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A Tourist’s and a Resident’s Guide to North Vancouver’s Deep Cove

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A Tourist’s and a Resident’s Guide to North Vancouver’s Deep Cove

In North Vancouver, Deep Cove awaits with its serene waterfront, stunning mountain views, and a touch of adventure in the air.

This charming seaside town has been a beloved destination for outdoor enthusiasts for years. It’s about time we explore its scenic wonders, delightful eateries, and thrilling activities.

Like we did with Coal Harbour (Is Coal Harbour a good place to live?), Yaletown (Yaletown), and other neighborhoods, we’ll also answer the ultimate question – is Deep Cove a good place to live in?

No pun intended – let’s dive in!

What is Deep Cove known for?

What is Deep Cove known for
(Image by Lijuan Guo from Shutterstock)

Deep Cove is a quaint coastal area known for its scenic beauty and top-notch outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and paddleboarding.

Nature lovers and adventure seekers are drawn to its location right next to the sea, where nature’s beauty becomes the backdrop for sails, hikes, and even leisurely walks.

Especially if you’re coming from the city, Deep Cove provides the perfect escape for a laid-back experience. Explore the sheltered bay with a rented boat or via swimming, and enjoy free live concerts if you’re coming in the summer.

There’s also a charming mix of boutiques, tasty eateries, museums, and theater on Gallant Street. Found in the heart of Deep Cove, this lively street invites visitors to savor the local arts and flavors.

With all of these attractions, Deep Cove offers a harmonious blend of stunning landscapes, outdoor adventures, and cultural spots. 

And the warm community in it, who fondly call the town “The Cove,” only adds to its charm.

What area is Deep Cove located?

Deep Cove is the area located at the easternmost edge of the North Vancouver district. One of the most scenic spots in the Lower Mainland, it is surrounded by the waters of Indian Arm and Burrard Inlet, and Mount Seymour.

To the west, Deep Cove’s boundary reaches Cliffwood Road as it follows Panorama Drive northward. The southern edge is defined by Cliffmont and Cove Cliff roads, while the waterfront itself marks the eastern boundary.

The area encompasses Cove Cliff, Dollarton, and Indian Arm neighbourhoods, as well as Deep Cove village. Traditionally, it is also known as the territory of the Tsleil-Waututh and Squamish Nations. 

Time Zone

Pacific Standard Time (PST) (UTC-8)

Best Time to Go

The best time to visit Deep Cove is from April to October when the weather is warm and the waters of Indian Arm are calm and inviting. 

During these months, you can fully indulge in the village’s outdoor offerings, such as hiking, kayaking, and picnicking in the beautiful public parks.

But in the summer months, especially on weekends, can bring in larger crowds as people flock to enjoy the area’s natural beauty and recreational opportunities. 

If you prefer a more serene experience, consider visiting earlier in the day or on weekdays to avoid the peak crowds.

Things to Know

Currency: Canadian Dollar

Language: English

Calling Code: +1

How to Get Around 

Buses: To get to Deep Cove, you can hop on Line 212 going directly to the village. There’s also Line 211 and 232 that will stop near Deep Cove.

You can also take Line 210 to Upper Lynn Valley and switch to 212 at Phibbs Exchange. But note that from July 24, 2023 to mid-2024, the bus stops at this exchange will be relocated to several locations in the nearby streets. 

Bus schedules can also change, so it’s a good idea to check the TransLink website or use their app for the latest information.

Taxis: Taxis can take you to Deep Cove, and companies like Yellow Cab and Vancouver Taxi provide reliable services. Uber and Lyft also serve the area.

Car service: You can also avail of car rental services from companies like Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Avis that can drop you off at Deep Cove.

Water Transportation: In the summer months, you can take advantage of water transportation options to explore Indian Arm and the surrounding waters. Companies like Deep Cove Kayak Centre offer kayak and paddleboard rentals, providing a unique and scenic way to experience the area from the water.

Where to Stay in Deep Cove

In Deep Cove itself, you can find a couple of cozy bed and breakfasts and vacation rentals. 

If you venture to the nearby areas, you’ll discover even more accommodation options that will allow you to easily commute to and from Deep Cove within a quarter to half an hour.

Seaside Hotel North Vancouver

Address: 130-125 Victory Ship Way, North Vancouver, BC, V7L 0G5

Phone: + 1 604-973-1473

Pricing: $$

Book Now

Lower Lonsdale, where the hotel is located, is a short 14-minute drive from Deep Cove. The Seaside Hotel is a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts who want to explore nearby attractions like Mount Seymour Provincial Park.

To make the most of your stay, try to ask for a room facing the harbour.

