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Top 11 Breweries in North Vancouver

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Top 11 Breweries in North Vancouver

Craving a cold, crisp pint that's packed with character? Look no further than North Vancouver, where the craft beer scene is bubbling with innovation and flavor. 

Ready to drive up from Vancouver and discover the best brews in North Van? Our journey takes us through the city's top breweries, where you'll find bold flavors, creative concoctions, and a whole lot of passion in every pint.

Beere Brewing Company

Address: 312 Esplanade E, North Vancouver, BC V7L 1A4, Canada

Phone: +1 604-983-2163

Operating Hours

Monday - Wednesday 12:00-11:00 PM

Thursday - Staurday 12:00-11:00 PM

Sunday 12:00-9:00 PM


Go Easy, Just Here for the Zipline, Loud & Clear – sound like some of the things you’d say to a friend in a random conversation. They’re also the witty names of the beers brewed and packaged in colorful cans by Beere Brewing Co.

Located at North Vancouver’s Shipyards District (shipyard north vancouver), Beere is the brainchild of a father and son team that brought to life a familiar craft beer brand sold in many liquor stores in and out of Vancouver. The best part? You can rent their kegs for private events.

They've got this 'party pump' style tap for dispensing beer, which is pretty neat. Just remember to finish off the keg within 24 hours to keep the air from oxidizing the beer. 

Pro tip:

Beere Brewing Co. also offers non-beer drinks like Tality Kombucha which is non-alcoholic and vegan, and merch like wallets and Beere hats.

Black Kettle Brewing

Address: 720 Copping St, North Vancouver, BC V7M 3N2, Canada

Phone: +1 604-969-1501

Monday, Wednesday – Saturday 12:00-9:00 PM

Sunday and Tuesday 12:00-8:00 PM


Black Kettle Brewing has been around since 2013 and their journey up to this point is an amazing story to tell. They affectionately call their sales team ‘bootleggers,’ a nod to their entryway into brewery – you probably already know how it all went down.

The good news is, the owners didn’t lose their brewery, and you can see that in their expanded menu. From just a couple of options, they now have 16 beers on offer, plus cocktails, spirits, and non-alcoholic drinks.

If you’re feeling hungry and looking to pair your beer with a meal, you can give the burgers, fries, and wings at Black Kettle a try. And don’t forget to check out their special seasonal menu this year to discover some exciting seasonal offerings.

If you plan to bring your whole pit crew for a drink on a busy night, you might want to consider another spot. The place is quite small, so when it’s packed, it can get really packed.”

Braggot Brewing

Address: 370 Esplanade E #102, North Vancouver, BC V7L 1A4, Canada 

Phone: +1 604-671-8854

Sunday & Thursday 1:00-9:00 PM

Monday 4:00-8:00 PM

Tuesday-Wednesday 3:00-9:00 PM

Friday – Saturday 1:00-10:00 PM


While Braggot Brewing is just over a year old, it’s in the capable hands of its owner, who’s a chemist by trade and an Italian by blood. So, you can expect mastery and passion all mixed in their drinks.

Their choice of beverage to brew is also intriguing: Braggot, also known as bracket or bragwad, is a real treat, being one of the oldest alcoholic drinks around. Naming the brewery after it is a clever move to kind of reintroduce it into our drinking vocabulary.

Braggot is made from honey and grains, so what you get in terms of flavor is like a cross between mead and beer. The alcohol content here ranges from 5.0 to 6.8, and as of this writing, the crowd-favorite is the Ambrosia (a bit on the pricier side, but definitely memorable).

They’re all about accentuating natural flavors (while also being mindful of where their waste goes). If this aligns with what you’re looking for in a great brewery, then this is definitely the spot for you to check out.

Similar to Black Kettle Brewing, this place provides a cozy atmosphere for enjoying your drinks. They have a few individual tables and one rather large (maybe even too large?) table that sits eight.

If you’re fortunate enough to snag a spot at the communal table, remember that they offer a deck of cards for borrowing so you can enjoy a game while sipping your drinks.

Bridge Brewing Company

Address: 1448 Charlotte Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7J 1H2, Canada

Phone: +1 604-770-2739

Sunday – Saturday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM


Another environmentally conscious brewery on our list is the Bridge Brewing Company. 

