Best Waste Management in Vancouver

The 5 Best Waste Management Services in Vancouver

Too much garbage in your backyard? Better find some waste management services that will help you remove that trash before it clogs up the drain and makes your whole home smell terrible.

Since there are many waste management services in Vancouver, we asked locals which companies they think are the best and secretly tried them. Here are the companies that topped our list!

How much do waste management services in Vancouver cost?

Before we go to the article, let’s set your budget expectations for this service.

Some companies prefer renting bins to be collected, while others can do on-demand pick-up. The price of their services will depend on that, along with either the size of the garbage or how long it takes to put the garbage in the truck.

The table below shows the current prices for waste management services in Vancouver.

Garbage Pick-up – under 1 tonne$150 and up per tonne
Garbage Pick-up –  1-9 tonne$129 and up per tonne
Garbage Pick-up – More than 10 tonnes$103 and up per tonne
In-Unit Service$30 and up
Mattress and Other Bed Pieces Pick-up$40 and up
Bin Rental$200 and up

The prices listed here don’t include their respective GST taxes, bear in mind.

The Best Waste Management Services in Vancouver

Planned a budget? In that case, let’s now start our list of the best waste management services in Vancouver!

1.   Sam’s Junk Removal Vancouver

Sam's Junk Removal Vancouver's Homepage
SERVICES●     Mattress Removal
●     Appliance Removal
●     Cheap Junk Removal
●     Commercial garbage Removal
●     Renovation Junk Removal
●     Estate Cleanout Removal
●     TV Disposal
●     Furniture Removal
CONTACT NUMBER 604-720-2021

Sam’s Junk Removal Service is a same-day service that is also open even during the weekend. While they’re not a 24-hour service, we still think that they offer a great deal for those who need to have junk removed immediately.

We found the same-day service true, to start with. They were swift and managed to get to our place in less than 12 hours.

They can do old furniture removal and waste recycling services throughout the Metro Vancouver Area too. And they have a lot of experience collecting old furniture already as they have been in the business for 10 years.

Although their rates aren’t public, we find it nice that they base their quote on the space your trash will take on their truck rather than how long it takes to haul it up. They also offer a discount for those who can put those old items in their driveway already.

We also appreciate that they recycle your unneeded items and don’t just throw them away to the landfill. Considering everything we’re dealing with environmentally now, green solutions are sorely needed!

However, we noticed that they don’t do a lot of electronics removal (aside from television disposal). But that’s very understandable: electronics really require specialized disposal.

Despite some of those cons, for fast and efficient garbage removal, this is one of the top choices for waste management here in Vancouver.


  • Same-day services
  • Open the whole week
  • Price is based on the volume of the garbage
  • Offers a discount if the garbage is on the driveway


  • Not open for 24 hours
  • Doesn’t offer electronic disposal

Customer Reviews

These are some of the reviews for Sam’s Junk Removal:

“These guys are a pleasure to deal with. Hands down the best price in town. I had a king size mattress that I needed to get rid of. I called/emailed a few places and Sam is the lowest price I found. Arranged a Saturday pick up and he was right on time, actually he was a few minutes early. I actually had more items sitting in the garage that I wanted to get rid of and we made a really fair deal on the spot. I would definitely call him again if I need his service again. Highly recommended.” – Danny Yung

“I am very happy with the professional service I received from Sam and his team. I called him in a rush and he arrived half an hour later to help me move some very big items.  He went out of his way to help us and I was very impressed with how fast they were able to move everything and with a smile!” – amar al-khlil

2.   Joey’s Junk Removal

Joey’s Junk Removal's Homepage
SERVICES●     Household Junk Removal
●     Construction Junk Removal
●     Office Junk Removal
CONTACT NUMBER778-881-5865

Do you prefer an eco-friendly company to remove the garbage in your house? Then you’ll like Joey’s Junk Removal.

Once your garbage is picked up, most of them won’t go straight to landfills as Joey’s Junk Removal is another company that strives to be eco-friendly here: it even donates about 90% of pick-ups to recycling centers.

While they’re not a 24-hour service and don’t guarantee a same-day pickup, Joey’s Junk Removal has its own conveniences. For instance, the company offers to pick up more than just old furniture.

With a range from appliance disposal to car battery pickups, it’s easy to see why many people would pick this as their choice of waste management service in Vancouver. They don’t do liquid waste removal, though, so it’s better to look for other services if you need that.

Another great thing about this company is that they’re pretty transparent about their pricing. You can provide info about what you’re getting rid of, then 30 minutes before your scheduled pick-up, they’ll give you the estimate.

