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Where to Go Paddleboarding within and around Vancouver

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Where to Go Paddleboarding within and around Vancouver

Vancouver’s stunning waterways and surrounding areas offer some of the best spots for paddleboarding, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes into the sport. 

Get ready to explore serene lakes, picturesque coves, and even cityscape vistas, all while gliding on a paddleboard. Here are the best paddleboarding destinations in and around Vancouver make sure you ride the paddleboarding wave in the city.

Rocky Point, Port Moody

Address: 2800 Murray St, Port Moody, BC V3H 1X2, Canada

Phone: +1 604-469-4500

Operating Hours: Opens Daily 24 hours


Located in Rocky Point Park in Port Moody, Rocky Point is a 27-minute drive away from False Creek near David Lam Park. 

If you’re taking public transportation, it will take around 1 hour and 30 minutes with a couple of transfers from the Canada/Millennium Line to buses.

However, the water at Rocky Point offers some of the calmest ocean paddling in Metro Vancouver. It’s suitable for beginners and convenient for intermediate paddleboarders, especially since it has a paved boat launch priced at CAD 25 plus tax for a daily pass.

For those looking for certified lessons or guided tours, you can check out the offerings at Rocky Point Kayak. They also offer gear rentals, including Stand-Up Paddleboards and double kayaks.

Situated at the farthest end of Burrard Inlet, Rocky Point also offers beautiful views and wildlife sightings, making it a favorite spot for paddleboarders of all skill levels.

The park is also an amazing place to visit. There are hiking and biking trails to explore, an outdoor pool, and areas for biking and skateboarding.

You can also enjoy time with family and friends in the large grassy area and sample food from the shops and kiosks in the area.

Pro tip:

Be sure to avoid launching from the mudflats, which are a combination of quicksand and sharp barnacles and can be dangerous.

Sasamat Lake, Belcarra

Address: Sasamat Lake, Port Moody, British Columbia V3H 4S3, Canada

Phone: +1 604-520-6442

Operating Hours:  Opens Daily 24 hours


Within Belcarra Regional Park lies Sasamat Lake, a 900-meter-long lake that ranks among the most popular swimming destinations in Metro Vancouver. 

Many visitors are drawn to White Pine Beach, which boasts two small beaches conveniently located near the parking area.

Paddling around the entire lake covers a mere 2.3 kilometers. It’s also characterized by its remarkably calm waters, and motorboats are prohibited here, so beginning paddleboarders will have a great practice time here.

If you’re looking for other activities in the area for a change of pace, you can explore a walking trail that spans 26.4 kilometres along the edge of the lake. However, you have to be cautious and bear-aware during your walk to ensure both their safety and yours.

Additionally, Sasamat Lake offers fishing opportunities for those with a valid freshwater fishing license. 

The amenities in the area are well-equipped, featuring picnic benches, restroom facilities, and even a concession booth during the summer months.

Pro tip:

Sasamat Lake can become quite lively, particularly on hot summer weekends, and parking spaces tend to fill up rapidly. To secure a parking spot, it’s advisable to arrive early.

Buntzen Lake, Anmore

Address: 5000 Sunnyside Rd, Anmore, BC V3H 4Z2, Canada

Phone: + 1 604-469-9679

Operating Hours:  Opens Daily 24 hours


Just a 15-minute drive from Sasamat Lake is Buntzen Lake, which is approximately three times larger with 3.7 kilometers of space from north to end. paddleboarders of all skill levels will find ample space to enjoy their paddling experience.

Buntzen Lake is surrounded by the scenic Eagle Ridge/Mountain to the east and Buntzen Ridge to the west, so paddleboarders get stunning views of nature while on the water. 

That’s partly why it’s a beloved destination among paddleboarders. The place can get bustling, so it’s advisable to arrive around 10:30 AM, especially on weekends or holidays, to secure a good spot.

What makes this place particularly interesting is its historical significance as the first hydroelectric generating plant to supply power to the Lower Mainland. 

It remains an active hydroelectric reservoir, although it now contributes less than 0.4% of the total power generated by BC Hydro facilities.