They’re dead serious about analyzing their impact from start to finish, and they’re proud about leaving 99% no waste after their brewing process.

Truly deserves respect, especially as the same approach packs quality into that pour because they use only the freshest ingredients. Have their Bourbon Blood Orange Wheat Ale and the North Shore Pale Ale and you’ll taste that level of quality.

Plus, they know not to serve your beer less than ice-cold – just the way we (all) like it.

They have food for brunch, lunch, and dinner to boot. The interior is pretty small, but in case you want to grab your meal here, they have a patio area to accommodate more guests. 

Deep Cove Brewers & Distillers 

Address: 2270 Dollarton Hwy Unit 170, North Vancouver, BC V7H 1A8, Canada

Phone: +1 604-770-1136

Sunday 12:00 – 9:00 PM

Monday- Thursday 12:00 – 10:00 PM

Friday – Saturday 12:00 – 11:00 PM


This one has a pretty extensive list of drinks. The tap list here at Deep Cove Brewers & Distillers places lagers and strong ales alongside unique options like Sangria Sour and Mediterranean Gin.

They also source many of their ingredients from within the locality, which means the place is just filled with fantastic flavors that could give life to this whole lineup of drinks. 

If you’re in the mood for a tasting adventure, a visit to their taproom is highly recommended. And if your plans include a kayaking trip in the Deep Cove (Deep Cove) or a visit to the Mount Seymour Provincial Park, try to carve out some time to visit. 

Take a peek at their Weekly Features before heading over. They’ve got some interesting programming happening throughout the week, like Wednesday trivia nights and Live Music Weekends.

And keep an eye out for special deals – they give heavenly deals for specific groups (like skiers) on certain days.

House Of Funk Brewing Co.

Address: 350 Esplanade E #101, North Vancouver, BC V7L 1A4, Canada

Phone: +1 604-770-3676

Sunday 12:00 – 8:00 PM

Monday- Thursday 1:00 – 9:00 PM

Friday – Saturday 12:00 – 11:00 PM


House of Funk caters to both coffee and beer lovers. Their House of Funk Brewing Co. division delights in crafting innovative beers, such as the Juno, with fruity hints of guava and blood orange, and the Valhalla Wild Pale Ale, which boasts a non-tangy profile.

That experimental side is probably one of the major perks of producing small batches. It’s worth stopping by from time to time to see what unique offerings they have on tap.

They’ve also teamed up with The Dumpling King next door, so if you’re into pairing your beer with some delicious dumplings, this place is a surely must-visit.

They offer the option to rent out the entire venue for your events, with a capacity for up to 67 guests. The best part? The package comes with unlimited access to 12 taps. 

La Cerveceria Astilleros

Address: 226 Esplanade E, North Vancouver, BC V7L 1A3, Canada

Phone: +1 778-833-1123

Sunday 12:00 – 9:00 PM

Monday- Thursday 12:00 – 10:00 PM

Friday – Saturday 12:00 – 11:00 PM


La Cerveceria Astilleros boasts a beer selection that could easily contend for the title of the best in North Vancouver. Inspired by Mexican culture from flavors down to design and music, they’re masters of serving beers alongside great tacos and nachos.

Their beer offerings exude Mexican flair. You’ll find the Paloma Citrus Ale, a nice twist on the classic Mexican Paloma cocktail, the La de Maiz Corn Saison with flaked maize, and the Chipotle Brown Ale, featuring those unmistakable chipotle pepper notes.

When it comes to the interior, we can’t help but admire the captivating design details adorning the walls, roof tiles, and partitions, not to mention the lush tropical plants. 

The overall ambiance exudes the charm of a traditional villa, and during the summer, the patio offers an excellent dining option.

For CAD 98 + tax and shipping, you can join the Cerveza Club, by purchasing a curated beer box that includes 3-4 different beverages in 1-2 packs each. If you avail of this offering, you’ll receive the box four times a year.

North Point Brewing Co.