They are also accredited by the Better Business Bureau. For many people and us, shows that they are willing to be accountable for their mistakes and can fix them.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Can pick up electronics
  • The base prices for pick-ups are available on their website
  • BBB accredited


  • No guarantee of a same-day pickup
  • They don’t take liquid waste

Customer Reviews

These two reviews show their experience with this waste management service:

“Great communication, fantastic service. Joey and Ray arrived in time, safely removed everything with zero instructions, cleaned right after and left nothing to chance. 17 years of accumulations cleared within 30 minutes and on budget.” – Art A (Artalonglegs)

“Quick, courteous, professional, competitively priced and arrive when they say they will.  Learned the hard way that this is not standard for this industry.  Will happily use Joey’s Junk Removal again!” – corey lapell

3.   Doug’s Rubbish

Doug's Rubbish's Homepage
SERVICES●     Junk Disposal
●     Office Clearance
●     Garage Clearance
●     Builder’s Waste Clearance
●     Bin Rentals
●     Drywall Disposals
ADDRESS1100-1200 W 73rd Ave, Vancouver, BC V6P 6G5, Canada
CONTACT NUMBER604-506-3684

Doug’s Rubbish has been in business since 1991. They offer drop-off bins that you can also use for an amount of time rather than letting your garbage pile up in your front yard.

When we tried them out, we noticed that their staff is very careful when picking up the garbage. They also tried not to damage the property as much as possible, which is a point in their favour.

They also have a wider range of services than some of the waste management services in this list. From furniture to even drywall, they can take it and dispose of it properly.

Since they are certified for transportation for dangerous goods, you can also be assured that their staff are all trained and know how to handle even the most fragile garbage you have.

Just take note, though, that they don’t get drywall from before the 90s and you’ll need to certify that the old drywall has no asbestos before they’ll even take it. This is perfectly reasonable as it is for the safety of their employees (and yours too!).

However, unlike other companies, this company doesn’t offer same-day garbage removal. Garbage is annoying to have stuck in the house—that’s why this is one of the key things we look for in waste management services.

And if you’ve noticed their office hours in our table above, you might think that’s also a con for us. But that’s not the case here.

You see, we discovered that this company accepts services even after business hours as long as you book them in advance.

If you’re not in a hurry to have your garbage removed, then this is a great choice for waste management services in Vancouver. They’re professional, dependable, and overall pretty solid.


  • Has drop-off bin rentals
  • Accepts drywall disposal services
  • Transportation for dangerous goods certified
  • Accepts garbage pick-up even after business hours


  • Need to test old drywall for asbestos first
  • No same-day guarantee
  • For night pickups, it must be booked in advance by the customer

Customer Reviews

Here are two reviews talking about Doug’s garbage’s services:

“I’ve relied on this crew to help me personally and I’ve referred them to many clients, all of whom have had a great experience with.

My multiple experiences have been nothing short of professional services. From being on time, to being careful not to damage lawns, to taking care inside a home when removing material.  This crew has my hat off to a respectful and systematic company” – Andrew Szalontai

“Highly recommend these folks.  Quoted on site within 24 hours, service the next day with a full competent crew.  Showed up in a one hour window ( try that Telus or Shaw) and were done in less than 30 minutes.

Very courteous, professional and hard working bunch.   Call these guys first and you won’t be disappointed.   Even gave me a few points off the original quote.  Well done and thanks.  I’ll be passing this number around.  Cheers!” – Steve Salsman

4.   Keen on Green Disposal & Recycling

Keen on Green Disposal & Recycling's Homepage
SERVICES●     Residential Junk Removal
●     Construction Waste Removal
●     Estate Clean Outs
●     Mini Bin Rentals
●     Office Waste Removal
●     Yard Waste Removal
ADDRESS1588 E Hastings St Unit 331, Vancouver, BC V5L 0B8, Canada
CONTACT NUMBER778-316-8272
Sunday: 8AM-4:30PM

This company is a full-service junk removal company that picks up old furniture, electronic waste, and more.

As their name suggests, they try to recycle what we would consider garbage. And yes, almost all of the garbage given is diverted to recycling centers so materials such as paper and plastic will be recycled instead of being put in a landfill.

We think that this is an amazing advocacy because plastic takes centuries before it can degrade.

Their advocacy isn’t just for show too. We heard that their office is pretty environmentally-friendly and they have an in-house recycling program.

Besides their commitment to the environment, this company also has some unique services. One of them is their yard waste removal.

