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This Vancouver to Okanagan Valley Guide Will Change Your Travel Plans Forever!

Guide to Okanagan Valley Road in Vancouver
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Famed for its vineyards and laid-back vibes, have you ever wondered if the grapes in Okanagan Valley know they’re getting smashed for a good cause? 

Kidding aside, the drive from Vancouver to here is quite scenic! We’re talking rolling hills, crystal-clear lakes, and charming small towns along the way.

Ready to hit the road? Discover the ultimate guide from Vancouver to the Okanagan Valley – your ticket to the perfect weekend getaway! From scenic drives to hidden gems, this article has everything you need to plan your next adventure.

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  2. Is Okanagan Valley worth visiting?
  3. How far is Vancouver from Okanagan Valley?
  4. Osoyoos
  5. Oliver and Okanagan Falls
  6. Penticton
  7. Summerland and Peachland
  8. Kelowna
  9. Vernon
  10. Apps to Download for a Trip from Vancouver to the Okanagan Valley Road
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Best Time to Go

The best time to go to Okanagan Valley is springtime, from April to June, is the way to go. Peak season winding down, and that means most wineries are open for business. It’s a solid alternative to the busy midsummer rush.

Plus, the weather’s perfect for getting out and about – whether you’re hitting the trails for a hike or just taking a leisurely stroll along the boardwalk.

Is Okanagan Valley worth visiting?

Is Okanagan Valley worth visiting

The Okanagan Valley near Vancouver is renowned for its stunning scenery, wineries, and outdoor activities. 

It’s significant for its agricultural contributions and tourism appeal, providing a picturesque escape for both locals and tourists, with opportunities for wine tasting, hiking, and admiring the region’s natural splendor.

The Okanagan Valley is definitely worth the visit. The scenery is absolutely stunning, and what’s great is that everything is relatively close by – it’s just a short 170 km drive from Osoyoos to Vernon.

One of the best things about the region is the abundance of local produce, which is always fresh and delicious. And let’s not forget about the weather – it’s consistently warm and pleasant.

And of course, the lakes – they’re practically everywhere you look! With so much natural beauty and plenty of activities to enjoy, there’s never a dull moment in the Okanagan Valley.

How far is Vancouver from Okanagan Valley?

How far is Vancouver from Okanagan Valley

The journey from Vancouver to Kelowna spans approximately 450 kilometers (280 miles), typically taking just over five hours without any stops. 

The route begins on the Trans-Canada Highway #1 before transitioning onto Highway #5 and then Highway #97C, leading directly into Kelowna.

Highway #5, often referred to as the “Northern Passage,” is favored for its well-maintained condition, straight stretches, and ease of navigation. It serves as a primary route for truck traffic in the area. 

While an alternative route via Highway #3 exists, it tends to be narrower with more curves, resulting in a longer travel time.


Osoyoos is in the middle of deserts, vineyards, and mountains in the Okanagan Valley. It’s got this really mild climate – sure, it can get pretty hot and dry, but you won’t believe how much local produce they’ve got here. 

Where to Stay in Osoyoos

Watermark Beach Resort

Address: 15 Park Pl, Osoyoos, BC V0H 1V0, Canada


Pricing: $$

Book Now

Watermark is right smack dab in the heart of Osoyoos, with a prime spot on a thousand feet of sandy beach. From your room, you can soak in the views of the nearby mountains – it’s like waking up to a postcard every day.

They’ve got some sweet amenities, too. They have an outdoor saltwater pool with a wicked waterslide, not one but two hot tubs, a spa, and even a gym.

Spirit Ridge

Address: Rancher Creek Rd, Osoyoos, BC V0H 1V6, Canada

Phone: 250-495-5445

Pricing: $

Book Now

Nestled among vineyards, this laid-back resort, housed in a charming adobe-style structure, sits just 2 km away from Osoyoos Lake and 9 km from Anarchist Mountain.

You’ll find a casual restaurant located in the main lodge, while a seasonal eatery awaits in the winery, where you can also indulge in tastings and tours. And that’s not all – there are two outdoor pools and hot tubs.

Things to do in Osoyoos

Take a Dip in Osoyoos Lake

Media credit: lillibet_r0se

Address: 1220 45 St, Osoyoos, BC V0H 1V6, Canada

Phone: +1 250-492-0237


Osoyoos Lake, famously dubbed the “warmest lake in Canada,” spans a generous fourteen miles, drawing crowds year-round for its array of recreational activities. 