Pro tip:

While Buntzen Lake provides plenty of space and is relatively free from motorboats, novice paddleboarders should be aware of the potential challenge posed by southerly winds that can pick up and make paddling more demanding. 

Jericho Beach, Vancouver

Address: Point Grey Rd, Vancouver, BC V6R 1B5, Canada

Phone: +1 604-873-7000

Operating Hours: Opens Daily 11:30 am – 8:00 pm


Jericho Beach (jericho beach) offers a fantastic experience for paddleboarders and Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) enthusiasts. This picturesque beach, located along the shores of English Bay, provides a unique perspective of Vancouver’s stunning coastline.

Beginners will appreciate the calm waters near the shore, which are perfect for getting acquainted with paddling or SUP. Meanwhile, more experienced paddleboarders can venture further out into English Bay.

One of the great advantages of Jericho Beach is its accessibility. It’s easily reachable from downtown Vancouver, making it a convenient spot for both locals and tourists. 

Equipment rentals like Windsure Adventure Watersports are readily available, so you can easily secure a paddleboard or kayak for your adventure. They also have instructors available to walk you through the basics of paddleboarding and more.

Pro tip:

Being situated on English Bay, Jericho Beach can experience changing tides and winds that can significantly affect your paddling experience. Keep an eye on tide charts and wind forecasts for the area before heading out.

Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver

Address: City Hall 453 West 12th Ave Vancouver, BC V5Y 1V4, Canada

Phone: + 1 604-873-7000

Operating Hours: Opens Daily 7:00 am – 10:00 pm


Kits Beach is known for its sheltered cove, providing a serene and relatively calm paddling environment, especially when compared to the open waters of English Bay. 

This protected bay is ideal for beginners and those looking for a more relaxed paddle. However, it’s crucial to remain vigilant about changing conditions, so checking weather and wind forecasts before your outing is always a wise move.

For rentals and lessons, including unique experiences like SUP Yoga and Paddle Fit, consider visiting Vancouver Water Adventures, which is conveniently located near Kits Beach. 

After your chosen water activity, the nearby Kits Pool, spanning an impressive 137 meters, is an excellent spot for a refreshing cooldown.

Kits Beach is a bustling destination, with visitors claiming their own spots for a game of frisbee or beach volleyball. If you’re looking to spend an entire day enjoying a range of activities, then this place is worth checking out.

Pro tip:

If you’re seeking a quiet, meditative experience, Kits Beach may not be the most suitable location due to the crowds and activity. 

However, it’s perfect for those looking to soak up the vibrant beach atmosphere and engage in active water sports and social activities.

False Creek, Vancouver

Address: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Phone: + 1 604-873-7000 

Operating Hours: Opens Daily 7:00 am – 10:00 pm 


Exploring False Creek (false creen vancouver bc) on a paddleboard or SUP offers a nice urban water adventure. 

Paddleboarding in False Creek not only connects you with nature but also immerses you in Vancouver’s dynamic urban culture. 

Keep an eye out for unique sights like colorful dragon boats, waterfront parks, and inviting dining options. Then, there’s the iconic Vancouver skyline, the lively Granville Island public market, and charming waterfront homes to look forward to seeing.

However, it’s probably best to leave it to the more experienced paddleboarders as this inlet flowing between downtown and Granville Island is actually a busy waterway. 

The area near Science World is a great spot for paddleboarding, but it feels like anywhere else is frequented by water taxis. The water quality at False Creek also passes standards less than 60% of the time, so it’s not considered good for swimming.

Pro tip:

For a convenient launch point, head to Hadden Park in Kitsilano. It’s perfectly situated at Ogden Avenue to grant you easy access to False Creek’s sheltered waters, making it an excellent starting point for your paddleboarding journey.

Deep Cove, North Vancouver

Address: Gallant Ave, North Vancouver, British Columbia V7G 1L2 Canada

Phone: +1 604 987-2202

Operating Hours: Opens Daily 24 hours


About a 20 minute drive from West Vancouver, Deep Cove (deep cove) sits on the Indian Arm Fjord, surrounded by Vancouver’s Coast Mountains. This natural setting offers a picturesque paddleboarding experience with calm waters, suitable for paddlers of all skill levels.