Deep Cove Retreat North Vancouver Bed & Breakfast

Deep Cove Retreat North Vancouver Bed & Breakfast
(Image by Deep Cove Retreat North Vancouver Bed & Breakfast via

Address: 575 Fairway Dr, North Vancouver, British Columbia V7G 1Z5 Canada

Pricing: $$

Book Now

The Deep Cove Retreat is a fantastic choice for those who want to take short walks to Deep Cove everyday. 

The cozy rooms with balcony and mini-kitchen can make for comfortable stay, while the nearby bus station, located just five minutes away, can make going around much more hassle-free.

Riverfront Bed and Breakfast

Riverfront Bed and Breakfast
(Image by  Riverfront Bed and Breakfast via

Address: 1327 Riverside Drive, North Vancouver, BC V7H 1V6

Phone: +1 778-929-9565

Pricing: $

Book Now

Nine minutes away from Deep Cove by car, Riverfront Bed and Breakfast offers easy access to lovely views and great food choices.

Situated on the Seymour River, the place also promises peaceful mornings. And if you’re looking for a host who brings their A game in hospitality, this might be the best choice for you.

Crystal’s View North Vancouver Bed & Breakfast

Crystal’s View North Vancouver Bed & Breakfast
(Image by Crystal’s View North Vancouver Bed & Breakfast via

Address: 420 Tempe Cres, North Vancouver, British Columbia V7N 1E6 Canada

Phone: +1 604 987-3952

Pricing: $$

Book Now

Crystal’s View sits right next to BC’s scenic landscapes and the roads leading to other attractions in the province. 

It’s a 14-minute drive away from Deep Cove. Within almost the same time, you can also reach Downtown Granville Island, and West Vancouver.

Staying in a bed and breakfast accommodation with a great host is like a travel hack. And that’s how the guests of Crystal’s View usually feel.

Executive Suites Hotel & Conference Centre

Address: 4201 Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby, British Columbia V5C 3Y6 Canada

Phone: +1 604 298-2010

Pricing: $$

Book Now

Located about five miles from Deep Cove, the Executive Suites Hotel is 16 minutes away from the area by car. 

Aside from the waterfront, you can also explore the Burnaby Village Museum, Stanley Park, and Capilano Suspension Bridge Park while you’re there.

Econo Lodge Inn & Suites 

Address: 1748 Capilano Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7P 3B4, Canada 

Phone: +1 604-337-8393

Pricing: $

Book Now

Consider the Econo Lodge Inn & Suites if you’re looking to book a decent place with a reasonable price tag. The rooms show some signs of age, but the location, helpful staff, and free breakfast and parking can easily make up for it. 

Note that from this accommodation, you’ll need about 20 minutes to get to Deep Cove by car.

Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier

Address: 138 Victory Ship Way North Vancouver, BC Canada V7L 0B1

Phone: +1 877 986-7437

Pricing: $$

Book Now

Like Seaside Hotel North Vancouver, Pinnacle Hotel can be found in the “Shipyard District.” 

It’s complete with convenient amenities, like a five-lane swimming pool, and a restaurant (The Lobby) that serves unforgettable seafood dishes.

The Westin Bayshore 

Address: 1601 Bayshore Dr., Vancouver, BC V6G 2V4, Canada

Phone: +1 604 682-3377

Pricing: $$

Book Now

Around 29 minutes away by car, The Westin Bayshore may be suitable for visitors to Deep Cove who are not meaning to stay for a couple of days in the area.

It’s right next to Stanley Park and other attractions are walkable from the hotel. And because it’s already located downtown, it’s easier to hop on a bus to take you to Deep Cove.

What to Do in Deep Cove

Hike up to Quarry Rock

Hike up to Quarry Rock
(Image by Oleg Mayorov from Shutterstock)

Before it closed during the pandemic, the Quarry Rock had been a favorite among hikers for its stunning views. Now that it’s accessible again, it promises nothing but a rewarding experience.

Taking around 45 minutes to an hour to complete, the mostly stair-filled trail is relatively easy to navigate. 

It’s still part of bear territory, though, so wear proper shoes and carry bear spray to avoid mishaps. 

Be sure to keep walking until you’re out of the forest and you’ll be rewarded with a panoramic vista of the cove and the Indian Arm. It’s especially magical during sunset, so try to catch it on your visit.

You can also try the Baden Powell Trail and Panorama Park Loop. Note that these trails have different requirements and characteristics, so always check the guides before going.

Explore the Waters on a Kayak

Explore the Waters on a Kayak
(Image by Stephanie Braconnier from Shutterstock)

Even though it’s a saltwater bay, Deep Cove usually has calm waters. Surrounded by stunning beauty, it’s a fantastic destination for water activities enthusiasts.