You won’t need to clean or collect your yard waste as Keen on Green can handle it themselves. This is great for those who are too tired or too busy to clean and even clear their yard.

When we booked them, they managed to clean out the whole yard without us even doing anything the whole day!

While this company has a lot to offer, they also have their limitations. One of them is that they don’t handle disposal of hazardous items such as gasoline, among other things.

They also don’t accept cheques, which is a minor inconvenience if that’s your preferred payment method.

Despite those minor annoyances, this is still one of Vancouver’s best waste management services, and we totally recommend them during your lazy days.


  • Environmentally-friendly disposals
  • Can handle electronic waste and drywall
  • Can do space clearing aside of just curbside disposals


  • They don’t accept cheques
  • Can’t dispose of gasoline

Customer Reviews

These reviewers talk about what they like about Keen on Green Disposal & Recycling:

“The crew was super friendly and calm. Was no easy task getting my ginormous fridge out of my tiny townhouse doors. They took on the task like total pros. Thank you and will certainly recommend. The booking agent was lovely too. Made the appointment set up painless. Thank you all”  – MJ Jamison

“5+ Stars for customer service and the team that came to get my couch. Easy to book an appointment, on time and really nice people came and got my couch. Would 100% use them again and highly recommend.” – Sylvia Rigakis

5.   EcoAction Recycling

EcoAction Recycling's Homepage
SERVICES●     Recycling Services
●     Office Cleanups
ADDRESS159 W 7th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1L8, Canada
CONTACT NUMBER604-876-3330

Unlike others in this list, Ecoaction Recycling isn’t just an on-demand garbage pick-up service. Their main service is to offer recycling bins to commercial properties, which they then collect.

Although they don’t really accept one-time drop-offs, their service is great for those who want a regular recycling collection in their office and/or strata instead.

They also cater to a lot of different industries aside from the regular in-office and restaurant ones. In fact, they can also do on-call services for film shoots and they’ll collect the bin along with the garbage just right after the shoot.

Interestingly, Ecoaction Recycling doesn’t do contracts. We think this is a great choice as businesses won’t be obligated to stay with them if they don’t like their service.

It’s also especially useful that they offer e-waste recycling. With today’s world and the prevalence of electronics, many of our gadgets are just being dumped in a landfill without care.

But with Ecoaction Recycling, they recycle it instead. As far as we could trace, this isn’t just talk either.

While they do have these great recycling services, we’re a bit disappointed that those aren’t available for residential properties. Still, though, this is still one of Vancouver’s top waste management services if you want to be more eco-friendly.


  • Rents different-sized bins
  • Recycles as much as they can
  • Doesn’t offer contracts
  • Offers e-waste recycling
  • Regular garbage collection


  • Doesn’t do one-time drop-offs
  • Can’t service residential properties
  • Doesn’t do on-demand pickups

Customer Reviews

Here are reviews that show what you can expect from Ecoaction:

“We have worked with Eco Action for the past few years and have found their level of service to be amazing. We never have to worry about our recycling not being picked up or being missed. I would highly recommend Eco Action for your office recycling needs.” – Kendall Ansell

“EcoAction offers more than just removal of organics.  They have a wide range of services to enjoy.  Locally owned an operated I appreciated getting to know the owner and feeling like my business was important to them.  Their staff are super friendly and professional, always willing to do what it takes to keep the customer happy.  100% recommend this organization.” – Rebecca Mcaskill

A Guide on How to Choose the Right Waste Management Company for You

There are a lot of amazing waste management companies in Vancouver so it’s easy to be a bit confused at first. Here’s our guide so you can choose better.

Find out what they pick-up

Do they dispose of e-waste or liquids? It’s important to know this part as you don’t want to suddenly be caught unaware if a company goes to your house then refuses to pick up your garbage.

Usually, the companies nowadays have a list of what they pick up on their website, so check their site out first before you book.

Check their service areas

Most of the companies listed here serve the Metro Vancouver area. But if you live outside that area, it’s best to check first whether they serve that area too or not.

Know the cost

Get an estimate from different companies and see which one fits your budget before you rush in booking one. Only book the company that best fits your budget and has proof of their great service.

FAQs About Waste Management

With this many waste management services in Vancouver, you won’t need to do a lot just to remove the garbage in your home and office. Just give one a call and they’ll be able to pick it up.

Aside from having a regular waste management service, it’s also important to keep your house clean all the time. If you don’t know where to start with cleaning services,  you can check out our article on the best cleaning services in Vancouver.