With summer temperatures averaging around 24°C (75°F), it’s a hot spot for both summer fun and winter sports.

The lake is truly a sight to behold, framed by majestic mountains in the distance. Whether you’re into swimming, water sports, or simply lounging on the shore, Osoyoos Lake has something for everyone. 

Visit Rattlesnake Canyon

Media credit: darhorn15

Address: 5502 Main St, Osoyoos, BC V0H 1V6, Canada

Phone: +1 250-495-3544


Rattlesnake Canyon, nestled in Osoyoos, is an action-packed outdoor adventure park catering to visitors of all ages.

From rides tailored for the little ones to bumper boats, mini-golf, and go-karts for the older crowd, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy. 

Plus, for those looking to take home a souvenir, there are $2 machines brimming with trinkets and a quaint gift shop to peruse. And if you’re feeling peckish, you can fuel up with classic snacks like fries, hot dogs, and ice cream.

Check Out Lake Khiluk/Spotted Lake

Media credit: explornaturz

Address: Okanagan-Similkameen A, BC, V0H 1V5

Spotted Lake, also referred to as Lake Khiluk, is an extraordinary saline endorheic alkali lake situated northwest of Osoyoos. Renowned as one of the world’s remarkable wonders, it’s often dubbed “the most magical place in Canada.”

However, here’s the catch – it’s not open to the public! While you can catch a glimpse of its wonder from behind the white gate, venturing down to the lake itself requires permission from one of the bands. 

See What All the Fuss about Is at Anarchist Mountain

Media credit: lidiasells

Address: Okanagan-Similkameen, BC V0H 1V6, Canada

Phone: 778-739-0404


The Anarchist Mountain Lookout stands as a breathtaking viewpoint just a stone’s throw away from Osoyoos.

From an elevation ranging from 910 feet to 4,045 feet, visitors are treated to awe-inspiring vistas of the Okanagan Valley and even catch a glimpse of neighboring Washington state.

Oliver and Okanagan Falls

The journey from Oliver to Okanagan Falls is like a postcard come to life, with rolling hills, picturesque lakes, and rural landscapes that’ll take your breath away.

Summers in Osoyoos and Oliver can get seriously scorching, but that heat works wonders for the grapes. We’re talking about some of the finest red wines you’ll ever taste.

It’s not just wine that’s thriving here – the fruit game is strong too. Make sure to hit up one of the many fruit stands along Highway 97 for some fresh, juicy goodness.

Where to Stay in Oliver and Okanagan Falls

Coast Oliver Hotel

Address: 6273 Station St, Oliver, BC V0H 1T0, Canada

Phone: +1 250-498-0251

Pricing: $$

Book Now

Situated in the heart of the Okanagan Valley, the Coast Oliver Hotel serves as your home base for exploring the wineries, championship golf courses, and attractions nearby, including the renowned Mt Baldy Ski Resort.

And that’s not all – guests can unwind and relax with access to an indoor pool, a soothing hot tub, and a fully-equipped fitness center. 

Maple Leaf Motel Inn Oliver

Address: 5920 Main St, Oliver, BC V0H 1T0, Canada

Phone: +1 250-498-3497

Pricing: $

Book Now

Nestled in the heart of town, directly across from the Oliver Place Mall, you’ll find the charming Maple Leaf Motel Inn Oliver. This gem of a hotel boasts updated rooms and even offers camping and RV grounds onsite.

You can enjoy the serene garden, complete with a gazebo and BBQ area, perfect for unwinding after a day of exploring.

Things to do in Oliver and Okanagan Falls

Have a Glass of Wine at Platinum Bench Estate Winery

Address: 4120 Black Sage Rd, Oliver, BC V0H 1T1, Canada

Phone: +1 250-535-1165


At Platinum Bench Estate Winery, they take wine pairing to a whole new level by showcasing how their wines perfectly complement four different artisan breads, all freshly baked on site. 

With a no-fuss approach and a laid-back atmosphere, this winery guarantees a simply enjoyable and fun experience for all visitors.

Marvel at the Stunning Burrowing Owl Estate 

Address: 500 Burrowing Owl Pl, Oliver, BC V0H 1T1, Canada

Phone: 877-498-0620


Nestled near the northern tip of Osoyoos Lake in the renowned Okanagan Valley, Burrowing Owl Estate Winery is renowned for crafting premium VQA wines.