Deep Cove Kayak is the go-to spot for providing exciting kayaking experiences and gear rentals in Deep Cove.

Check out their Friday Night Lights Kayaking Tour, which has gained popularity for its 2.5 hour tour of the Indian Arm and the guides who are experts on the history of the area.

But don’t fret if you’re a beginner looking for experienced guides. You’re sure to find kayaking tutorials in the area, including those offered by Deep Cove Kayak.

Try Standing up on Water

Try Standing up on Water
(Image by kwho from Shutterstock)

Sounds miraculous? Well, it will definitely feel like it, once you’re there in the water, learning how to balance and steer the paddle.

Deep Cove Kayak rents out stand-up paddleboards or SUPs and we recommend trying it out even if you’re a textbook newbie. 

Remember that the waters are usually still, so take the chance to explore and take in the views from this unique perspective.

Unwind at Panorama Park

Unwind at Panorama Park
(Image by sok ratha from Shutterstock)

If those water activities are too rough for you, go for a lighter way to savor the beautiful views of the cove. Panorama Park, situated right in the heart of Deep Cove village, is the perfect spot to do just that.

You can spend a few hours here, if you’re looking to simply bask in the sunshine and listen to the birds’ chirping.

You can take your family or friends on a nice picnic on the grassy areas or even take a refreshing swim in the designated area for swimmers.

Of course, people-watching can add an extra touch of fun to your time at this park. 

Where to Eat in Deep Cove

Honey Doughnuts & Goodies

Address: 4373 Gallant Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7G 1L1, Canada 

Phone: +1 604-929-4988

Pricing: $$


There’s a reason Kate Winslet herself publicly professed her love for Honey’s Doughnuts back in 2017. With such incredibly fluffy and tasty doughnuts, anyone would want to get their doughnut fix here.

Our favorite? Easily their classic plain doughnut – no frills but absolutely a must-try.

Arms Reach Bistro

Address: 4373 Gallant Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7G 1L1, Canada 

Phone: +1 604-929-7442

Pricing: $$


Arms Reach Bistro is a delightful place to visit, offering amazing food, a charming ambiance, and attentive staff. They also have amazing indoor seat options and a covered patio boasting beautiful waterscapes.

Don’t miss their delicious Timo’s Benny and pair it with some remarkable wine. To avoid long wait times, be sure to book a reservation in advance.

Cafe Orso

Address: 4316 Gallant Avenue North Vancouver, BC, Canda

Phone: +1 778-340-3222

Pricing: $$


A simple menu of homemade treats, coupled with its seaside setting, makes Cafe Orso a must-try for Deep Cove visitors. 

If you haven’t grabbed food from here before, we recommend their Hot Chocolate and Liege Waffle. If you have dietary preferences, you can easily choose from their dairy-free and plant-based options.

Dip Co. Delights

Address: 4381 Gallant Ave, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canda

Phone: +1 604-988-0378

Pricing: $$


Dip Co. Delights offers amazing sandwiches with generous portion sizes. Their mezze sandwich with spicy sauce, for instance, is perfect for vegetarians and food lovers alike.

Next time you’re coming back from a hike, treat yourself to one of their sandwiches for an extra special post-hike experience.

Scratch Kitchen

Address: 437 North Dollarton Highway North Vancouver, BC, Canda

Phone: +1 604-770-1237

Pricing: $$


There are a lot of dishes to recommend from this restaurant. We can definitely vouch for their Braised Pork Belly Benny, Calentado, Fried Chicken and Waffle – oh and their plantation iced tea!

They don’t take reservations for brunch, so you know the drill. 

Or you can opt to go after 3PM, in which case you can already book a table for dinner. 

Deep Cove Osaka Sushi

Address: 4355 Gallant Ave NorthVancouver,. BC, CANADA

Phone: +1 604-929-5033

Pricing: $$


Deep Cove Osaka Sushi has been operating in the area for more than 10 years. The secret to their staying power? Their awesome food.

Their generous and fresh cuts of sashimi, delicate sushi rolls, and comforting miso soup surely make for an awesome meal. 

Plus, they’ve managed to control their prices even after the pandemic, which loyal customers can indeed appreciate.

What to Expect from Deep Cove Weather

Spring (March to May): Deep Cove welcomes spring with mild temperatures ranging from 7°C to 15°C. It’s a delightful season marked by occasional rain showers and a burst of color as flowers and trees bloom.

Summer (June to August): Temperatures warm up to a comfortable range of 16°C to 22°C. While there’s occasional rain, this season is perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, and swimming.