Address: 266 1st St E, North Vancouver, BC V7L 1B3, Canada

Phone: +1 778-340-4677

Sunday 12:00 – 9:00 PM

Monday- Saturday 12:00 – 11:00 PM


North Point Brewing Co. embodies the West Coast lifestyle, and stepping into their tasting room gives you an instant cabin-like feel. With a full-service bar, bright lighting, a grassy patio, and plenty of room to spare, it’s an ideal place for hosting events.

Among their core beers, the Berry the Hatchet Kettle Sour (ABV 4.5%) and Cruisey Juice DDH IPA (ABV 5.7%) stand out as excellent choices. But we bet there’s so much more on offer that is just waiting to be explored.

Just bring a little patience with you for their service. Sometimes they need a couple of minutes to get to you, but it’s worth the wait. 

If you’re in downtown Vancouver and want to visit North Point Brewing Co., the route is simple: head to the waterfront and catch the Seabus to Lonsdale Quay. Once you arrive there, it’s just a 10 to 15-minute walk to reach North Point.

Shaketown Brewing

Address: 288 Esplanade E #105, North Vancouver, BC V7L 1A1, Canada

Phone: +1 604-969-1933

Sunday 12:00 – 9:00 PM

Monday- Wednesday 2:00 – 9:00 PM

Thursday 2:00 – 11:00  PM

Friday – Saturday 12:00 – 11:00  PM


Shaketown is the alleged name of the logging town in Lynn Valley back in the day. Holding records of the first settler, first brewmaster, and the like, Shaketonia Brewing Co. is reliving what they call the age of opportunity and is immortalizing the name.

At the time of writing, they have four core beers (definitely try their River Pale Ale) and two seasonal selections. The Beer for Mungo is a particularly intriguing concoction, boasting real raspberry, cranberry, and mango flavors with a 4.5% alc/vol.

Their place is amazing, by the way, with floor-to-ceiling windows and rustic looking shared tables. But if you’d like to sample their beers first, you can get them at Shakey’s Liquor & Convenience from 11:30 AM to 10:45 PM.

Shaketown offers life membership for CAD 350. By becoming a member, you’ll enjoy one free 20 oz beer every week for the rest of your life. 

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to win two tickets to every beer festival that the brewery participates in throughout the year.

Streetcar Brewing

Address: 123A 1st St E, North Vancouver, BC V7L 1B2, Canada 

Phone: +1 604-770-2889

Sunday – Thursday 12:00 – 9:00 PM

Friday – Saturday 12:00 – 11:00  PM


Here’s another spot that offers a cozy atmosphere and a fantastic beer selection.

One standout choice is the No 7 Guava Gose, available in 4-packs or on tap whenever it’s offered. The Mexican Lager is also a crowd-pleaser – you can enjoy it on tap or grab 355 ml cans to take home.

If you’re planning to stay a while, don’t miss the opportunity to order some fried chicken from Cream Pony. It pairs wonderfully with any drink.

To truly soak in the unique charm of the place, we recommend getting your drink on tap. However, it can be a bit tricky to find. 

Keep an eye out for a small door on First Street, which will lead you downstairs to the brewery space that was once a car repair shop. You’ll still see the garage door, but now there’s also a lovely outdoor patio to enjoy. 

Wildeye Brewing

Address: 1385 Main St, North Vancouver, BC V7J 1C4, Canada

Phone: +1 604-988-1900

Sunday – Tuesday 12:00 – 9:00 PM

Wednesday – Thursday 12:00 – 10:00  PM

Friday – Saturday 12:00 – 11:00  PM


Live music acts at Wildeye Brewing can really elevate the atmosphere for your group gatherings. Yes, we’re still talking about a brewery, but we just had to mention it so you’ll know to check if your favorite local artist will be performing there.

But speaking of beers, their wild variety is worth checking out. In fact, their Czech Pilsner (4.8% ABV) secured the first-place spot at the BC Craft Beer Awards, while their Köld Fusion, with a 5.0% ABV, nabbed second place at the Canada Craft Beer Awards.

Aside from their lovely food at the bistro, they also host Sunday BBQs. Currently, it’s a collaboration with Chop & Chew, who’s serving up brisket, “Baby Got Back” ribs, elotes, and all the perfect pairings for a delightful glass of beer. 

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