In addition to its stellar wine selection, the winery boasts an 11-room guest house, a wine shop, and a fine-dining restaurant right on site. 

Go on a Hike at the White Lake Grasslands

Media credit: naturetrustbc

Address: 525 Johnson Crescent, Cawston, BC V0X 1C0, Canada

The White Lake Grasslands Protected Area extends from the western shores of Vaseux Lake and encompasses the stunning White Lake basin.

It’s a spot close to our hearts – we absolutely love hiking and exploring here. No matter how many times we visit, there’s always something fresh, beautiful, and inspiring to discover. 

Whether it’s a leisurely stroll along well-maintained trails or a half-day trek from Green Lake Rd to the Observatory, there’s no shortage of adventure waiting to be had in this breathtaking landscape.

Go Paddling at Vaseux Lake

Media credit: johnbusswood

Address: Okanagan-Similkameen, BC, Canada

Phone: 250-328-3363


Nestled along the shores of one of BCs most stunning lakes, Vaseux Lake Provincial Park is a true gem. Not only is it a designated Migratory Bird Sanctuary, but it also boasts protected areas for California Bighorn sheep on both sides of the lake.

What sets this park apart is its commitment to preserving the tranquility of the lake – it’s completely non-motorized, making it an ideal spot for paddling and rowing enthusiasts to soak in the serene beauty of the surroundings. 


Penticton, nestled in the heart of the Okanagan Valley in BC’s Southern Interior, holds a unique claim to fame – it’s one of only two cities worldwide sandwiched between two stunning lakes.

With activities like mountain biking, rock climbing, and kayaking, Penticton is an adventure lover’s paradise. You’ll find some of the most exhilarating outdoor pursuits right here.

Where to Stay in Penticton

Penticton Lakeside Resort

Address: 21 Lakeshore Dr W, Penticton, BC V2A 7M5, Canada

Pricing: $$

Book Now

Penticton Lakeside Resort is your go-to destination in Penticton, offering top-notch amenities and spacious, pristine rooms with breathtaking views of the Okanagan Valley.

Plus, guests can enjoy access to a fully-equipped gym, complete with an indoor pool, as well as a marina offering an array of water sports and a private beach.

Wesbert Winery and Guest Suites

Address: 1465 Naramata Rd, Penticton, BC V2A 8X2, Canada

Pricing: $$$

Book Now

Nestled along the renowned Naramata Bench Wine Route, Wesbert Winery and Guest Suites offers a prime location with close proximity to 52 wineries, with 8 conveniently within walking distance.

From the balcony of your room, soak in the awe-inspiring vistas of breathtaking sunsets over the lake and vineyards. 

Things to do in Penticton

Go Wine Touring on the Naramata Bench

Email: [email protected]


Tucked away amidst the foothills of the Okanagan mountains, the Naramata Bench boasts a distinctive terroir, abundant sunshine, and a wealth of handcrafted wines, all within the embrace of one of Canada’s most renowned wine regions. 

Featuring over 40 wineries scattered along the “bench,” this tour promises an immersive journey into the heart of Okanagan wine culture.

Shop at Penticton Farmers’ Market 

Address: 100 Main St, Penticton, BC V2A 5A5, Canada

Phone: +1 250-486-3488


Since its inception in 1991, the Penticton Farmers’ Market has been a beloved destination for sourcing farm-fresh veggies, fruits, eggs, honey, baking, and preserves – all proudly grown or crafted in South Okanagan.

Beyond the array of fresh produce, visitors are treated to a delightful assortment of local crafts and artisan goods.

Go Climbing at Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park

Media credit: evanwongphoto

Address: Smythe Dr, Penticton, BC V2A 8W6, Canada

Phone: +1 250-766-7972


Skaha Bluffs, located south of Penticton on the eastern shores of Skaha Lake, offers a stunning vista overlooking the lake. With changing landscapes that evolve with the seasons, there’s always something new to discover. 

From sunrise to sunset, the bluffs beckon adventurers with endless opportunities for exploration and enjoyment.