Fall (September to November): Fall brings cooler temperatures ranging from 7°C to 15°C. It’s a popular time for hiking, because of the colorful foliage and the crisp air.

Winter (December to February): Winter brings cooler days with temperatures ranging from 0°C to 7°C. While there’s occasional snowfall, rain showers are still a characteristic part of the season.

Is Deep Cove a good place to live?

Is Deep Cove a good place to live
(Image by Ganna Tokolova from Shutterstock)

Deep Cove in North Vancouver is a wonderful place to settle down. The peaceful waterfront, breathtaking mountain vistas, and adventurous spirit make it an idyllic and welcoming community. 

For nature lovers, it’s a haven with endless opportunities for hiking, kayaking, and immersing in the great outdoors. 

While parking can be a bit tricky during busy tourist seasons, the warm and friendly atmosphere, coupled with delightful dining options, more than makes up for it. 

If you’re seeking a blend of scenic wonders, outdoor activities, and a close-knit community, Deep Cove is the perfect place to call home!

Cost of Living in Deep Cove 

Cost of Living in Deep Cove
(Image by Andriy Blokhin from Shutterstock)

With an average cost of living pegged at CAD 2215, living in North Vancouver, can be a bit pricey. 

While that can be the ultimate understatement, we can still say that in Deep Cove, it’s all about balancing the cost and the amazing lifestyle it offers. 

The housing market is competitive, with the waterfront and mountain views driving up prices. Renting or buying a home here might require a bit more budgeting, but many residents find it worth it for the picturesque surroundings.

On the bright side, if you’re an outdoor enthusiast, Deep Cove’s access to hiking trails, kayaking, and other water activities is unbeatable. Even the air quality in North Vancouver is graded excellent.

While there might be some costs associated with the said activities, the memories that you can get from these experiences are truly priceless.

In terms of food, the area offers a range of dining options and entertainment, some residents may find that these expenses can be higher compared to other neighborhoods. 

However, the sense of community and the relaxed lifestyle in Deep Cove make it an attractive choice for those who value a tranquil environment and easy access to nature.

Transportation in Deep Cove

Transportation in Deep Cove
(Image by EB Adventure Photography from Shutterstock)

According to WalkScore, North Vancouver District relies heavily on cars, and that is quite easy to see in Deep Cove. 

For instance, this specific road gets a Walk Score of 52 and Bike Score of 47. That means not all errands can be done on foot, and biking infrastructure is noticeably limited.

Data gathered by Next Home reveals that 43% of residents prefer using cars as their primary mode of transportation. Compare that to those who opt for public transit – 4%.

Because of this preferred mode of transportation and the influx of tourists especially in the summer, parking has become a perennial problem in Deep Cove.

On-street parking lots fill up quickly and remain full throughout the day. There are off-street parking lot options, but to save time, consider alternative forms of transportation like taking a bus.

Plus, in the summer, there are regulations in place to put a cap on the number of cars and tour buses entering the area to help preserve the area’s precious trail ecosystem.

That’s a cause that’s worth supporting.

Security in Deep Cove

Security in Deep Cove
(Image by Eric Buermeyer from Shutterstock)

North Vancouver in general boasts its very low crime rate of around 3,211 incidents per 100,000 people. With over 5,000 incidents per 100,000 people, Canada’s national average is higher than in North Van.

In 2020, violent crime in the area is also seen at 88 incidents per 100,000, a significant gap from the national average of 396 incidents. 

According to New Canadian Life, this level of security may be an indirect effect of the high educational attainment of most people living in the area, or the effective policing efforts.

Either way, as part of North Van, Deep Cove enjoys the same tranquility and security. This study by Area Vibes gives it an A+ rating, based on its estimate of total crime in the area.

Of course, like in any other town or city, residents still have to be aware of their surroundings.

If you decide to move in, you are responsible for taking preventive measures like locking your doors at night and not leaving your things unattended.

Education in Deep Cove

Education in Deep Cove
(Image by k_samurkas from Shutterstock)

According to Next Home, a lot of households in Deep Cove do not have children. But that shouldn’t discourage you from thinking of where to send your children when you move to this town.

For starters, you should know that there is a primary school and a secondary school in the area:

Cove Cliff Elementary 

Address: 1818 Banbury Road North Vancouver BC V7G 1W4

Phone: +1 604 903-3420 

Seycove Secondary School 

Address: 1204 Caledonia Avenue North Vancouver BC V7G 2A6 

Phone: +1 604 903-3666

When it comes to pursuing higher education, Deep Cove residents are spoiled for choice with several options available in the region. 

Among the popular choices are Capilano University, Simon Fraser University, and the University of British Columbia, all conveniently located within a reasonable distance from Deep Cove.

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