Best Dental Implants in Vancouver

The 5 Best Clinics for Dental Implant in Vancouver

Choosing to have a dental implant is a big decision. As a dental surgery, it can be quite costly and well, there’s a risk that the procedure won’t go exactly as planned.

That’s why it’s important to know the best clinics for dental implants in Vancouver. To know which clinics are good enough to be included in this article, we did a survey and visited the clinics that topped the survey (secretly, of course!) for a dental check-up and inquired about their dental implant services.

In this article, we’ll tell you about our top picks and what sets them apart.

How much does getting a dental implant in Vancouver cost?

Before we start with the article, let’s talk about the general cost of getting an implant.

Many dental clinics don’t give out the cost of dental implants as the price will depend on various factors such as other illnesses, jawbones, and how many implants you need.

Dental ImplantsPrice
With Metal Implants$999 and up
Without Metal Implants$900 and up

These prices are just the current lowest rates. Cost may go higher depending on a lot of factors.

The Best Clinics for Dental Implants in Vancouver

Since you now know about the price of dental implants, take a look at our list of the best clinics for dental implants in Vancouver.

We also provided a guide at the end of this article to help you choose where to get your dental implants and some FAQs, if you want to skip to that section.

1.   Parkview Dental and Implant Center

Parkview Dental and Implant Center's Homepage
OTHER SERVICES●     General Dentistry
●     Cosmetic Dentistry
●     Dentistry for Children
ADDRESS3665 Kingsway #230, Vancouver
CONTACT NUMBER(604) 438-1555
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Tuesday & Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday – Thursday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

This clinic specializes in dental implants. The dentists here have been certified by the College of Dental Surgeons and have years of experience to help solve their clients’ dental problems easily.

They have also been in this practice for 30 years, making this dental clinic a great choice if you want to have a smooth surgery in the hands of an experienced team.

Aside from their experience, this clinic can also directly bill your insurance provider, so you won’t have to do a lot of paperwork.

However, you have to know that this clinic closes pretty early and is even closed during the weekends. Either you should go here early or file for leave if you have work.

Another thing is that they don’t put the base price of the surgery on their site. To get a quote, you will need to go to the clinic and have it checked out first, which can be an annoyance to online service shoppers.


  • The dentists are long-time practitioners
  • Can send the bill directly to your insurance provider


  • Closes early
  • Closed on weekends

Customer Reviews

Here are some of the reviews from their previous customers:

“this dental is the most efficient place ever.

I don’t have to call. I talk to them through text message. I send a text that I am ready to come in and boom it is all done. sooooo efficient. Not to mention service is great. Highly recommend” – Aarthy Ketheeswaran

“I had my top teeth removed, sinus lift, bone graft and 6 implants installed, painless operation and recovery, would highly recommend, these guys know there stuff” – Steve Scott

2.   BC Perio

BC Perio's Homepage
OTHER SERVICES●     Cosmetic Dentistry
●     General Dentistry
●     Surgical Procedures
●     Periodontal Maintenance
●     Oral Cancer Screening
ADDRESS777 W Broadway #501, Vancouver
CONTACT NUMBER(604) 872-0222
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

BC Perio offers a computer-guided implant surgery to make sure that the implant is placed accurately, making it very precise and making the process a lot faster than traditional surgeries.

This clinic also offers a way to replace multiple teeth with implants in one day. This means you won’t have to come back to the clinic many times for multiple implants.

Another good thing about BC Perio clinic is its team. Most of the dentists in their team have certification in periodontics, so no matter who you get as a dentist here, you can trust them to do your dental implants correctly.

We also noticed that their site has some things that can help make your visit stress-free.

For example, they have the online form for the patient on their website and you can fill it up already even before you visit. That’s a very nice bit of convenience.

As for their dental implants, they also offer a lifetime warranty if a problem arises with the implants.

As for the downsides, though, this clinic closes early. If you don’t have any free time during the day and can only visit after 4:00 PM, this clinic won’t entertain you.

Another thing is that their clinic might be pretty hard to find as it’s located in a building. So, if you’re expecting to see a clear storefront, you might not be able to locate it easily.


  • Offer a way to get multiple dental implants in just one day
  • They have a lifetime warranty for the implants
  • They have the pre-screening form and an advanced booking form on their website


  • The clinic closes at 4:00 PM
  • Pretty hard to find if you’re not familiar with the area

Customer Reviews

According to reviews, people love the service provided here:

“Wonderful dental office and great dentist, Dr. Birdie. The whole team is highly professional and very caring. Would definitely recommend them for the procedures that they do. I did talk to 2 other offices and chose then as they were most skilled. Very happy.” – Kristina Heath

“They were very good. They were able to overcome problems i had with other dentists putting in an implant improperly. I believe they used new technology to achieve success where others failed. Could not be happier.” – Dan Therrien

3.   The Lowe Centre for Dentistry and Implant Clinic

The Lowe Centre for Dentistry and Implant Clinic's Homepage
OTHER SERVICESCosmetic Dentistry
ADDRESS1200 Burrard St Suite 601, Vancouver
CONTACT NUMBER(604) 683-2483
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Thursday: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Dr. Ed Lowe heads the Lowe Centre for Dentistry and Implant Clinic. He has more than 20 years of experience in the field and has been a member of different organizations for dentistry.

At his clinic, they also have a pre-screening form on their website that you can just fill out online without even needing to leave your house just to submit. Again, that’s a convenience we appreciate.

Once you’re ready to schedule your appointment, you can even book it in advance through their site. It’s clear they’re pretty modern about certain processes.

The clinic also has excellent amenities, it’s worth noting. They have complimentary beverages and after your surgery, for instance, and can even provide you a digital photograph of your new smile!

