Best Lip Injections in Vancouver
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The 7 Best Clinics for Lip Injection in Vancouver

With so many clinics offering lip injections, it can be pretty confusing to look for one that not only offers a safe procedure but also has a portfolio of great results. 

Because of that, we decided to look for the best clinics in Vancouver by researching and surveying the field. Here are the ones that topped our list and what we think their strengths and weaknesses are. 

How much does a lip injection in Vancouver cost? 

As this is a cosmetic procedure, many of the major insurance companies won’t be able to help you with the cost of the procedure. And some clinics also don’t accept insurance, so it can be pretty costly. 

You can refer to the table below to know how much lip injection costs:

Lip Injection$500 and up
Lip Enhancements through Botox$80 and up per treatment
Lip Enhancements through derma filters$550 and up

The prices listed here are just the current market prices. Make sure that you bring extra money just in case your quote needs to be adjusted – or bring your card! 

The Best Clinics for Lip Injection in Vancouver

In any case, here are the top clinics for lip injection in Vancouver! We took notes of the strengths and weaknesses of each company. 

1. Skin Technique Downtown Vancouver

Skin Technique Downtown Vancouver's Homepage
Bbl (Broadband Light)
Bbl Hero™
Botox® / Xeomin
Buttocks Enhancement
Cheek Enhancement
Chemical Peel
Chin Enhancement
Clear V™
Cold Laser Led
Facial Slimming
Forever Bare Bbl™
Forever Clear Bbl™
Forever Young Bbl™
Halo™ Fractional Resurfacing
Ipl Photo Facial
Jawline Enhancement
Lip Enhancement
Liquid Face Lift
Marionette & Smile Lines
Microneedling With Prp
Microneedling With Radio Frequency (Rf)
Non-surgical Nose Job
O-shot® – Platelet Rich Plasma (Prp)
Platelet Rich Plasma (Prp)
Prp For Hair Restoration (Platelet Rich Plasma)
Skin Tightening
Temple Filler
Tiredeye™ Treatment
Vampire Facial
ADDRESS1046 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2R9, Canada
CONTACT NUMBER778-945-7505
OPERATING HOURSMonday-Friday: 9am-6pm
Saturday: 9am-4pm

Open for 6 days a week, this place is one of the leading lip injection clinics in Vancouver. It’s led by Dr. Christopher Pavlou, who has years of experience as an aesthetician and is board-certified in aesthetic medicine by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. 

What we like about this clinic is that Dr. Pavlou approaches lip injections with the subtlety of an artist. He knows which parts of a client’s lips will benefit more from lip injections and tries to make it look more natural rather than overdone. 

It’s disappointing that there’s no flexible payment option in this clinic, though. This is all the more noticeable since this procedure is often not allowed under major insurance providers. 

This clinic also doesn’t have an online scheduling form (not good), but we like that they reply fast to queries and messages by customers (very good). 

On the whole, most customer testimonials for the place are still overwhelmingly positive despite the few drawbacks (which are all about minor conveniences anyway). We definitely would recommend this clinic to people who prefer having a natural-looking lip even after injections. 


  • Led by a experienced doctor
  • Known for a more natural look
  • Is open 6 days a week


  • Doesn’t allow payment in installations
  • No online scheduling option

Customer Reviews

These people are talking about what they think of the lip injection: 

“I have been twice, first was for Botox and the tired eye treatment and the other for lip filler. Amazing work, I couldn’t be happier with the results! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to any of my friends. Thanks for making me a better version of myself.” – Sherry Sharma

“I only have great things to say about Skin Technique and my experience with Dr. Pavlou. The team is so professional, friendly, and upbeat. They truly make you feel comfortable and they are all very knowledgeable, without a doubt. I am quite literally the pickiest, most particular person ever, and I was extremely happy with how natural my lip enhancement looked. Again, I am very particular about my face and I would only ever choose a top of the line clinic to have any procedure done, which is why I chose Skin Technique. They also send you home with a great care kit with your own little ice pack and care directions. You will not be disappointed! Thank you Dr. Pavlou and Skin Technique, I will be coming back!” – Kait Kait 