Summerland and Peachland

Summerland and Peachland, nestled on the western shores of Okanagan Lake, are charming communities that offer a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Where to Stay in Summerland and Peachland

Summerland Waterfront Resort & Spa

Address: 13011 Lakeshore Dr S, Summerland, BC V0H 1Z1, Canada

Pricing: $$$

Book Now

At the Summerland Waterfront Resort Hotel, you’re greeted with breathtaking views of the lake, complete with watersports and boating docks just steps away. 

This all-suites hotel boasts an activity center, pristine beaches, boat rentals, and top-notch fitness and spa facilities. You can luxuriate in the private beach area or take a dip in the heated outdoor pool, followed by a relaxing soak in one of the two hot tubs.

Things to do in Summerland and Peachland

Indulge in Crisp Cider at Millionaires’ Row

Address: 14113 Dale Meadows Rd, Summerland, BC V0H 1Z8, Canada

Phone: +1 778-381-6015


Millionaires’ Row Cider Co. is a charming family-run cidery nestled within an idyllic apple orchard in Summerland. It’s not just a stop for cider enthusiasts – the history behind the product adds an intriguing layer to the experience. 

And let’s not forget the stunning beauty of the location itself, making it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a delightful blend of history, flavor, and natural splendor.

Enjoy Okanagan Wines at Dirty Laundry Vineyard

Address: 7311 Fiske St, Summerland, BC V0H 1Z2, Canada

Phone: +1 250-494-8815


At Dirty Laundry Vineyard, you’ll be greeted by a charming and inviting vine-covered patio that offers picturesque views of orchards, vineyards, Okanagan Lake, and the historic trestle.

It’s not just about the wine here – the brewery also offers beer, and the food is absolutely delectable. It’s a fun-filled spot where you can indulge in a variety of beverages and mouth watering cuisine.

Explore the Summerland Ornamental Gardens

Address: 4200 BC-97, Summerland, BC V0H 1Z4, Canada

Phone: +1 250-494-6385


Situated in the heart of the Okanagan Valley, the Summerland Ornamental Gardens beckon visitors with their beauty and charm. A stroll through the meticulously maintained grounds is a must.

Be sure not to miss the viewpoint overlooking the KVR Trestle, providing a breathtaking vista of the surrounding landscape. It’s a perfect spot to pause and take in the scenery.


Kelowna, situated along the eastern banks of Okanagan Lake, boasts a breathtaking backdrop of provincial parks, lush pine forests, sprawling vineyards, fruit-laden orchards, and majestic mountains.

Its vibrant downtown area is home to the picturesque City Park, nestled right along the waterfront, as well as a thriving lakeside cultural district that adds to the city’s charm and allure.

Where to Stay in Kelowna

Hotel Zed Kelowna

Address: 1627 Abbott St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 1A9, Canada

Pricing: $$

Book Now

Just a stone’s throw away from Kelowna City Park, this vibrant downtown hotel boasts an eclectic atmosphere and is conveniently situated within a 5-minute stroll from the sandy shores of Okanagan Lake.

They have a range of amenities including a seasonal outdoor pool, hot tub, sauna, and sun deck. Don’t miss out on the rooftop patio, offering panoramic views of Kelowna’s City Park and the sparkling waters of Okanagan Lake.

The Royal Kelowna

Address: 1288 Water St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 9P4, Canada


Pricing: $$$

Book Now

Situated in Kelowna, The Royal Kelowna – Bellstar Hotels & Resorts boasts a rooftop infinity pool and hot tub. With Okanagan Lake just a 5-minute stroll away, you’re perfectly positioned to enjoy the beauty of the waterfront.

What sets this hotel apart is its unbeatable downtown location right on the water. You’ll find yourself in the heart of the city, with easy access to all major attractions, all within walking distance.

Coast Capri Hotel

Address: 1171 Harvey Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6E8, Canada

Pricing: $$

Book Now

Located just blocks from Okanagan Lake, this downtown Kelowna hotel offers convenience at its finest, with beaches and shopping centers within easy reach.

You can take advantage of the heated outdoor pool, well-equipped gym, and indulgent spa offering a range of treatments. Additionally, the hotel features a cozy coffee bar and a relaxed poolside restaurant.

Things to do in Kelowna

Enjoy a Day at Knox Mountain Park

Media credit: yorkspoon

Address: 450 Knox Mountain Dr, Kelowna, BC V1Y 9X3, Canada

Phone: +1 250-469-8500


Knox Mountain Park stands as Kelowna’s largest natural area park, offering breathtaking scenery and enjoyable trails for outdoor enthusiasts.

