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How much is an exterminator in Vancouver?

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How much is an exterminator in Vancouver?

Sure, rodents and insects deserve to have a place where they can sleep and eat, but we’re not really comfortable having them as roommates. 

So we called in the big guns and asked how much it costs to hire an exterminator in Vancouver

The average cost of extermination in Vancouver is around CAD 195 to 3,000. This price range depends on the type of pest, severity of the infestation, chemicals to be used, and size of your property.

Another factor is the accessibility of the infestation. The harder it is to access the infested area, the longer the job can be completed.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Extermination Services in Vancouver

1. Type of Pest

Type of Pest
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The truth is, every infestation is different. Some may only be dealing with a gang of ants, while others are invaded by rodents. So, depending on what pest has invaded your territory, the cost of extermination will vary.

You see, not all pests are equal. For example, a wasp’s nest may settle in one corner of your deck, while rodents may expand their territory, whether it’s in your attic, walls, basement, or ceilings.

So it makes sense why the cost of each pest varies. Check out the table below as we compiled some of the most common pests and the average extermination prices:

Wasps Nest RemovalCAD 195 - 250
Rat RemovalCAD 260 - 430
Mouse ExterminationCAD 450 - 600
Carpenter Ant TreatmentCAD 2,000 - 3,000
Insect ControlCAD 300 - 460

Data from Avon Pest Control and West Side Pest Control via and

2. Severity of the Infestation

Severity of the Infestation
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Next up, we have the severity of the infestation. Of course, a small group of roaches under your kitchen sinks is way different when we’re talking about carpenter ants chewing away at your wooden floors.

So the greater the infestation, the more effort it takes for exterminators to get the job done. This means stronger chemicals and specialized equipment, which means a higher price tag.

Light InfestationsCAD 130 - 400
Serious InfestationsCAD 400 - 660
Extreme InfestationsCAD 800 - 1,000

Data from WestSide Pest Control via

3. Chemicals to Be Used

Chemicals to Be Used
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You see, different pests require different chemicals. Some critters require a simple spray of insecticide, while others may need something a little stronger like rodenticides or fumigants.

Let us tell you, these chemicals ain’t cheap. You’re looking at a price range of CAD 110 to CAD 300 for rodenticides or fumigants. On the other hand, termiticides may cost you up to CAD 800.

InsecticidesCAD 19.99 - 149.99
RodenticidesCAD CAD 20 - 110
FumigantsCAD 170 - 300
TermiticidesCAD 275 - 800

Ultimately, the cost of the extermination service will depend on the type and quantity of magical potions needed to banish those pesky intruders.

4. Size of Your Property

Size of Your Property
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Truth be told, exterminators will consider the size of the ground they have to cover. So the larger the property, the more time, effort, and resources they need to drive away pests.

If you only have one infested area such as your basement or attic, then good for you. But if we’re talking multiple rooms, then you’re going to need more dough.

While we cannot give you a price range for each property size, it’s best that you know that property size is also a factor that affects the cost of extermination services.

5. Accessibility of the Infestation

Accessibility of the Infestation
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We all know that pests love to play hide-and-seek! So, let’s say the rodents or creepy crawlies in your house have made themselves comfortable in hard-to-reach corners or very tight spaces.

Well, my friend, exterminators will need to bring in specialized equipment to access these areas. You may be wondering, “What if the area is just impossible to reach?”. 

Well, don’t worry; exterminators have an array of gadgets and equipment up their sleeves to exterminate pests.

Is it worth it to hire an exterminator?

Is it worth it to hire an exterminator
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Hiring an exterminator is well worth it; do you know why? Sure, there are plenty of over-the-counter pesticides and chemicals you can purchase, but which one is exactly effective?

It’s a gamble, right? So instead of wasting time and effort on products that may or may not work, it’s wise to hire a professional exterminator who has the knowledge and expertise to deal with any infestation.

In addition, exterminators also offer follow-up visits or maintenance plans to ensure that these pests don’t come back to invade your home. 

So, if you think about it, hiring an exterminator is actually the best choice to have your pest infestation handled properly and effectively.

FAQs about Exterminators in Vancouver

We know how stressful it is to have pests inside your home. That’s why we hope this article helped you get an idea of how much you’d need to hire an exterminator in Vancouver.

In case you’re considering hiring pest control professionals to get suggestions on how to keep all parts of your home non-pest friendly, check out our article on the best pest control companies in Vancouver.

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