2. Project Skin MD

Project Skin MD's Homepage
SERVICESBeauty Booster Injections
BLU-U® for Acne
BOTOX® Cosmetic
Carbon Laser Peel
Clinical Peels
Clear + Brilliant®
Cosmetic Tattoos
Dermal Fillers
③ TM
Excel V™
Fraxel® re:pair
Fraxel® re:store DUAL
IPL Photorejuvenation
Laser Genesis
Laser Hair Removal
Laser Tattoo Removal
Lip Injections
MAX+ LED Light Therapy
Photodynamic Therapy
Medical Facials
Mole Removal
PRP for Hair Loss
SilkPeel® Microdermabrasion
Thermage® CPT
VBeam® Perfecta
ADDRESS1495 W 11th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6H 1K9, Canada
CONTACT NUMBER604-732-0800
OPERATING HOURSMonday-Friday: 9am-5pm
Saturday: 11am-5pm

Project Skin MD takes skincare and beauty seriously. Even though they focus more on skincare, they still do lip injections. 

Let’s start with a practical note: going here might be a bit of a hassle for some as there are only 10 complimentary parking stalls for their customers. There’s parking outside their place but it can be a bit of a walk.

Aside from that, we think the clinic itself is great! It was presentable enough to make a good first impression on us when we dropped by for an anonymous visit.

Their lip injection surgery is handled by Dr. McGillivray, by the way, who has more than 14 years of experience. They also have different treatment options for their lip injections. 

Like most modern aesthetic clinics, they also use fillers with naturally occurring Hyaluronic Acid, which is great for avoiding anything more than mild discomfort after the procedure. 

Just be aware that they usually have a cancellation fee for those who don’t appear during their consultation and for cancelling only 48 hours before the consultation.

If you don’t mind the limited parking and are sure of your schedule, then this is one of the best clinics in Vancouver for lip injections.


  • Lead by a doctor with 14 years of experience
  • Uses hyaluronic acid for their fillers


  • Limited free parking nearby
  • Has a cancellation fee

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviewers talking about their experience during the procedure here:

“The entire team at Project Skin is so welcoming and professional! I recently had the Clear + Brilliant Treatment. Before going in I was nervous and they ensured I felt relaxed and confident leading up to the treatment. They even have the ability to apply a numbing gel to your face prior (which I got!) and the treatment was a total BREEZE! It was painless, quick, and the results are absolutely amazing! My skin has never felt so soft. The texture of my face is awesome and my skin tone is much more even! I can’t wait to go back for another round!” – Mindy Crawfor

“Had 3 facial treatment with Robin Sidhu. Glad to have someone well familiar with Skinceuticals products and knowledgeable about skincare issues. Would highly recommend this clinic.” Veggie

3. Dermal Laser Centre

Dermal Laser Centre's Homepage
OTHER SERVICESYour Skin Treatments
Botox® and Dermal Fillers
Hair Restoration
Laser Hair Removal
Venus Viva™
Medical Microneedling
Skin Rejuvenation
Skin Exfoliation
ADDRESS803 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1B7, Canada
CONTACT NUMBER604-638-7546
OPERATING HOURSMonday-Friday: 9am-7pm
Saturday: 9am-6pm

Since 1997, this beauty spa has been providing skincare treatments and different cosmetic procedures. They mostly specialize in skin rejuvenation treatments and botox.

They previously won the Consumer Choice Award for Business Excellence in the non-surgical and laser hair removal categories. Their proven experience and years in service have really made them one of the top clinics in Vancouver for lip injections, say their customers.

For such a well-established company, though, they do lack a few conveniences. For instance, we’re disappointed that they don’t have a flexible payment plan, since more and more companies are starting to offer that. 

They specialize less in lip injections than other clinics too, which might be a bit of a disappointment to people who prefer having it done by people with a lot more experience on lip injections.

Despite some of these stepbacks, Dermal Laser Centre is still a solid choice for lip injection clinics in Vancouver. Their past clients were all largely positive about their experiences and the clinic came up several times in our initial call for suggestions.


  • Has been in business for 24 years
  • Has won awards


  • Less focused on lip injections
  • No flexible payment option

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from people who have visited this clinic before: 

“This review comes unsolicited.  A few years  ago by chance I met Dr. Naz at one of the medical walk in clinics. After seeing her on a couple separate occasions for health issues, I found out she was an injector of Botox and filler. At that time, I was extremely happy with my current Doctor for injectables, however convinced myself that I’d never know how much better I could look if it was possible. The rest is history.  I find great value in services rendered when my outcome looks twice as much as my outlay.” – Leslie Miletich

“Amazed at Dr Fung’s knowledge and expertise.  I am truly happy with my results, actually more than happy if truth be known. Dermal Laser on Davie St keeps amazing me with each visit.  Feeling Wonderful” – Elaine Stover

