services – This is program is for adults in the said vicinity in which the organization will give one-on-one tutoring regarding job preparedness.

One-to-One Help for Apprenticeship Students– This program is for the children and the youth in the Fredericton area in which the organization runs various free literacy programs on reading, writing, math, English and French.

Organization’s Impact

Here are some of the available data about the results of their project:
●     37,129 communities participated in their Literacy Programs
●     74,188 books distributed to children and families

Guide to Volunteering in Vancouver

Volunteering is very much like applying for a job. You need to assess yourself to see if you’re a good fit for the volunteer position that the organization offers.

Here are some tips to help you find an organization that you’ll be a good fit for.

1. Know your passion

What are you interested in? Make sure that if you volunteer, it will be something you’re actually passionate about.

When you’re a volunteer, you won’t be paid anything and at most, the organization can only give you a ‘thank you’. That’s why it’s important that you volunteer in an organization with a cause that you’re passionate about and interested in.

There are many different not-for-profit organizations out there so always make sure that you believe in the cause and you’re not just volunteering to pad your resume.

2. Find out your free time

While some organizations don’t have minimum work hours set for volunteers, some of them still only allow volunteers to work during operating hours.

Some organizations also don’t show the public their operating hours so you might need to message them about their operating hours.

Although some organizations have already started allowing volunteers to work from their homes and give them different tasks from on-site volunteers.

3. Be honest about your skills

It can be hard to be given a task that you have no idea what to do. This is amplified when you’re also a volunteer.

Since many organizations have tightly-packed schedules and they might prioritize more urgent matters than helping new volunteers, you’ll most likely be left alone with your task and some instructions.

To avoid this, make sure that you don’t lie when applying. It will even be helpful because those who will assign you your tasks will know your strengths and will give you a role that they are sure you can do independently.

FAQs about Volunteering

Now that you know the best Vancouver organizations to volunteer in, it is time to be proactive and sign up.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out our other lists – we have one for pretty much every need.

For instance, if you’re also looking to relax and see some artwork to further inspire you prior to your charity work, check out our article about the top art galleries in Vancouver. We find the art in many of those really uplifting and a great way to start volunteering with a positive outlook!