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Vancouver Travel Guide: Fort Langley National Historic Site

Ultimate Travel Guide to Fort Langley National Historic Site
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Want to break free from the modern-day routine? At Fort Langley National Historic Site, you can try interesting activities like barrel-making, gold panning, and traditional crafts!

What’s more, the fort lets you explore artifacts and exhibits showcasing the fur trade era and regional heritage. If you’re ready for a historical adventure, read on and have a productive day at the fort!

What is the Fort Langley National Historic Site known for?

The Fort Langley National Historic Site is known for its prime spot by the Fraser River as well as its fur trading, salmon fishing, and farming scenes that shaped British Columbia back in the day.

Best Time to Go to Fort Langley National Historic Site

The Fort Langley National Historic Site is pretty cool to visit all year round, but we believe summer’s the real jackpot!

During the May Long Weekend and August Long Weekend, they also pull out all the stops with extra activities and cool events, sometimes even historical re-enactments.

Things to Know About Fort Langley National Historic Site

Operating days and hours: The Fort Langley National Historic Site is open from 10 am to 5 pm almost all year round, like 362 days! They only take a breather on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day.

Parking: Enjoy free parking in the big lot at the end of Mavis Avenue.

Visitor Facilities: The Visitor Centre has reception, info, and a great view of the Fraser River. It’s got exhibits and washrooms too.

Picnic Facilities: The fort offers picnic spots with covered and open areas in the shady park around the parking lot—perfect for a relaxing outdoor meal! 

Accessibility: If you need a wheelchair, swing by the Visitor Centre so you can borrow one. All the buildings have ramps too, so getting around is a breeze.

Moreover, the smooth pathway links all the historic buildings, and you’ll find benches scattered around for scenic breaks. Just note that some parts are a bit steep.

Pets: Outside the fort, furbabies are allowed, but keep them on a leash. Inside or in historic areas, they’re a no-go and might be better off in a nearby doggy daycare

But nearby, there are cool spots for off-leash fun—check out Walnut Grove or City of Langley parks, or head to regional parks like Derby Reach, Campbell Valley, or Aldergrove Lake.

How to Get Around Fort Langley National Historic Site

Fort Langley sits right by the Fraser River, just 6 kilometers north of Trans-Canada Highway 1 in Langley Township. Easy to find and worth the visit!

Car or Taxi: Hop off Highway 1 at exit 66, 232nd Street (north). Then, cruise up 232nd Street, hit the stop sign at Glover Road, take a right, and meander through the cute village of Fort Langley. When you hit the traffic light on Mavis Avenue, just take another right, and there you have it—the national historic site is right at the end of the street!
Buses: If you’re rolling in by public transport, catch the 562 bus to the closest stop at 96th Avenue and Glover Road. For the best route, hit up the TransLink website. Just note that the Glover Road crossing is getting a makeover until summer 2024. So, keep in mind that there will be detours from University Drive south of Highway 1 to Telegraph Trail north of Highway 1. It’s best to plan accordingly!

What to Do at the Fort Langley National Historic Site

Check out the Métis Boat Exhibit

Contact Details: 604-513-4777, [email protected] 

At the fort, there’s this rad traditional river boat exhibit that takes you right back to the fur trade days. It’s the brainchild of a local legend, Pat Calihou, who’s got skills for days, especially when it comes to carving and crafting from scratch.

Now, Pat’s not just any ol’ craftsman. He’s a self-taught carver and has deep roots in this stuff. We think hanging out with him is like getting a crash course in old-school craftsmanship. 

So ask away when you can! Who knows? You might find yourself inspired to craft something of your own back home.

Unwind on the Famous Red Chairs

Ever heard of those famous red chairs around Canadian parks? Well, Fort Langley’s got a couple of ‘em waiting for you!

These aren’t just any old seats, either—they’re your ticket to unwinding, taking in the beauty of the landscape, or soaking up some history. Now, finding some of these chairs might feel like a bit of a treasure hunt, but we feel that’s all part of the fun. 

Of course, your red chair adventure doesn’t stop at Fort Langley. There’s over a hundred of these babies at other national parks and historic sites. So where’s your next red chair stop gonna be?

Volunteer and Share Your Talents

Contact Details: 604 513 4782, [email protected] 

If you’re passionate about Fort Langley, volunteering here is a blast! We totally dig the perks: you could show off your talents, dive deep into the fort’s fascinating past, and even strut your stuff in period costumes straight out of the 1850s!

But if leading tours or spinning tales about quirky history is your jam, they’ve got just the gig for you. You can be an outdoor oven baker, a costuming whiz, a farm animal buddy, a green-thumbed gardener, or even a budding blacksmith—there’s a role for everyone!

Intrigued? Just fill out a volunteer application, and the fort’s staff will guide you in sharing (or making) history in no time.