4. Hush by Dr. Rose

Hush by Dr. Rose's Homepage
Other SERVICESBelkyra
Radiesse- Biostimulatory Filler
Hush Glow Peel
IPL photo Rejuvenation
Mesotherapy with Microchanneling
Morpheus 8
Photo-dynamic Therapy
Laser Hair Removal
Picosure Laser
Silkpeel Facial
Tattoo Removal
ADDRESS1155 Robson St Ste. 708, Vancouver, BC V6E 1B5, Canada
CONTACT NUMBER604-696-5244
OPERATING HOURSMonday-Friday: 9:30am-5:30pm

 Hush is a physician-led skincare clinic. Although they have shorter office hours compared to a lot of other skin care clinics in Vancouver, they are still known for their great customer-oriented service and the quality of their procedure. 

As is the case for several of the clinics we chose for this list, being a physician-led clinic works to this clinic’s advantage. Even after consultation and procedures, Dr. Rose Wang often provides additional skin care routines and aftercare procedures to make sure that even outside the clinic, her patients can know how to retain their beauty. 

Her experience in medicine and continuous update of knowledge has made her one of the best doctors to visit for non-surgical cosmetic procedures. She is also known for being focused on making sure that the procedure will result in something natural-looking. 

Even if there are no flexible payment options (again, a sad oversight), we appreciate that they’re at least transparent about the minimum price of the procedure. This is so people can gauge whether they would be able to afford the procedure or not at a glance. 

Their price transparency and tried-and-tested results basically got them on our list. The testimonials of their clients only sealed the deal for us. 


  • Physician-led 
  • Shows their pricing beforehand


  • Shorter office hours
  • No flexible payment options

Customer Reviews

These reviewers talk about the whole process here, from visiting the clinic to being late:

“My experience with Dr. Rose has been nothing but wonderful for the beginning. Her and the ladies up front are so welcoming and friendly every time I come into the clinic. With it being my first time getting any kind of injections or filler she walked me through the whole process step by step and made me feel extremely comfortable. The results I have been seeing over the past few months have been amazing. Yvonne and Dr. Rose are absolutely phenomenal at making me feel right at home. Thank you again ladies.” – sophie slater

“The Hush by Dr. Rose Clinic is ‘the place’ to go for remarkable but natural results. She and her team are not only the best in their industry – they are knowledgeable, welcoming and discreet. After just two treatments, we’re lifelong clients. Thank you, Dr. Rose and team.” – Nicolas LaTraverse

5. Yaletown Laser Centre 

Yaletown Laser Centre's Homepage
Skin Rejuvenation
Body Treatments
Lasers and Technology
ADDRESS1010 Mainland St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2T4, Canada
CONTACT NUMBER604-331-1777
OPERATING HOURSMonday-Friday: 10am-6pm
Wednesday 10:30am–7pm
Saturday  10am-5pm

Yaletown Laser Centre is mostly known for its laser procedures, but their lip injections are also top-notch. 

They also have a great referral program you can use if you want to save your money. It’s easy and you can refer as much as you want if you want to have some in-clinic credits for your next procedure. 

Unlike other companies on this list, they’re only open five days a week and don’t have long business hours, unfortunately. Other than that, we think their customer service is solid – especially given what their past clients have to say. 

Before you even schedule your consultation, the website also has a live chat option and you can ask them anything you want. No need to wait until your call will be answered, which is always convenient.

Their consultation is also very personalized and your doctor will explain the needed procedure as much as possible, from what we’ve heard.  

So, while they’re lacking in scheduling convenience and business hours, Yaletown Laser Centre still provides great customer service from start to finish. That’s how they still managed to make our list!


  • Has a referral program 
  • Has a live chat on their website
  • Personalized consultation


  • Short opening hours
  • No online scheduling

Customer Reviews

Here are the interviewers talking about what they enjoy in this clinic: 

“I had a great experience with my tattoo removal here! I was getting the microblading removed from my brows and I never thought the results would be as great as they were after only one session. I cannot say enough great things about Dana. Such a warm, friendly, knowledgeable individual. I was super nervous about the removal but she made me feel super comfortable and explained the process really well to me. During my consultation with her she even wiped off all her own makeup from her brows to show me what her results look like post tattoo removal. She really goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. And the results really speak for themselves. Highly recommend.” – Pavenjot Dhaliwal

