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No More Waving Your Arms to Sleep: Top 5 Vancouver Cab Booking Apps

We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

Ever run late to an event because you’ve waved at cabs until your arm’s ready to fall off, with still no ride in sight? Story of my mom’s life! I’ve tried teaching her to use a taxi app, but she’s a tough nut to crack.

These apps are all the rage now, and for good reason. Everything’s done on the phone, even the payments. Best case scenario, you’ve got a ride within seconds! You can also track your journey in real time and share it with a buddy for safety.

Finally, my mom’s ready to dip her toes in the app pool. She wants the best cab booking apps in Vancouver, so I played Sherlock. Check out my reviews below, and you might just transform your (or someone else’s) travel game!

How We Chose

Value for Money: We reviewed cabs that can give you a bang for your buck, offering great rates while maintaining top-notch services.
Booking System: The cabs should be highly accessible and easy to book, so you can get where you need to go without any hassle.
Service: Our chosen apps go beyond just rides. They offer perks like real-time tracking, various payment methods, and personalized ride options to make your journey even smoother.
Communication: Trustworthy apps were chosen for easy communication and helpful, round-the-clock customer service.

1. Yellow Cab



Where to Download: iOS and Android

Yellow Cab boasts one of Vancouver’s largest fleets, with 355 late-model sedans and minivans. We believe this gives you plenty of options throughout the city!

It’s also impressive for us that this taxi company has the largest environmentally friendly hybrid fleet in North America. On top of that, it offers wheelchair-accessible vans for added convenience.

We appreciate that you can pre-book your taxi through a call, website, or app too! When one fails, there’s always an alternative. Plus, we love that the dispatch team can handle requests hours or even days in advance.

At best, you can request a ride from the app in under 10 seconds and book directly on the map to see nearby cars and Google ETAs (estimated time of arrival).

For airport transportation, the app has also got you covered, with fares ranging from $20 to $47. We found that this is within the average range in the city anyway.

Still, occasional miscommunication with the drivers and mistakes with directions happen. For this, we believe it’s best to stay calm and work together to reach your destination.


  • Huge fleet with sedans and minivans
  • Eco-friendly hybrid vehicles
  • Wheelchair-accessible vans
  • Bookings via phone, website, or app
  • Real-time tracking with ETAs


  • Drivers sometimes mix up directions

Customer Reviews

Great Service

“Great app way better than earlier ones. The booking, address resolution, realtime tracking, and notifications worked flawlessly. I booked ahead for pickup and everything worked well with no additional charges.”

-Harmony50, Apple Review

Easy to Use

“It’s normally easy to order a cab. When trying to tip, the app doesn’t enable the Save button but later I see that the charge includes the tip. Love the feature that locates where I am (I don’t have to enter my current location) and feature to save frequent locations.”

-Kim Carver, Google Play Review

2. Black Top & Checker Cabs



Where to Download: iOS and Android

Black Top & Checker Cabs has served Vancouver for over 80 years with a fleet of more than 200 cabs. This makes it the second largest in the city, next to Yellow Cab.

We also find it incredible that over 90% of its fleet is hybrid. They’re also moving towards paperless operations—very planet-friendly!

You can book a taxi via their app or online and pay through the app as well. The flag rate is $3.75, with a per-kilometer charge of $2.18 and a wait time cost of $38.93 per hour.

But the highlight for us is the free Wi-Fi for passengers. This lets you surf to your heart’s content until you reach your destination. We reckon this is also a bonus safety feature, as it lets you effortlessly chat with your friends and family.

Besides cab services, we appreciate that it offers pickup and delivery courier services, as well as a $20 jumpstart service for motorists needing roadside assistance. 

Conveniently, this taxi company also provides 24/7 live phone support for any issues during booking or on the road.

However, watch out for a few drivers who may overcharge. We say check the potential rates first and contact customer service if needed.


  • Over 8 decades in the business
  • More than 200 units available
  • Large fleet with eco-friendly vehicles
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi


  • Some drivers may overcharge

Customer Reviews

Will Use It Again

“My driver arrived early. Kind and talkative. Helped me with bags even though he did not know I had abdominal surgery last week. App easy to use. Will use it again”

-Jobobo13, Apple Review

Enjoyable Ride

“Enjoyable ride, driver was very social and spoke excellent English!”

-RCR1Z, Apple Review

3. Blacklane



Where to Download: iOS and Android

Want a classy, alternative ride in Vancouver? Blacklane is your personal city chauffeur! We think the company is a pro at airport travel, with a free 1-hour wait time and flight tracking.

When you book an airport pickup, we love that you can add your flight number. This way, your driver can track your flight and meet you right when you land.

And if you want to cruise around the city, its limo service seems like a great choice! We’re in awe that you can pick from their fancy fleet of black cars, perfect for any occasion.

Other than that, its local drivers can show you both the famous spots and hidden gems. From dumplings in Chinatown to vegan delights in the city’s many plant-based eateries, they’ve got you covered!

This company provides multilingual customer service too! For us, this works wonders for smooth communication, even for travelers from far-off places.

Just a heads up, though. Some drivers have reportedly been no-shows. If this happens, we advise reaching out to customer service for a refund.


  • Free 1-hour airport wait time
  • Quality fleet of black cars for any occasion
  • Local drivers can double as tour guides
  • Multilingual customer care


  • Pricier than regular taxis
  • Reports of drivers not showing up

Customer Reviews

Very Convenient

“Our family of four used Blacklane extensively for ground transportation during our recent trip to Paris-Barcelona-Madrid. I don’t typically review apps/service, but after seeing some negative reviews, felt compelled to do so. Across six rides we experienced no issues with timing, pricing, or unmet expectations. For me, Blacklane was much more convenient than trying to coordinate multiple car service requests through hotels. Thank you, Blacklane, and keep it up!”

-Mr. Matthew Marsh, Google Play Review

Great Service

“Great service, cars & drivers are excellent. App very easy to use”

-Ms. Nancy P, Google Play Review

Safety Tips When Using Cab Booking Apps in Vancouver

Now that you’re getting the hang of those top-notch cab booking apps in the city, here are some safety pointers to keep in mind:

Look before you leap.

Just like you’d double-check your order at your go-to joint, make sure you’ve got your ride details down pat—driver’s name, license plate, and car model.

Give your peeps a heads-up.

Spread the word about your ride among your friends or family. It’s like having your own cheer squad rooting for you from afar.

Stick to the app.

Don’t get lured into any off-app deals or rides. Cling to the app like a lifeline for a hassle-free and secure trip.

Trust your gut.

If the vibes aren’t right, listen to your instincts. It’s better to bail and book another ride than risk it. Your safety trumps all—no ifs, ands, or buts!

Put in your two cents.

When you’ve reached your destination, don’t forget to rate your driver and drop a review. It helps keep the standards high and the roads safer for everyone!

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