Camp in a 19th Century Canadian Fort

Contact Details: 1 877 737 3783

The Fort Langley National Historic Site offers an epic camping adventure for you and up to 5 of your crew! These heritage-themed “oTENTik” tents have everything covered, from snug sleeping spots to electricity and heating.

Outside, you’ll also find some fire pits and picnic tables. And when nature calls, there’s a handy service building nearby with all the facilities you need, plus WiFi to stay connected (and sane).

Do note that cooking inside the tent is a no-no. But with nearby eateries and BBQs at your disposal, we think you probably won’t go hungry.

Listen to Some Chilling Grave Tales

Contact Details: 604 5134777, [email protected] 

Looking for a dose of spookiness? Well, you’re in luck because the fort has just the thing—Grave Tales, an outdoor walking tour through the village.

This spine-tingling fun typically happens on select days in October and November. And let us tell you, these tours last a good 2 to 3 hours, so get ready for an adventure!

As you wander through the village at night, expect that the guides will share tales of ghosts, amputations, burials, mysteries—you name it. You might even explore a real graveyard along the way!

And don’t worry about age restrictions. The fort provides different versions of the tour, so both kids and adults can have a good spook.

Where to Eat Near Fort Langley National Historic Site

Beatniks Bistro


Address: 9194 Glover Rd, Fort Langley, BC V1M 2S4, Canada

Contact Details: +1 604-888-4487, [email protected] 

Pricing: $$

Housed in one of the oldest buildings around, dating back to 1933, Beatniks Bistro near Fort Langley is a delicious piece of history.

Here, we recommend the signature crab cakes, Beatniks burger, and fried chicken sandwich, each offering a memorable burst of flavor.

You’ve also got the option to cozy up indoors or soak in the sun on their outdoor patio when the weather’s right. And though some folks might find those high tables a tad uncomfortable, we think they still add a hint of trendy charm.

Sabà Cafe & Bistro


Address: 23343 Mavis Ave unit 102, Langley Twp, BC V1M 2R6, Canada

Contact Details: +1 778-545-0024, [email protected] 

Pricing: $$

Close to the fort, Sabà Cafe is a pastry lover’s paradise. Their display from the get-go is packed with tempting treats. Plus, we think the cafe itself has that trendy vibe, complete with chic interiors and a cute patio.

For us, the coffee here is the real deal too. Don’t even get us started on their traditional Macchiato because it kind of tastes like Starbucks! And if you’re taking your coffee to-go, make sure that lid’s on real tight—you don’t want any surprise spills anywhere!

And if you’re vegan, you’re in luck! We think they’ve got some seriously tasty options, like banana dates and burritos, worth considering.

Fort Pub & Grill


Address: 9273 Glover Rd, Langley Twp, BC V1M 2R6, Canada

Contact Details: +1 604-888-6166, [email protected] 

Pricing: $$

Just about half a kilometer from Fort Langley, The Fort Pub & Grill is where it feels like home: it’s cozy, welcoming, and buzzing. Think keno (a popular gambling game), darts, and live music—there’s always something going on!

Now let’s talk about the grub in this pub. Their mac & cheese, chicken wings, and beef dip are absolute game-changers, especially when paired with their famous cold beer.

Do note that the indoor seating may show a bit of wear. But rain or shine, the two spacious patios here are your go-to spots for soaking up the outdoors.

Little Donkey Food & Drink


Address: 9220 Glover Rd #125, Langley Twp, BC V1M 2S1, Canada

Contact Details: +1 604-371-4775, [email protected] 

Pricing: $$

Little Donkey is a culinary gem near the fort, famous for whipping up mouthwatering burritos using fresh local ingredients. The inside also feels like a breath of fresh air with its clean and chill vibe.

For us, their menu is refreshingly straightforward—mainly burritos and beer! The portions are also generous, so we think it’s hard not to leave with a full belly and a smile. And the Valentina hot sauce they throw in? It totally adds that extra zing!

Now, for the main event, the desserts: we recommend treating yourself to their churros with caramel for a final sweet treat that hits the spot!

Wendel’s Bookstore & Cafe


Address: 9233 Glover Rd #103, Fort Langley, BC V1M 2S5, Canada

Contact Details: +1 604-513-2238, [email protected] 

Pricing: $$

Wendel’s Bookstore & Cafe near Fort Langley is a cozy hub where food and stories cozy up together really well. We like that this quaint cafe offers tons of reads, catering to both bookworms and curious cafegoers.

But books aren’t the only treat here. Why not switch things up with a hot apple cider or add a splash of flavor to your regular latte with almond, coconut, or soy milk?

Feeling indulgent? Try sipping a hot liqueur like Bailey’s & Coffee with whipped cream, or indulge in the rich Polar Bear drink (the chocolate version). For us, these pair well with the sweet and buttery croissants or the savory Korean chicken.

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