While some parts of the trail may present a slight challenge due to steep terrain, overall, the paths are fairly easy to navigate. The park features an asphalt portion as well as well-kept trails suitable for both biking and hiking.

Head Up to Dilworth Mountain

Media credit: tourismkelowna

Address: 2100 Chilcotin Crescent, Kelowna, BC V1Y 7V3, Canada

Dilworth Mountain Park boasts some of the best vantage points in the City rising about 1,000 feet over the Okanagan Valley. Over time, much of the “mountain” has been transformed into urban areas, reflecting the city’s growth and development. 

Despite its modest stature, Mt. Dilworth serves as a familiar landmark and a reminder of Kelowna’s unique blend of natural beauty and urban living.

Cross the Myra Canyon Trestles

Address: Naramata, BC V0H 1N0, Canada

Myra Canyon Trestles offer an exhilarating adventure along a scenic rail route featuring trestles and a handful of tunnels. As you traverse along the cliffside for most of the trail, you’ll be treated to spectacular views of the canyon below.

The trail remains relatively flat throughout, making it accessible to hikers of all skill levels.


In the heart of the Okanagan Valley lies the picturesque town of Vernon, nestled amidst not one, not two, but three stunning lakes! 

Renowned for its natural beauty, Vernon offers more than just pristine waters. It boasts a handful of distinctive Okanagan attractions and boasts a meticulously marked network of top-notch hiking trails.

Where to Stay in Vernon

Prestige Vernon Lodge

Address: 3914 32 St, Vernon, BC V1T 5P1, Canada

Pricing: $$

Book Now

Fondly referred to as “The Lodge” by locals, The Prestige Vernon Lodge boasts a unique feature with a constant flow of natural water streaming in from outside. 

Conveniently situated on 32nd Street (Hwy 97) near the cross street of 39th Ave, right in the heart of town, this lodge offers easy access to all that Vernon has to offer.

In addition to its picturesque setting, the lodge offers a range of amenities to enhance your stay.

Sparkling Hill Resort

Address: 888 Sparkling Pl, Vernon, BC V1H 2K7, Canada

Pricing: $$$

Book Now

Sparkling Hill is an exclusive adult-only wellness resort featuring 146 elegant rooms and 3 luxurious penthouse suites. 

Each meticulously designed room is equipped with a shower, a two-person soaker tub, floor-to-ceiling windows offering stunning views, and custom Sparkling Hill wellness beds.

Things to do in Vernon

Get Sunkissed at Kal Beach 

Media credit: vegetablesmakeyouawesome

Address: 13836 Kalamalka Road, Vernon, BC

Kal Beach is a picturesque destination boasting a lovely stretch of sandy shore complemented by shady areas provided by surrounding trees. Its gentle slope into the water makes it ideal for families with younger children to enjoy.

One of the highlights of Kal Beach is its expansive dock, perfect for playful activities and exciting jumps into the water. It also serves as a fantastic spot for capturing memorable photos.

Taste Old Fashioned Ice Cream at Dutchmen Dairy

Address: 1321 Maier Rd, Sicamous, BC V0E 2V1, Canada

Phone: +1 250-836-4304


Founded in 1978, Dutchmen Dairy is renowned for crafting artisan ice cream right on-site. With an impressive selection of 62 distinct flavors, 40 of these delectable options are conveniently available in 1-liter, 2-liter, and 4-liter tubs.

Looking for a top recommendation? Indulge in the irresistible Turtle Cheesecake flavor. Featuring a decadent base reminiscent of creamy cheesecake, this flavor is enhanced with delightful notes of caramel and pecans. Trust us, it’s a must-try!

Apps to Download for a Trip from Vancouver to the Okanagan Valley Road

Roadtrippers: turn-by-turn navigation with pre-made travel guides in Canada. Get alerts for unique attractions, local diners, scenic points, and hotels along your route.

iOs | Android detailed, offline maps with turn-by-turn navigation for driving, hiking, or biking to a selected location.

iOs | Android

AllTrails: custom route planning app with fitness activity tracker and reviews from fellow hikers to help you plan your outdoor adventures.

iOs | Android

GasBuddy: locates gas stations near you and shows you prices, sends you price hike alerts and the app notifies you about deals.

iOs | Android

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