“I am so happy I found Yaletown Laser! For the second time I’ve had Botox done, it made me question my other experience somewhere else prior. From having worked in the hospitality industry, the customer service here is Forbes standards in my books. From how you’re greeted to when you leave is seamless. Everyone is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Yes, you’re paying for a service but they make you feel like family. I absolutely love Dr. Shelly and the team! She has a very natural approach and love the 2 week follow up. Quality work and highly recommend!” – Brandi Altesse

6. OVO Medi Spa

OVO Medi Spa
Jawline Contour
V-Shape Face Contour
Chin Filler
Filler Facelift
Chin Lipo Dissolve
Botox/Nuceiva Injections
Vampire PRP Facelift
Vampire PRP Facial
Chemical Peels 
Red Carpet Facials
ADDRESS4546 W. 10th Avenue
Vancouver British Columbia
Canada V6R 2J1
CONTACT NUMBER[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSContact for more details.

OVO Medi Spa is a luxury beauty clinic, located in Vancouver, Canada. It provides an extensive range of services including the most Natural-Looking Lip Injection procedure. OVO Medi Spa is one of the best places to go if you are looking for a safe and reliable solution to your lip injection needs.

The lip injection procedure at this clinic has been carried out by talented physicians. They use the latest 2nd generation lip fillers approved by Health Canada.  Furthermore, these fillers not only add volume, but create a more defined shape, and a smoother hydrated appearance. 

The physicians will take into consideration your facial proportion, ethnic background, skin condition, and personal preference. Their technique gives you the best natural looking lip filler results.

Furthermore, along with their team of highly skilled professionals, they make sure to purchase their technology from highly reliable sources.

They use the Fotona laser for stimulation of collagen in your lips, a treatment for your lips from inside out, giving you smoother, fuller lips. The Fotona laser company has 56 years of experience and has inspired some of the world’s most advanced multi-application aesthetic laser technologies.


  • Outstanding performance in the field of aesthetics
  • Great injection technique to define lip shape and plump lips
  • The laser lip treatment is safe and effective on dark, medium, and light skin
  • Natural looking results
  • Great post care follow-up


  • Rates are unavailable online

Customer Reviews

“I have had only the best experiences at OVO Medi Spa. The staff is absolutely incredible and very welcoming. Dr. Kwok is very skillful and makes sure everyone that comes in is well informed and comfortable. He takes his time with every treatment he performs and you can tell her truly cares a lot about his clients and wants everyone to leave with the upmost satisfaction. Overall an amazing spa that I have recommended to all my friends and will continue to support!”

“Very clean and professional environment. The staff is incredibly kind, helpful, and knowledgable. It was my first time getting anything done and Dr. Kwok made sure I was well-informed and comfortable throughout the process. I couldn’t be happier with the results! Since my first treatment, this spa has become my family’s go-to; I would recommend it to anyone!”

7. Fairview Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Centre

Advanced Skin Care
Just For Men Services
ADDRESS999 West Broadway #480 Vancouver, BC V5Z 1K5
CONTACT NUMBERTelephone: (604) 734-1416
Fax: (604) 734-1404
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Fairview Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Centre is a wellness clinic that specializes in non-surgical male enhancement treatments but offers a wide plethora of aesthetic services for both males and females which makes them a one-stop shop for all treatments concerning skin care and surgery.

From laser treatments and injectables to other skin surgeries, they employ only certified professionals for the job to ensure that each client receives proper care and attention during their treatments.

Aside from this, their staff is also highly accommodating and friendly to better ease the concerns of the clients regarding their services and punctuate an overall pleasant and relaxing experience with them.

They also ensure to constantly update the technologies, equipment, and approaches that they use to better help them execute all types of treatments in the best and most efficient way possible that is most beneficial to the client.

We also like that their website is jam-packed with useful information for clients to readily access should they have questions regarding certain procedures since all descriptions are written in an easy-to-understand manner.

Overall, with an easy booking feature and accommodating clinical staff at the helm, we highly recommend them to clients in the area who are looking to undergo aesthetic services.


  • Wide range of treatments available
  • Accommodating staff
  • Updated technologies used


  • Closed on weekends

FAQs About Lip Injections

And that’s all for the best clinics for lip fillers in Vancouver! If you know another clinic, feel free to message us so we can review them. 

You may also want to supplement your new looks with a healthier lifestyle, by the way, as this has often been shown to stave off the aesthetic effects of ageing. We have a plethora of lists that can help with that, like our list of the best vegetarian restaurants in Vancouver