Of course, it’s not perfect. For example, a problem we have with this clinic is that they’re closed from Friday to Sunday and only open on Friday once a month.

Another thing is that they only offer financing options for treatments that cost over $1,500, so for treatments with lower cost, that option won’t be available for you.


  • Offers a convenient way to book an appointment
  • The clinic itself has many amenities for clients


  • Closed during the weekends
  • Financing options are only available for expensive procedures

Customer Reviews

Many reviews talk about the great skills and thoroughness of Dr. Lowe:

“Always love coming here! Everyone is very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Dr. Lowe runs a great ship. I would highly recommend Dr. Lowe to anyone.” – Michael Minicucci

“I had the best experience at the Lowe Centre. Dr. Lowe is so hard working and really takes the time to explain and go over every detail. I went for some teeth bonding and Dr Lowe perfected my teeth and surpassed all expectations. He truly is so talented and you are in the best hands!! I recommend him to anyone, he’s amazing and you will have the smile of your dreams!!!” – Ana Calin

4.   Van Dental Clinic

Van Dental Clinic's Homepage
OTHER SERVICES●     General Dentistry
●     Cosmetic Dentistry
●     Restorative Dentistry
ADDRESS1665 W Broadway #650, Vancouver
CONTACT NUMBER(604) 736-7781
OPERATING HOURSMonday & Thursday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Tuesday – Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Van Dental Clinic offers single implants and aesthetic region implants. They do general dentistry as well.

They also have a nice office where you won’t have to do any paperwork as everything is digital. And yes, they even use digital x-rays here so you won’t be exposed to radiation that much.

Along with that, they also have an option to book your appointment online. Again, that sort of thing makes visiting this place easier.

However, if you’re the kind of person who wants to search the clinic first and check its insurance policies, you will have a tough time here.

They don’t have any public information available about their insurance and billing. You’ll have to talk to a staff member just to know about their insurance, which isn’t ideal.

Another thing is that they only have 4 free parking spaces, so if you’re going there on a busy day, you’ll end up competing with more people for those.


  • Everything is digitalized
  • An option to book appointments online


  • Doesn’t offer a lot of information online
  • Limited free parking space near the clinic

Customer Reviews

Others loved the service that the Van Dental’s team gave them:

“The team at Van Dental does amazing work! The front desk staff, technicians and dentists alike are all very kind, professional, and understanding people. It took me years to find a dentist office that made me feel comfortable—these folks are great.” – Alexandra Bischoff

“Always a pleasure! Dr. Stultz is efficient, diligent and has been an essential part of our family dental care for over 20 years. He provides us with options so that we can make the best decisions for us. Highly appreciate and recommend the entire staff at VanDental!” – Sarah ter Keurs

5.   Vancouver Dental Specialty Clinic

Vancouver Dental Specialty Clinic's Homepage
OTHER SERVICES●     Cosmetic Dentistry
●     Prosthodontic
●     Oral & Gum Surgery
●     Dental Reconstructions
ADDRESS3488 W Broadway, Vancouver
CONTACT NUMBER(604) 336-0958
Tuesday & Thursday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

This clinic provides advanced dentistry to their patients. They have a multidisciplinary approach and provide patients with minimally invasive dentistry as much as they can too.

One of their doctors, Dr. Mehdi Noroozi, is also a certified periodontist. He has years of experience in providing implant surgeries, which means his expertise definitely benefits the clinic’s team.

Alongside that, this clinic also uses digital technology to assist surgeons and make the procedure more accurate, even down to the most minute detail.

As for financing your surgery, this clinic deals with all insurance companies so you won’t have to feel scared about your procedure potentially not being reimbursed.

However, one issue we have here is that they’re closed during the weekends. A lot of clinics seem to be, granted, but it’s still highly inconvenient for those of us who work.

This clinic also doesn’t accept debit cards, so you might need to pay with cash, cheque, or credit.


  • The clinic employs modern technology to ensure a risk-free surgery
  • All insurance providers are accepted


  • Closed during the weekends
  • Doesn’t accept debit cards

Customer Reviews

Many of the reviewers showed their appreciation to the dentists here:

“Painless and relaxed dental cleaning – WOW!!! Brilliance!  I’m someone that has high dental anxiety And really sensitive gums…my anxiety was quickly alleviated with the professional expertise.” – Angela Higgs

“Highly professional clinic with deep understanding of complex dental procedures. Could not be better! Best staff I have ever encountered.” – Clayton Burns

A Guide on Choosing the Right Dentist for Your Dental Implant Procedure

Don’t just entrust your teeth and gums to anyone. A dental implant procedure is a risky process and it can cause a lot of problems when done incorrectly.

For example, one of the risks is that a nerve will be damaged during the surgery, and of course, it’s best to avoid those kinds of risks, right?

That’s why we have a guide to help you find the right dentist for you, as you’ll see below!


You should check out their website to see if they are offering the service that you’re looking for.

When researching for a dentist, it’s also best to check the reviews of the previous patients so you can accurately gauge the skills of the dentist and if they mention anything bad about the dentist.

Remember, dental implant procedures are still considered surgeries and can be pretty invasive, making it more important to find the best dentist you can find.

Check Your Budget

You’ll need to visit the clinic or get a quote from the staff since many dentists don’t advertise the cost of getting dental implants.

It’s better to ask for the price range as you need to know the maximum price as you might pay more if you need more work done.

Ask Questions

Ask them about certifications and their experience in doing dental implants. This helps ensure that you’ll get highly trained and highly experienced dentists.

FAQs About Getting Dental Implants

Now that you know Vancouver’s leading clinics for dental implants, you can visit one of them so you can have a great smile again!

Just make sure to always brush your teeth, floss, and have a general dental check-up at least once a year. If you’re still unsure where to find a general dentist though, our list of the best dentists in Vancouver might be able to help you.