While the waters are typically serene, occasional winds can stir up from the Indian Arm. Beginners can have a smooth experience by hugging the shoreline and avoiding boating traffic lanes.

Local outfitters like Deep Cove Kayak provide convenient access to paddleboard and SUP rentals, as well as lessons for those looking to enhance their skills. 

The area in front of the Deep Cove kayak center serves as a common launching point for paddleboarders.

A unique feature is the Quarry Rock trail, which starts near Deep Cove. After your paddle, consider hiking this trail to a viewpoint that rewards you with panoramic vistas of the Indian Arm.

Pro tip:

Parking can be a challenge, especially on weekends in the summer. To secure a spot, plan to arrive early or opt for less crowded times to make the most of your visit.

Porteau Cove, Squamish

Address: Squamish-Lillooet D, BC, Canada

Phone: +1 604-986-9371

Operating Hours: Opens Daily 24 hours


Located along the Howe Sound and offering breathtaking views of coastal mountains and crystal-clear waters, Porteau Cove offers a paddleboarding experience in a postcard-worthy setting.

While the cove itself doesn’t offer equipment rentals, nearby outfitters in Squamish and West Vancouver can provide paddleboards and SUPs. Facilities at Porteau Cove include picnic areas, washrooms, and ample parking, ensuring a comfortable visit.

To make the most of your Porteau Cove paddleboarding adventure, consider visiting during weekdays or non-peak hours to avoid crowds. Additionally, keep an eye on the weather forecast, as Howe Sound occasionally experiences windy spells.

Pro tip:

If you’re planning to camp in the vicinity of Porteau Cove, aim to secure a campsite right by the water. This choice offers breathtaking views of Howe Sound and the majestic mountains that frame it.

Brohm Lake, Squamish

Address: Squamish, BC V0N 1H0, Canada

Phone: +1 604-812-1090

Operating Hours: Opens Daily 24 hours


At Brohm Lake, the clear emerald waters, framed by lush forests and granite cliffs, create an idyllic backdrop for paddleboarding. The lake’s remote location imparts a sense of serenity that’s perfect for those looking to escape the bustle of city life.

The lake’s calm waters are ideal for paddleboarding, catering to all levels of expertise. Beginners can comfortably learn the ropes, while experienced paddlers can explore the lake’s various corners, including secluded coves and intriguing rock formations.

The lake is relatively small, though, so it doesn’t give that much space to go around. But its warm waters and absence of motorboats make it an inviting spot for water adventures. 

For those without their gear, SUP rentals are available from Squamish Watersports.

Pro tip:

Accessing Brohm Lake is straightforward and requires only a short drive from Squamish. However, parking can be a challenge. 

Alternative transportation methods such as hiking or biking are much better to reach this paddleboarding destination.

Bowen Island, BC

Address: 4432 Cardena Drive, Bowen Island, BC, V0N 1G1, Canada

Phone: +1 604-947-4255

Operating Hours: Opens Daily 24 hours


Bowen Island is characterized by rugged coastlines, lush forests, and impressive mountain views. Paddleboarding here means immersing yourself in a stunning environment with Howe Sound’s clear waters as your backdrop.

Its sheltered bays and calm waters make it an ideal destination for paddleboarding, suitable for paddlers of all experience levels. Popular spots for paddleboarding include Snug Cove and Tunstall Bay.

Nearby Horseshoe Bay on the mainland provides access to equipment. It’s recommended to arrange rentals in advance or bring your gear for a fulfilling paddleboarding experience.

For a smooth paddleboarding experience, check tide schedules to plan your outings effectively, as tides can affect launching and returning to shore. 

Pro tip:

Exploring Bowen Island goes beyond paddleboarding. You can also enjoy the island’s charming village, scenic hiking trails, and serene parks. Crippen Regional Park, with its seaside promenade, is a notable attraction.

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